Next Regular EAA 31 Chapter Meeting – April 3, 2019

The next EAA 31 Chapter meeting is only a week away. Mark your calendars! I received word today that our President, John, went to the hospital this morning suffering from severe pain! I just spoke with Randy Stout who heard that the pain in apparently not related to his heart or cardiovascular system and is still under investigation. I will let you know if I hear anything more definitive. In the meantime John has requested that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He will probably not be present at our upcoming meeting.

I don’t know who accepted responsibility for the pre-meeting dinner. Please let me know ASAP (541-914-8605) if you are the one, or know who the one is who accepted this responsibility. If I hear nothing, I’ll assume it was John as he often accepts when no one else does. If so, Bill Dewey will handle the meal and will do hot dogs and burgers. At one time this was old hat, but it’s been awhile and now will be considered a treat!

I will be doing the program this month. I have prepared a presentation called ” Six Decades of Change.” I will address the changes in technology, cost and safety in both general aviation and the airline industry. I’ll try hard to keep you awake! Bill Dewey will also talk to us about the repairs to our patio cover that was damaged from the recent snow storm. Be prepared to volunteer. It will take a fair amount of club participation to get this done in a cost effective manner, and be done in time for our Young Eagles event on July 4.

VP Gary


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