STOL Fly-In coming in August at Independence

This year the Fly-in features not only Van’s Homecoming, but also our 2nd annual STOL EXPO.

Preliminary schedule of events:

Friday afternoon, August 17th:
• Arrive and register
• Lunch with our Youth Aviation hosts
• Set up tent sites or meet your host family for in-home lodging
• Join us for a flight-line dinner
Saturday, August 18th:
• Pancake Breakfast
• Over twenty forums on timely subjects; 2017 subjects included:
o Garrmin – ADS-B update
o FAA: Owner performed maintenance
o The future of electric airplanes
o How to manage BasicMed
o Companion Pilot safety forum
• Tour the flight-line with hundreds of airplanes
• Tours of Willamette Valley Vineyards and Breweries
• Tour hangars in the adjacent airpark to see ongoing projects
• Lunch served by the local Boy Scouts
• Banquet dinner with internationally known speaker
Sunday, August 19th:
• French toast breakfast
• 2nd Annual STOL EXPO (see details below)
• Luncheon and STOL EXPO awards ceremony

Our first STOL EXPO, Sept 2017, attracted 10 STOL aircraft in four different categories. A crowd of 200 showed up to watch them takeoff and land in the shortest distance possible. The winning distance of 152 ft amazed the crowd. Expect more planes and shorter distances this year.

You can get a copy of the poster here

David Ullman
EAA 292, Trustee

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