Apr 15

It’s Breakfast Time Again!

Saturday, April 19 is the date for our next breakfast get together! My weather information says it should be partly cloudy and in the 60′s. Maybe we’ll get a nice turnout again like last month.  The email receipt study showed 30 people (including me) are receiving these posts. We need to get to those who are not and make sure we’ve got their proper email addresses.

I was invited to a meeting of community leaders to discuss the future of the city. There were a lot of positive comments about the airport! The Creswell Chamber of Commerce is excited about our planned involvement in this year’s Fourth of July celebration. I hope we can do a great parade float and have a fun day at the airport with a lot of Young Eagle flights and other fun activities. We need to start planning in earnest at our next regular meeting!

See you Saturday!  . . . . . . Gary

Apr 06


We’re still trying to work through the email post delivery problem! I’ve received only 20 responses from a total of 66 people on the list! We’re suspecting that some people clicked REPLY to respond to the last request rather than sending a message to me directly. The REPLY function won’t work as our website is not set up to receive replies. Would you PLEASE bear with me and do this one more time? If you’re reading this post, please let me know by contacting me directly at:  ARROW76R@CENTURYTEL.NET.  (This address is not case sensitive but I put it in ALL CAPS just to emphasize that this is where you MUST reply. Thanks so much for your cooperation! I’ll try not to bother you again. . . . . . Gary

Apr 03

Minutes of the April 2nd, 2014 meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, April 2nd, 2014

The meeting started at 7:21 (Without Melinda Petersen’s famous chili).  Several members didn’t get the posting from Gary that there would not be a dinner before the meeting. Rusty was sent out for food and the email system will be de-bugged. Pres. Gary suggested that unless we have a few in the club who are willing to put on the dinner each month, we should approach Bubba’s about catering some dinners at the clubhouse. He will report back on this.

As mentioned, the business meeting was called to order at 7:21 PM by President Gary Ludeke with  V.P. John Kuehl and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout also present.  President Ludeke suggested that since many were still eating, we would not recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag at this meeting only.

There were 19 members guests in attendance.  As there were no introductions from the membership, the few guests in attendance are not named in these minutes.

Next Chapter breakfast is April 19th at the clubhouse. $5 for an all you can eat breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!!  Come and bring your appetite!!

Secretary Stout mentioned that due are due again. $25 made out to EAA Chapter 31 and given to him or sent to 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR  97478

President Gary then spoke to the club about our participation in Creswell’s July 4th celebrations. He is hoping that we can add our “Airport Days” to the festivities, which should include a float for the parade, a fly-over and several events at the airport to draw people in. There was some discussion on what the club events should be, and Gary also mentioned that the club could become involved with a non-flying community activity, perhaps cleaning up after the farmers market.

Pres. Gary then suggested that an activity closer to home might also be started. He noted that the gate on the road into the clubhouse is in poor condition. Several offers of help with fixing it came in from Rusty and Bill, and Ron Rinaldi offered to make us a new tube gate if the old one is just not fixable. Thanks to all the volunteers. Gary will talk to Shelly first then turn the guys loose on this project.

Secretary Stout offered to get a PayPal account set up for the “Buy a Brick” program and give this info to Ron Rinaldi.

Ron Rinaldi then presented a slide show on his Sopwith Camel.  His father started it from plans given to him by Ron for his birthday many years ago. He then purchased a rotary engine and real machine guns, and got it 80% done before his passing. Ron decided that it would be a great tribute to his father and really bless his mother if he finished it. The slides told a great story of his plane and the eventual loan of it to the Evergreen Museum. Thanks Ron for this very interesting program!!

