May 15

EAA 31 BREAKFAST reminder.

9:00 AM Saturday May 18th
In addition to our Chapter Breakfast we were planing on a work party at the Memorial, but it looks like it will be too wet/muddy on Saturday. In case it dries out some before then, wear your grubbies and bring a shovel.
We should have enough Pancakes, Butter, Syrup, Bacon, Scrambled eggs, Sausage, Coffee, Orange juice, Hot chocolate, Milk. If not we can pick up whatever we need. Airplanes and flying. An EAA pancake breakfast is where you get this stuff. At the EAA 31 Hangar. S end of Hobby Field, Creswell Airport, Creswell OR. And only $8:00 bucks! Bring a friend.
Pres John

May 14

Meeting Minutes from the 5-1-19 meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, May 1st , 2019

The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM hosted by John Kuehl. There were Costco Hot Dogs, great big hamburgers, cookies, chips and a drink for only $8. Don’t miss her next great meal!! Paul Messer will host that event.

The meeting started with the pledge of allegiance at 6:59 PM President John Kuehl and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout were present. The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was called then to order. There were 13 members and guests in attendance.

Tom Cunningham then told the group that he has sold his airplane and therefore we will need a new “float” for the 4th of July Creswell parade. This plane displayed a banner that told everyone of the Young Eagle rides available at the airport after the parade. Rusty Bartell noted that he had a tractor and trailer for us to use and that the Mini Coupe airplane would be a good choice to put on it. Tom also noted that this weekend will be the first OAHS breakfast in Cottage Grove.

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, May 18th. Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $8 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Our volunteers for this breakfast are (hopefully) the same group as last time Tom, Bill, Rod and John, who will coordinate getting the breakfast ready to serve. Thanks in advance guys!

Bill Dewey then spoke about replacing the patio cover that was damaged by the snow this winter. He now suggests that we just clean it up and leave it at 2/3rd the size. It would save several thousand dollars and he was having a hard time getting help on the project. Bill, John, Tom and Paul volunteered to help clean up the mess and pull the bad posts. Cleanup party scheduled for this Saturday the 4th. Thanks guys!!

Bill also asked everyone to help with the Memorial Garden after the breakfast on the 18th.

Paul Messer also noted that he will bring in the simulator that he purchased (for his very aviation minded kids) to the next meeting in June. Thanks Paul!

There being no other business, the meeting was turned over to Randy Stout, who played a short movie on the challenges of taking off and landing at a short grass strip (Jasper Ridge 36OR). He also displayed several WW-1 and WW-2 artifacts that he brought in. He then mentioned that all pilots need to renew their EAA national approval to fly YE’s before the July event.

President Kuehl then showed the EAA National Monthly Chapter Video Magazine. As always, this was informative and helpful.

There being no other business, the meeting was then adjourned at 8:15 PM
Respectfully submitted,

May 03

Work party at EAA 31 Clubhouse Sat May 4th

I know this is late notice, but for those of you who couldn’t make the monthly meeting May 1st, we are having a “tear down” of the 1/3rd of the patio cover damaged by the not-do-recent snow storm.  It was decided that this would be the best option (Repairs perhaps later).  So – the 2/3rds of the patio cover is what we will have for now. Wear your grubbies.  The Southernmost vertical timber will be removed along with all the wood associated with that part of the covering, We will cut up the lumber in firewood sized chunks and haul it away. The more that show up – the sooner we will finish.  Show up around 9:00 AM.    See you there.  Pres John.