Meeting Minutes for the 5/2/2018 meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, May 2nd, 2018

The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM with our host Bill Dewey providing a great Chicken and Rice dish with salad and cookies for desert along with drinks for only $8! Thanks Bill!
Jim Origliosso has offered to handle the food for the next meeting. Wait for further notifications as to what we are sure to enjoy in a month! See you at the next dinner/meeting!!

The meeting started with the pledge of allegiance at 7:00 PM. Sharp.
President John Kuehl, V.P. Gary Ludeke and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout were present. The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was then called to order. There were 22 members and guests in attendance. Among the guests were Mark and Africa Shumaker and kids. They purchase Eugene Skydivers from Urban Moore. Also, David Dick from Cottage Grove. He is working on purchasing a Zenith 601CH. Welcome to everyone!!

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, May 19th . Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $8 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Thanks in advance for all the guys who show up and cook the meal!

Bill Dewey noted that their flying club airplane (a C-150) is now nearly done and ready to go. There is just a bit of paperwork left. Contact him if you are interested. 541-345-0480

Secretary Stout then reminded the group about name tags. Everyone in attendance should have their name tag on, just to make sure we get to know each other better. Everyone had one on this month except Darrell Durossette, who had one printed up for him. Good job everyone!!

President John then gave a nice slide presentation that was a distillation of his recent trip to Oshkosh for leadership training. He has come back with a lot of great ideas. The first of which is to paint “EAA 31” on the top of the clubhouse, visible from the air while in the pattern. He also wants us to have a lot better web site and begin posting on Facebook. And, he hopes to promote the flying club that is starting to form around the C-150. Hopefully all these projects can begin and bring us into the modern age of communication. Thanks John!

President John also noted that VP Gary Ludeke was one of the subjects of Lauran Paine Jr.’s column in the (May) issue of Sport Aviation. The subject was Young Eagle flights, and Gary and Randy Stout were both mentioned for the flights they had made with very special YE’s.

John then introduced Mark Shumaker again, who gave a nice presentation on skydiving as a sport and the equipment used. He said a nice parachute rig is about $6500, and includes a computer that would auto deploy an emergency ‘chute if you were unconscious and nearing the ground too quickly. Tandem jumps (your first ones) are $200, and solo jump are $25 up to 10,500ft. AGL He seems like a great neighbor and will be a nice addition to the Creswell Airport. Thanks Mark!

With no other new or old business, Pres. John asked our speaker Jim Origliosso to come up and give a presentation about the Angel Flight program. Jim is the area director for Angel Flight, and has flown upwards of 80 flights himself. They have been around for 34 years and received nearly 40 Million in donations for this worthy volunteer service. No pilots are paid for this work, which makes it even more amazing. They have about 1300 volunteer pilots whose qualifications are Private Certificate with 250 hours, Insurance, 50 Hrs. CC time. There are no emergency trips booked, only medical or special needs trips. Jim showed slides of some of his families he has helped, and it really is heartwarming to see their faces. Contact if you would like to join this worthy group.

President John then ran the EAA Monthly Chapter Video, which we all enjoyed. They noted that June 9th is Young Eagle day, so chapters who don’t have a set day should attempt to use that date. Our chapter 31 uses July 4th as our YE day. It also noted that the Chapter Award Applications need to be sent in as soon as possible.

As a final notice, there will be a 100th year celebration of the first air mail flight. Ron England and his Fleet 2 will “fly the mail” on May 16th at the Creswell airport at 3:00. Try to attend if you can.

There being no other business, President John then adjourned at 8:45PM

respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

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