Opportunity to participate in significant aircraft restoration project!

Chapter 31 has been asked by the Oregon Aviation Historical Society (OAHS) to take on the restoration of a aircraft known as a “Story Special.” This aircraft is one of two identical aircraft, both owned by the museum. One is in flyable condition and the one we would be working on needs a complete restoration. All work will be done at the OAHS restoration center located at the Cottage Grove Airport. We will have access to the flyable airplane to use as a guide if any questions arise as to how something goes together on the restored airplane. The airplane is a single-place, open-cockpit, low-wing aircraft powered by a Continental A65 (65HP) engine. It was a welded tube fuselage and empennage and a wooden wing. All surfaces are fabric covered. The first major job will be to build a new wing. The wooden spars and  ribs have already been completed so the work will be essentially one of assembly and covering. All firewall forward, engine controls, instrumentation and interior will need to be done.

The goal of the OAHS is to fly both airplanes to EAA Oshkosh, along with the museum’s Great Lakes airplane, in 2021 which will be the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Oregon Department of Aviation. This will allow a comfortable and realistic time frame to accomplish the work. Guidance and training will be provided to those who want to participate in this exciting project but don’t feel they have the required expertise to help out. Work scheduling will be flexible to allow people to participate based on their availability. Please email me at “rv6an200gl@charter.net” if you are interested in participating in this very significant aviation project. DO NOT reply to this post directly as your response will be lost by our server.

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