You don’t need to be a member of EAA Chapter 31 to fly young eagles on the 4th.  If you are a current EAA member (national), current in your aircraft with a current flight review with passenger liability insurance and your plane is airworthy, and you have completed the EAA on-line background check, YOU can fly young eagles.  See young faces beaming with satisfaction!  We need all the pilots we can get.  If you haven’t yet signed up (you can just show up) please send me the following:

Full legal name; Aircraft type; N number; your email address; phone #; EAA #; EAA Chapter # (if applicable). 

We especially need multiple passenger aircraft (172’s 182’s etc) to give more kids a chance to experience their very 1st airplane ride.  Text me at 541 729 1217 or e-mail @     Thanks

President John

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