Jul 03

GEARING UP FOR THE 4th OF JULY #7(last one)

We are off and running.  The canopies are already set up.  Almost all of the needed pilot information is gathered. We NEED more ground personnel.   People to guide Young Eagles to their pilot with log book, YE certificate, and Pilot registration.  All the pilot needs to do is sign these, pose for photos and pick up the next Young Eagle(s).  Everything should be printed out and carried to the plane by the ground guru directing YE to the aircraft.   Also need one or two volunteers to direct car parking  and somebody on the computer/printer.                           Remember to bring the following:

Wear your Young Eagle Tee Shirts.  If you do not already have same, pick one up from the storage closet and put $5 to $8 bucks in the kitty.

Bring unneeded Kit Planes and Sport Aviation magazines so we can add a label and give them away.

Bring any portable Nav/Com radios you are not using.  Flight operations (ground) will be 123.3

Big Bites (same vendor as last year) will be on hand for eats, treats and drinks.

Get some rest.  Bring a smile.  We will start setting up around 8:00 AM. (Gary just informed me the wind got to our canopy setup, so we have a do-over)  Flights in gear by around 11:00 AM

Pres  John

Jul 02


If you have been in the Chapter hangar in the last couple of days, you may have noticed we don’t have any water. We had a major meltdown of the water supply system.  The well owner, Paul, has already purchased a new expansion tank.  I went with him this morning to a local electric shop in Goshen today to see about getting the pump motor repaired.  The plumber arrived later and we should have water again by late today and, of course, in time for the 4th of July.  Chapter 31 will be splitting this cost with Paul.  Glad it failed when it did and not on the 3rd or the 4th.  NOTE:  We will need more ground volunteers on the 4th.  More in formation on cleaning and setting up on July 3rd to follow.

Pres John

Jun 29


RADIO’S!  If you have a portable Nav/Com you won’t be using on the 4th, we could use it.  It would improve our ground communications. 

Pres John

Jun 27


T – Shirts.  Ground crew.  If you have your white pocket T Young Eagles shirt from last year, be sure to wear it on the 4th.  If you don’t have one, we still have some in the storage locker at the EAA 31 hangar.  Grab one that fits (or almost fits) and put $5.00 in the kitty for same.   We are getting closer.

Pres John.

Jun 26


When you show up for a preparation meeting on the 3rd or for Young Eagles on the 4th, bring copies of Sport Aviation or Kitplanes you no longer want to keep.  We still have about 130 avery label stickers promoting Chapter 31.  We might as well give them to the people that show up.  Very inexpensive advertising.    Thanks

Pres john

Jun 06

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting Reminder

CH31 Meeting reminder and update. 6/6/2018 EAA Hangar Creswell Airport.
Tonight’s the night! 6:00 PM Dinner (accompanied by a slide show of the EAA’s Aluminum Overcast flight from EUG to OLY last May) Dinner is Italian – Raviolli/Lasagna with spinach salad, bread, cookies and liquid refreshments. $8.00
7:00 PM Meeting. Lotsa ground (and air) to cover for next month’s 4th of July Young Eagles flights. A few slides on the Hangar roof logo & lettering. Cassandra’s presentation of Oregon Homebuilt Aircraft History. This month’s Chapter Video Magazine will make you want to own a float plane. (It’s really great). Bring a friend. See you there. Pres John.

May 01

Wednesday the 2nd Reminder & Update

The dinner menu will be Chicken with rice; Salad, Carrots, Dinner rolls, Cookies for dessert. With drinks – All for $8:00 Bucks.  The Chapter Video ties in with the OshKosh report, so that will be included.  We have some really neat stuff “on deck” for EAA Chapter 31.  You don’t want to miss it.  Bring a friend.  6:00 PM Dinner, 7:00 PM meeting.

Pres John.

Apr 30

EAA 31 May 2nd 2018 Meeting

We have lots of good stuff to cover this month.

Bill Dewey will surprise us with fine food from whatever Costco has on special.

John Kuehl will give a short report from what he learned at EAA leadership training in Oshkosh last month.

The new owners of Eugene Skydivers (Mark & Africa) will introduce themselves and stress what good neighbors they intend to be at Hobby Field.

Our Main Speaker will be our own EAA 31 member Jim Origlisso, wing leader for Angel Flight West. Jim will share his experiences in that organization; What it does and how it works.  For those not familiar with AFW, it is a non-profit made up of pilots who volunteer their time, fuel, and aircraft to provide air transportation to those in need.  Jim has flown over 80 missions since joining AFW in 2012. This should be very interesting.

Time permitting – May Chapter Video Magazine.

Wed May 2nd, Dinner 6:00 PM $8.00.  Meeting 7:00 PM at Creswell Airport, Hobby Field 77S. 538 feet above mean sea level. Off I5 at Creswell Oregon.

Bring a friend!

President John

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