Nov 15

Chapter 1457 Christmas Party Invitation

Alan asked me to distribute the invitation below to Chapter 31 members.  It mentions a map that I was not able to transfer to this post but Alan, John or I would be happy to give you directions if you need them. . . . . . VP Gary

Time again for the EAA Chapter 1457 + Friends Christmas Party.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, Dec 8th.  Starts at 5:30 (NO EARLIER! or you’ll catch John in his shower outfit).  Thanks to John and Patti Stahr for volunteering their studio and hosting skills. Map below to 85194 Appletree Dr

Entree will be smoked Brisket, pulled Pork, Turkey and maybe some ribs.  Chapter will also provide dishes, flatware, cups and soda.
Everyone please bring a side dish, salad, or desert of your choice.  If you have a favorite wine or beer, feel free to bring some as well.
For those who would like to participate in the gift exchange, bring one to get one.  $15 max, aviation themed if possible, and don’t be surprised by any white elephants.
Finally, RSVP to me ( with number of people attending by the 23rd so we can arrange catering.
Hope to see you all there.  Fly safe!
Nov 05

EAA 31 Nov 2018 Meeting Notice

Wednesday Nov 7th 6:00 PM Dinner, 7:00 PM Meeting.  Only $8.00 bucks.  We will be eating Ruthie Goodwife’s Scrumpdellieous Super Chili with corn bread ( I know I’m biased, but you won’t believe how good this stuff is!) along with drinks etc.

We will finalize plans for the December Christmas Party.

Our Speakers will be Todd Hamilton and Mike Anderson from Creswell School district. 

They will tell us about the district's plans for their aviation program and how
we may help in making the program a success. Please make an extra
effort to attend the meeting. This may be an area where Chapter 31 can
make a significant contribution to the future of the next generation
of pilots and other related professions.
Time permitting - Chapter Video Magazine
Bring a friend - see you there.
Pres John
Nov 01


For those of you who have visited my wife Sandy at the Creswell Rehabilitation Center or passed on your best wishes for her I sincerely thank you! I brought her home from the rehab center yesterday after first taking her for her first post-surgery checkup with her surgeon. He reported that she is doing very well with her recovery but still has a long way to go. She will have to use extra caution for the rest of her life as the possibility of a hip dislocation is now greater after the replacement. Flying with me in the RV is going to be a few months off due to the gyrations needed to get in and out of the airplane.

On another note, I apologize for screwing up the years for our elections! I, obviously, was sure it was time to reelect new officers. I hope no one rushed out and hired a campaign manager to help them run for the presidency!

I just received confirmation from Todd Hamilton and Mike Anderson from the Creswell School District that they will be at our next meeting to tell us about the district’s plans for their aviation program and how we may help in making the program a success. Please make an extra effort to attend the meeting. This may be an area where Chapter 31 can make a significant contribution to the future of the next generation of pilots and other related professions. President John and his wife Ruth have graciously offered to handle dinner. Sandy and I were on the books to do this one until her unfortunate accident.

VP Gary

Oct 30

EAA 31 Election update

I know “time flies” sometimes faster than other times.  Our last elections were in late 2017 for a 2 year period.

(2018 + 2019).   So – I guess we are stuck with me and the present slate of chapter officers until the end of 2019.

Sorry for the confusion.

Pres John

Oct 28


Our next monthly meeting is only 10 days away. It’s time for people to step up and volunteer to run the chapter as officers for 2019 & 2020. It would really be great to get some “new blood” taking charge in the hope that new ideas and activities will recharge the chapter with enthusiasm! John Kuehl and I have been serving as President and Vice-President for the past four years. I don’t mean to put words into John’s mouth but I’m thinking he’s ready to step down, as am I. If you’ve never served as a chapter officer, or not served for several years, PLEASE strongly consider stepping forward to help guide the chapter through the next two years!
I’ve had two significant changes in my life this year that will affect my ability to serve the chapter. As most of you know, I took on the job of Project Manager for the restoration of the “Story Special #1” for the OAHS in Cottage Grove. The project is coming along a lot better than I anticipated or hoped. I think with hard work our goal of flying this aircraft, along with it’s twin “Story Special #2,” and the “Tex Rankin” Great Lakes to AirVenture in 2021 is very realistic! This project is not a part of EAA Chapter 31. We are doing it solely as an OAHS project, but people who want to help out are very much welcome to become members and join in the challenge.
The second change is that my wife Sandy was injured in a fall and will need me to care for her over the next few to several months. To summarize, she had her fall on the evening of Tuesday, 10/16. Her left hip was badly broken and required a total hip replacement. Complicating the situation was that she also broke a bone in her right foot which, while not needing surgery, has needed to be stabilized which limits her mobility on that side of her body also. She had successful surgery on Wednesday evening, 10/17. She was helped out of bed twice very briefly on Thursday, 10/18 and Friday 10/19. Late Friday afternoon she was transferred by ambulance to the Creswell Health and Rehabilitation Center which is about 1.5 miles from our house. The facility staff and I have been working with her every day. Each day she can walk a little better using a walker. She will probably be discharged from the rehab center next Wednesday when I will take her to the surgeon’s office for a checkup and then bring her home for the first time since the accident.
At our next meeting we will also have to decide what we will do, if anything, as far as a holiday party in December. As most of you know, we often join forces with Chapter 1457 for this activity. We will also have a speaker from the Creswell School Board who will update us on the school district’s efforts to bring aviation into their educational program, and how Chapter 31 can help to encourage students to pursue aviation oriented goals for both careers and hobbies.
VP Gary
Sep 13

EAA 31 Breakfast this Saturday 9/15/18

All you can eat Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, Butter, Coffee, Milk, Orange Juice, Hot Chocolate and fellowship with other aviation people – All for $8.00 bucks.  If we have Pilots, Planes,  Young Eagles and their Parents/Guardians available along with good weather – we could get in some YE flights.  If you flew more than one YE on the 4th of July and haven’t yet received your Avgas fuel voucher, please be there for same. 9:00 AM Saturday at EAA 31 Clubhouse/Hangar – Hobby Field – Creswell Airport.  Bring a friend.

Pres John

Sep 12


Cassandra Barrong asked me to forward this invitation to those chapter members who participated in the restoration of the RV3. Please RSVP to Cassandra directly by 9/19 at one of the two phone numbers listed below. I plan to attend. . . . . . Gary Ludeke



We at OAHS would like to extend our gratitude and thanks for your help and participation with a lunch on us!
Please join us in the museum hangar, Friday, September 21st at 1pm 
for a steak lunch to celebrate all the hard work that goes into events and the restoration shop! 
Lunch, door prizes, new displays! 
Please rsvp to Cassandra by Wednesday 9/19- we hope to see you there!
Cassandra Barrong
Executive Director
541-613-0399 Mobile
541-767-0244 Office
Aug 30

Quick reminder RV3 Dedication

Sept 1st, 2nd & 3rd 8 AM to 4 PM  at OAHS  Cottage Grove GREAT OREGON HOME BUILT FLY-IN

Sept 1st – Breakfast 8-11 AM. $5.  RV3 dedication 11:30 AM.  The RV3 we had at the EAA 31 Hangar.

Sept 2nd – Lunch 11-2 PM.  $7. 

Sept 3rd – Historical presentations all 3 days Hangar.

Look for another announcement RE our next EAA 31 Monthly meeting Sept 5th – coming soon.

Pres John

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