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:51 pm
respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Apr 03


Based on last night’s BBQ snafu it appears that a number of you are not getting notifications of new posts on our website! Would you PLEASE RESPOND ASAP to arrow76r@centurytel.net to let me know you received this post notification. Thank you! . . . . . . Gary

Mar 28

Creswell July 4 Celebration

Some of you may know that I am the Creswell Planning Commission’s representative on the Creswell Airport Commission. At last night’s meeting the subject of a Creswell Airport fly-in, similar to what we’ve done the past two years, was discussed. It was decided that, in lieu of the “Airport Fun Day” fly-in, Chapter 31 and the Creswell Airport will support the 4th of July celebration. For many years, we have done the fly-by to announce the start of the parade. We will do it again this year but we’ll add additional activities during the day. These specific activities need to be identified and organized. I have accepted the responsibility to be lead on this but I’ll need a lot of help you all of you to pull this off. We’re not looking at a massive effort here. We just want to make ourselves known to the celebration attendees, particularly the residents of Creswell, and invite them to the airport for some afternoon fun to go along with what’s happening in town. Initial ideas include: Young Eagle flights, static aircraft displays (including the modelers), possibly a small scale spot landing and flower bombing contest and a sky diving demonstration. I’d like to see us have a float in the parade with a banner announcing the afternoon’s activities. We’ll also probably want handouts, with a map to the airport for those who don’t know how to find us.

The Creswell Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the celebration. I have been given the phone number for the chamber contact. I will call him, see if I can sit down with him and discuss our involvement, and then report back to you as soon as I have move information. Mark your calendars for a fun time on the Fourth!

Gary Ludeke, President

Mar 27

Regular Meeting Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our next regular meeting is less than a week away so mark your calendars! Our speaker will be our own Ron Rinaldi who will tell us the fascinating story about how his father and he built the Sopwith Camel replica that sits in a prominent place next to the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Museum. We may have some additional attendees for this meeting. Since the Sopwith Camel has some additional fame as the aircraft (doghouse) of choice for Snoopy of Charles Shultz fame, I posted a flyer for this presentation at the Creswell Library in case any of our local citizens would like to attend. Since I had the flyer already made, I posted one on our FBO message board and gave one to Urban Moore to post for the Creswell skydiving community. I also sent a submission to the Creswell Chronicle to be published in the “Town Crier” section of this week’s issue. Since no one has come forward to resume the BBQ duties, eat before you arrive for the meeting starting promptly at 7 p.m.

Some of you may have recently tried to access our chapter website and found it was out of commission. Due to some quick action on the part of our esteemed treasurer, Randy, the problem was resolved and we’re back in operation again!  Thanks, Randy!!

Regarding meals before the meetings, Rusty Bartel and I are investigating the possibility of getting catered meals from a new BBQ place in town. Rusty stopped in to see the owner who expressed an interest in possibly providing this service. The Subway restaurant near the airport is another possibility for pre-made meals. More to follow.

As a little advance notice about our meeting night programs, we have our local AME, Dr. Richard Hansen, scheduled for the May meeting. He will be speaking on aeromedical factors and how those of us who are still keeping our medicals current can increase the odds of staying healthy. Our June speaker will be Urban Moore from Eugene Skydivers. Urban will tell us all about what’s involved in becoming a skydiver. I emphasized to Urban (and now to you), that this presentation is NOT to be a rehash of the issues surrounding the conflicts between skydivers and pilots! This presentation is going to be about skydiving! Urban will discuss everything from the equipment used to how the jump plane is flown, how chutes are packed, how a prospective skydiver proceeds from the first tandem jump to becoming an experience, trained skydiver.

When I visited the library to post the meeting flyer, Su, the Library Director, asked me if we were using Facebook to promote our activities. Since we aren’t, she offered to help me set up a chapter page. She said she would integrate things that we post into the “Positively Creswell” page that she is responsible for. I’ll try to get with her prior to Wednesday night’s meeting.

When I spoke at the Creswell City Council meeting on March 10, I suggested that, maybe, the chapter could take on a community service project. I’ve been approached as to the possibility of doing some cleanup work for the area outside the library where the Creswell Farmers Market is held. I think the market starts in May or June. Let’s discuss this at our meeting and see if we have enough willing and able members to take on this task.

