Next Meeting is Special!

Our next monthly meeting in will be on Wednesday, February 7. BBQ at 6 p.m. and meeting at 7 p.m. I will be giving a presentation on the creation of the RV3, which members of Chapter 31 put together from parts of three airplanes and components from Van’s Aircraft. The airplane now resides in the OAHS museum in Cottage Grove. I have a collection of over 80 photographs showing the history of the construction of the project. While this aircraft will not be formally dedicated to the Van’s museum exhibit until Labor Day weekend this year, the airplane is on display now for museum visitors to see. I’m requesting that ALL of you who participated in any way on this project come to the meeting. I’m especially inviting Bridget and Virgil Pratt as it may be their last meeting with us, at least for some time! Virgil did some fine work on restoring the propeller and canopy. Bridget can be treated for the first time to a meal that she doesn’t have to prepare! Alan Weider worked tirelessly on the project and was the key person in recreating the paint scheme that was used on Van’s original RV3. I assure you it was an immense job! I would like to not only see that all who helped out are recognized, but also hope that those people can add input to the presentation and help tell the story of a very long road to success. I plan to write an article for Sport Aviation magazine and would like to take a picture or two, to go with the article, of all those who participated. I sincerely hope to see all of you there!

Vice-president Gary

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