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A lot of you may remember the inoperative flight simulator we had in the clubhouse for quite awhile. We eventually gave it to Tony Hann at Infinite Air, the FBO at Albany Airport. Tony initially thought he might be able to get it working. He recently gave up and donated it to the Evergreen Museum at McMinnville where it is now on display. If you’re up there and think it looks familiar, that’s because it is.

The chapter earned $750.00 from  EAA HQ for the Young Eagles flights we conducted in 2017. The money needed to be obligated by the end of the month. After an email discussion with John and Randy, I ordered a public address system to use at our upcoming Young Eagles events which will use most all of this money. We’ve had a problem at our events finding the kids in the crowd when the flight they signed up for was ready to go. We’ll now be able to hail the kids with the PA system as well as make other general announcements. It comes with wireless handheld and lavalier microphones. The lavalier mike will be nice for presenters to use when speaking at our meetings. The system should arrive in time for our next meeting regular meeting on January 2 so we’ll be able to try it out.

VP Gary

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