Rusty’s Cessna 150 Flies!

Darrin signed off the Annual Inspection today after making sure all required paperwork was in order. I made the first flight with the newly overhauled engine and it ran perfectly! I flew for 30 minutes in the vicinity of the airport and then landed so Darrin could give it a quick check. There were no visible fluid leaks. In flight the oil pressure and temperature were nominal and stable. All gyro instruments function perfectly with good vacuum from the pump. The new starter works like a charm! I will fly it again tomorrow as a part of the engine break-in process.

If there is any serious interest in forming a flying club, or any individuals are interested in purchasing this airplane I suggest you move quickly. Rusty is interested in getting this airplane sold in a timely manner so he can move his nearly completed RV-12 to the hangar. I will be advertising this airplane for Rusty and Beth locally and on in the very near future. Darrin thinks the 1967 C-150G was the best C-150 that Cessna ever made. After flying it, I tend to agree! After researching aircraft blue book values I believe that this airplane should sell for somewhere around $27,000.00. Of course the final say on accepting any offers will be made by Beth and Rusty. You can email me directly at or call me at 541-914-8605 if you have any questions or want to submit an offer. Please DO NOT reply directly to this post. Our server is not designed to accept responses and your inquiry will be lost.

Gary Ludeke

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