May 2009 breakfast

We had a great breakfast today!  We started preparation around 7:40, and by 8:00 we had our first visitor.  Pretty soon, we had Bob on eggs, Melinda on pancakes, Bill cooking 6lbs of bacon, Bruce on the outside grill making sausage, and more!  As we closed in on 9:00, a growing number of planes were arriving outside.  We had folks from Independence, OR, Eugene, and even someone from distant Walker Field!  It’s true, folks, the Volmer flies!  We had a number of interesting LSAs

At just after 9, our first contingent of Marines showed up followed by the second at 9:30.  Boy howdy, those folks know how to eat!  It was fantastic, these guys and gals have been doing amazing work out at the pavilion and we were pleased to be able to express our appreciation.  We would also like to note the extreme professionalism and politeness of every single Marine attending.  These young men and women represent America’s finest, and EAA 31 salutes their dedicated service.  Semper Fi!

Our next breakfast is June 20th at 9AM.  After that, we’ll be hosting breakfast at Cottage Grove Airport in July, so stay tuned for details!

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