Nov 24

EAA31 Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears (no breakfast) is all we can offer Saturday Nov 25th.  We need to move ALL the stuff to the N end of the Hangar (the done, painted part) so we can work on the S end floor.  Includes 3 refrigerators and a stove.  Then lots of cleaning and sanding in preparation for Painting on Sunday afternoon the 26th plus 2nd coat Monday the 27th.  The more of us that show up  –  the less work for all.  See you tomorrow 9:00 AM

President John

Nov 17

EAA31 Breakfast, Work Party and ICE CREAM

Wear your grubbies to the breakfast tomorrow.  Work party participants on the new floor will be treated to ICE CREAM.  See you tomorrow.  9:00 AM Breakfast  Work party to follow.

President John

Nov 09

EAA 31 & 1457 2017 Joint Christmas Party

South Valley Oregon Joint Forces Event!!
EAA Christmas potluck party for Chapters 31 and 1457
Why: to have fun with other EAA aviators and airplane nerds , and celebrate the Christmas season as grateful Americans who know how lucky we are to be aviators
When: Dec 2, Saturday evening let’s hope it is not pouring rain or icy, that is why we are doing it early in the month
Where: At the John Stahr Artistic Aviation art studio    85194 Appletree Drive   Eugene….( but really closer to Crow)
How Much?: $10/ person for the catered BBQ , probably pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, maybe some chicken or wings…..we are checking on prices now….
Time: starts around 5…goes till about 9-ish or until people want to go home
Bring: everyone please bring a pot luck side dish, appetizer, dessert, or salad
Bonus: if you want to receive a fun artistic aviation collectors item…..bring one to exchange….likely it will be a white elephant,
 maybe a Christmas story exchange….so, don’t be a Grinch!
we must have everyones RSVP to commit to be here….all people who RSVP and show up will get a free raffle ticket to win something nice for their home or hangar….so be sure to email either John Stahr or John Kuehl with your number of people in your carload….please bring the wives and kids if you want, it will be fun! 
Thats all for now…..lets rock these wings!
Oct 29

EAA 31 November 2017 Meeting

Wednesday Nov 1st. On the docket will be the results of the findings of the nominating committee. (sounds like a real Russian election), and we need to decide what we are going to do for the Christmas party next month. Nov. Chapter Video if available.

This month the 1st Wednesday of the month IS the 1st of the month this month. We will be focusing on EDUCATION this meeting. So – you will either be bored out of your skulls – or – learn some really useful stuff like:

Grip lock ties, and Excellent corrosion protection by just cleaning the aluminum surfaces on your project. Better, more permanent, grounding. Eliminating safety wiring. Better, smoother, cheaper control cables. Weird tools for turnbuckles. Nerdy stuff for documenting your project with your cellphone. Cutting Aircraft plywood. How to secure poly fuel lines with simple standoffs that won’t crimp the line. Easy Pitot static fittings. Hot wire cutter construction.

If that’s not enough, we’ll see tips on Tig welding, Tig welding accessories. Easy ways to fit fishmouth tubing. Better key switch installation, New nerdy angle measurement and transfer.

Menu not yet finalized but you can be sure it will be good and tasty.

WHEN: This Wednesday the 1st of November 6:00 PM Dinner. 7:00 PM Meeting

WHERE: EAA 31 Hanger/clubhouse, South end of Hobby Field, Creswell Airport.

WHY: Cause this is what we do. Building and flying Aircraft is what we are about.

HOW: Any way we can, anywhere we can.

WHO: EAA members and friends. Bring a friend. Bring lots of friends.

HOW MUCH: $5.00 each for the 1st 30 minutes (the meal) and the rest is FREE.

President John

Sep 03

EAA31 September 2017 Meeting

EAA 31 Monthly Meeting Wednesday Sept 6th. We have a number of things. The 1st is our great clubhouse/hangar/gathering place. Possible items: (1) refinishing the floor. (2) Stuff around the clubhouse, what to get rid of, what to keep. (3) Some want to move major things. All up for discussion.

That may take some time. Next is a review of OSHKOSH 2017. There is some really neat stuff. It certainly made me wish I had been there and you may feel the same after you see it.

Dinner $5.00, 6:00 PM (menu not yet finalized) Meeting 7:00 PM at EAA Hangar, South end of Hobby Field 77S Creswell Oregon. Bring a friend, doesn’t have to be an airplane nut. See you there.

President John

Mar 16

EAA Saturday Breakfast

 Chapter breakfast is this Saturday, March 18th. Come
out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $5 for an “all you can eat”
breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and
camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Thanks in
advance for all the guys who show up and cook the meal!
Sign up sheet for EAA Aluminum Overcast B17 at EUG Friday May 5th, 
Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th will be available.  This was LOTS
of fun when we participated in 2013 and this time around the profits
will be shared among the 3 chapters (Creswell, Eugene, & Lebanon).
Encourage all to pitch in, have fun and contribute.
John Kuehl EAA31
Feb 27

EAA31 March 2017 Meeting

The end of our shortest month is already upon us and the 1st Wednesday of the Month is Wednesday March 1st.  We’ll start off at 6:00 PM with Lasagna, Salad, French Bread, Drinks & Desserts courtesy of Bridget & Virgil Pratt.  Our theme for the meeting will be Hints & Tricks, How to do things and/or how to do things more simply or more easily.  Among the demo & videos, will be “Portable Vise”  “Never buy another file handle, as long as you both shall live” “Accurate masking tape of ANY width”  “Welding up a perfect aircraft motor mount”

If YOU have any hints or tips, this night is an opportunity to share same.

Video of a Korean War Aviator plus this month’s Chapter Video Magazine.

Dinner 6:00    Meeting 7:00   all for only $5.00 bucks.

Bring a guest! See you there.

John Kuehl EAA31


Feb 17

EAA 31 Reminder Breakfast and RV3 Work party

Don’t forget – Tomorrow Feb 18th 9:00 AM Breakfast followed by RV3 work party.  If we all pitch in the RV3 will be farther down the road to completion and display in the museum.

John EAA31

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