May 01

Wednesday the 2nd Reminder & Update

The dinner menu will be Chicken with rice; Salad, Carrots, Dinner rolls, Cookies for dessert. With drinks – All for $8:00 Bucks.  The Chapter Video ties in with the OshKosh report, so that will be included.  We have some really neat stuff “on deck” for EAA Chapter 31.  You don’t want to miss it.  Bring a friend.  6:00 PM Dinner, 7:00 PM meeting.

Pres John.

Apr 30

EAA 31 May 2nd 2018 Meeting

We have lots of good stuff to cover this month.

Bill Dewey will surprise us with fine food from whatever Costco has on special.

John Kuehl will give a short report from what he learned at EAA leadership training in Oshkosh last month.

The new owners of Eugene Skydivers (Mark & Africa) will introduce themselves and stress what good neighbors they intend to be at Hobby Field.

Our Main Speaker will be our own EAA 31 member Jim Origlisso, wing leader for Angel Flight West. Jim will share his experiences in that organization; What it does and how it works.  For those not familiar with AFW, it is a non-profit made up of pilots who volunteer their time, fuel, and aircraft to provide air transportation to those in need.  Jim has flown over 80 missions since joining AFW in 2012. This should be very interesting.

Time permitting – May Chapter Video Magazine.

Wed May 2nd, Dinner 6:00 PM $8.00.  Meeting 7:00 PM at Creswell Airport, Hobby Field 77S. 538 feet above mean sea level. Off I5 at Creswell Oregon.

Bring a friend!

President John

Apr 04

EAA 31 Meeting reminder

Tonight’s (4/4/2018) the night! 

6:00 PM dinner.  Taco’s & fixins $8.00

7:00 Meeting.  Airspace & Fun Video.  Monthly Chapter Magazine (time permitting)

Bring a friend.  See you there.  Pres John

Mar 29

EAA 31 April Meeting will be FUN April 4th

Our own Gary Ludeke has just finished his CFI refresher course and will present a Refresher/Review of FAA airspace rules, requirements, and restrictions.  IN ADDITION we will have a “Suprise Video” that even pilot’s wives and sweethearts would enjoy (as a reward for sitting through the subject of airspace). Laughs are guaranteed!  Time permitting we will also show the April EAA Video Magazine.

FOOD (glad you asked) will be:  Build your own, Do it yourself,  Tacos, Burritos, whatever you call it which will include:  Nacho Cheese, Soft & hard shells, Salsa, chips, onions, olives, peppers, tasty ground beef, drinks and other goodies.

WHAT:  EAA 31 April monthly meeting

WHEN:  April 4th.   Dinner 6:00 PM.   Meeting 7:00 PM

WHERE:  EAA  31  Clubhouse S end of Hobby Field, Creswell Airport

WHY:  Because we are Pilots and Airplane nuts

WHO: Anybody interested in Aviation.  Bring a friend.

HOW MUCH:  $8.00 for the dinner.  You get your money’s worth the first 30 minutes.  The rest is FREE.

President John


Mar 01

March 2018 Meeting Meal Correction/Revision

Cross out “Chili” and insert “Lasagna”.  My bad.  Lasagna already purchased.  I’ll bring the Ice Cream anyway.

President John.

Mar 01

March 2018 Monthly Meeting 3/7/2018

You DON’T want to miss this meeting! Professor Reiner Decker will do a presentation on the development of jet aircraft engines. His credentials include the following:
Rensselaer Poly Inst Troy NY Aero Engineering 1961. MS and PhD from MIT 1967
Research Engineer AVCO research Lab 1962- 1964
Professor Univ of Washington 1967 – 2001 Dept of Aeronautics & Astronautics: propulsion, energy conversion, aerodynamics.
work break: 1972- 1974; Boeing Commercial Airplanes: propulsion
Reiner has authored many tech papers and two books on energy conversion.
His hobby/interests are hiking and climbing and writing history for the aviation industry and currently writing a book on the history of aircraft as they affected airliner design and capability.
Do not let all of the above overwhelm your initial opinion. Reiner is also a friendly and down to earth guy and you will absolutely enjoy his presentation. (You will probably learn things things you never even thought about).
Dinner 6:00 PM 3/7/2018 $5.00 bucks each. Super Scrumdelious Chili, Scrumdelious Chili dogs, or just dogs. Ice cream dessert.
Meeting 7:00 Some new stuff; Reiner Decker; Chapter video time permitting.
At our wonderful EAA 31 Clubhouse. S end of Hobby Field, Creswell Airport.
Bring a friend, see you there, President John

Feb 05

Feb 7th 2018 Monthly Meeting

The super bowl is over; now we can focus on flying and airplanes!  You all should have received Gary’s announcement about our “Special” meeting about the RV3 Project, and it should, indeed, be a very special meeting.  Please ALL who participated, come for this meeting. Time permitting we may follow with at least part of the EAA Monthly Video Magazine.

Dinner 6:00 PM. Meeting 7:00 PM  $5.00  Bring a friend.

President John


Nov 24

EAA31 Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears (no breakfast) is all we can offer Saturday Nov 25th.  We need to move ALL the stuff to the N end of the Hangar (the done, painted part) so we can work on the S end floor.  Includes 3 refrigerators and a stove.  Then lots of cleaning and sanding in preparation for Painting on Sunday afternoon the 26th plus 2nd coat Monday the 27th.  The more of us that show up  –  the less work for all.  See you tomorrow 9:00 AM

President John

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