EAA 31 Jan 2019 Meeting

EAA 31 Jan 2019 Meeting Announcement.
On Wednesday Jan 2nd 2019 we will have an “All hands on deck” Everybody participating their favorite tip/advice they have discovered and wish to share for everone’s enlightenment. It could be on aircraft construction, Riveting, Wiring Takeoffs, Landings, Radio communications – anything that you know about that would be helpful to others. We will go around the room. Share about what you are flying (or would like to be flying), your current project and your particular nugget of wisdom. Please be thinking about what you could share. (Show and tell for airplane nuts)
January Chapter video not yet released, but we may have a go at that also.
6:00 PM Dinner, 7:00 PM Meeting. Only $8.00 bucks. Looks like we will be dining on Lasagna, garlic bread, and all the goodies that go with it.
Bring a friend – see you there.
Pres John

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