EAA 31 June 2018 Meeting Wednesday the 6th

Did you know that before there was an EAA or an “Experimental” aircraft designation home built aircraft were deemed “unsafe and illegal” by our Federal government.  There were, however,  a group of “outlaws” in Oregon that did not follow the rules and they (gasp) DESIGNED, BUILT AND FLEW THERE OWN AIRCRAFT!  Cassandra Barrong of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society (OAHS) will be here to tell the story of these Oregon Outlaws who helped shape general aviation as we know it.  You will know stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know and therefore, be better educated and have fun doing it. 

Dinner 6:00 PM EAA 31 Clubhouse, (did you notice we now have “EAA 31” displayed prominently on the roof in 11ft letters) Hobby Field, Creswell OR Airport.  Jim O will surprise us with some Costco goodies.  It’s only $8:00 bucks.

Meeting 7:00 PM.  Chapter 31 is mentioned in the latest Sport Aviation Magazine.  VP Gary will present an article and a couple of short videos,  we will gear up for 4th of July Young Eagles, Cassandra will entertain and enlighten us on how  general aviation “took off” in Oregon in spite of the Feds.  Bring a friend.  Bring a date. (cheap – not the gal, the meal)

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