For those of you who were there, you saw we had a great turnout, including a number of fly-ins, at our Saturday morning breakfast. Keith Delaney’s Yamaha-powered Rans was a big hit. The weather was perfect! I hope you got a chance to fly because it looks like we might be in for several dreary, rainy days before the good flying weather returns! . . . . . . Gary

Mar 26

Minutes from 3/5/2014 Meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, March 5th, 2014


The dinner part of the meeting was not held this month.


Business meeting called to order at 7:01 PM by President Gary Ludeke  with Sec./Tres. Randy Stout also present.  President Ludeke suggested that everyone stand and recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag. This was done.


There were 20 members and three guests in attendance. The guests were Shawn Van Hatten, who works with Tony Horbath at Specialty Aero, Steve Siebel who owns and fly’s sail planes and ultralights, and Jim Showker, who made a nice presentation on his single engine (converted from a twin!!) AeroProk from the Ukraine in Russia. Welcome to you all!!


Next Chapter breakfast is March  15th at the clubhouse. $5 for an all you can eat breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! That is a great time!!


Secretary Stout mentioned that due are due again. $25 made out to EAA Chapter 31 and given to him or sent to 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR  97478


Ron Rinaldi then spoke about the “buy a brick” program he has been working on. He is going to get our chapter set up on the brick manufacturer’s website, with a link on our website to place orders for bricks. It will be able to take credit cards or PayPal and you can customize it with some graphics etc. He will report next meeting and hopefully demo a brick purchase.


Gary then reported that Jim Beal has built one of the  desiccant dryer moisture minimizers that John Kuehl demo’d at the last meeting in our  “Craftsman Corner”. Thanks to John and Jim!


Rod Johnson gave a quick presentation about the markings painted on a Navy Devastator model on which he had been working, and why the colors were so important and often put on incorrectly


The video describing the “Pearl Harbor Interstate” that Tim Talen had made was then shown, with Tim narrating and great pictures of this historic airplane.


Allen Weider then rose to talk about an RV-12 workshop that Synergy Air is going to put on in Sunriver on June 21st. It will cost $55 but that includes food. There will also be other workshops available at a cost from Dynon, Synergy Air and Van’s.  More info is available at www.rv12expo.com


There being no other business, the monthly EAA nationals E-newsletter video was shown. Fascinating show- don’t miss next months.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm

respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer


Mar 11

Chapter 31 Happenings

I think our March regular meeting was enjoyed by all who attended. Jim Showker’s presentation on his rebuilt and recertified Aeroprakt Odyssey was really interesting and informative.  We look forward to seeing Jim at our Saturday morning breakfasts this summer after he gets his Sport Pilot license and gets comfortable with the airplane. We also enjoyed a video produced by Tim Talen about an Interstate Cadet he restrored called “The Pearl” and the female instructor who was flying the airplane over Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941. The monthly EAA Chapter Video capped off a fine evening.

Speaking of our breakfasts, the next one is THIS COMING SATURDAY, MARCH 15! The weather is forecast to be decent so we might even get some fly-in attendees. Come out and have a great breakfast with a terrific bunch of aviators!

Our April general meeting will feature our own Ron Rinaldi who will tell us all about the trials and tribulations of building a very fine Sopwith Camel replica. For those of your who have visited the Evergreen Museum, you have seen this airplane sitting next to the Spruce Goose. This airplane was started by Ron’s dad and completed by Ron after the passing of his father. The story of the building process is extremely interesting. You will see that the construction of this aircraft was nothing like we kit builders do, and even goes beyond what most “scratch builders” do!

Our May meeting will feature Creswell’s Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) Dr. Richard Hansen. Dick will give us the rundown on the medical application process which is now done totally on line, and promises to help guide us in the ways of staying healthy enough to pass those medicals until such time as the FAA does away with them for us low and slow guys!

Our attendance at the March meeting was better than it’s been for awhile. Let’s continue to build momentum by talking to former members who have fallen by the wayside, as well as pilots new to the Creswell/Eugene/Springfield/Cottage Grove area, and encouraging them to come out, see what we’re doing, and become a part of Chapter 31′s 55-year history.  It is said “There is strength in numbers!”

Happy and safe flying – and tailwinds always!  . . . . . Gary

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