Jun 26


When you show up for a preparation meeting on the 3rd or for Young Eagles on the 4th, bring copies of Sport Aviation or Kitplanes you no longer want to keep.  We still have about 130 avery label stickers promoting Chapter 31.  We might as well give them to the people that show up.  Very inexpensive advertising.    Thanks

Pres john

Jan 18

Saturday Pancake Breakfast

By Saturday January 21st Obama will be out and Trump will be in.  Fortunately, we get to get together to talk about airplanes and flying, not politics.  Drink coffee, Orange Juice, or Milk.  Eat Pancakes, syrup, butter, sausage, bacon, & eggs.  All for $5 bucks!   Such a deal. Somebody please get me the information on the “Big Bites” vendor so I can contact them re 4th of July Young Eagles.

See you there.

John Kuehl EAA31 president.

Feb 03

Meeting tonight!! 6:00 Dinner

Don’t forget the EAA meeting tonight at Creswell Airport!!

Drive or swim down and have dinner with us at 6:00

I heard something about lasagna and french bread!!

Nov 24

The meeting before the meeting

We WILL be having a meeting the 1st Wednesday Dec 2nd.

We’ll have a SHORT meeting.  Pledge & Chapter Video only.

The remaining time we’ll take advantage of all the brainpower and horsepower in the clubhouse to set up Tables, Chairs and Decorations for the Christmas Party with Chapter 1457 Saturday Dec 5th.


6:00 PM Wed Dec 2nd.  Dinner.  Bridget & Virgil are prepairing                     some great Lazagna.  Don’t miss it.

7:00 PM   Short Meeting

7:20 PM   Work party – Setup for Christmas Party with 1457

8:30 PM   We should be done.  Time to do last minute shopping                   for Dec 5th.

Aug 02

Reminder: August meeting

Just a quick reminder, we have our monthly meeting this Wednesday!  We’ll be having burgers and hot dogs as usual as part of the ongoing excellent summer weather.

See you there!

Jun 01

Meeting reminder – Tomorrow!

Gaze upon the glorious sky and the green mountains round!  June is here and the flying days are coming more and more often.  Builders creep out of their workshops and look around at the unfamiliar outdoors.  “What is this thing?” they ask in bewilderment, then dart back indoors to rivet the rivets and debur all the burs.

Aviators, land your flying machines long enough to come to the clubhouse for our monthly meeting.  Builders, set those plans aside long enough to drive on down to the airport.  The rest of us, let’s turn off the computer and let all those people on the internet who are wrong have a respite so we can meet and eat burgers & hot dogs in the fashion to which we’ve become accustomed.

We’ll talk about our impromptu Young Eagle’s event this last month, check on the status of the projector install, and more!  If you have any pictures or video to share bring them along and we’ll show them to the group!

Tomorrow’s the meeting, 7PM (dinner starts at 6 as usual).

Gazed upon the glorious sky
And the green mountains round,
May 13

Tables and last minute prep

If you’ve borrowed a table from the club, please bring it back! We are short three and can use every one we can get for this weekend’s event.

Bob S. won’t make it to breakfast, so if you’re up to doing some egg duty, we can use your help!

If the weather is half as nice as today, we should have a fantastic day!

May 02

Meeting reminder

It’s almost time for our May meeting!  This Wednesday, we’ll be doing a Cinco de Mayo themed dinner.  On the menu: Chicken fajitas.  No Tequila this year, but I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

We’ll also be firing up our new projector and figuring out final mounting options for it.  If you have any interesting video or computer media to share with the group, bring it on down!

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