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March Meeting – Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EAA Chapter 31 will hold it’s regular meeting on Wednesday, March 4 with a 6 p.m. BBQ and a 7 p.m. meeting. We have been asked by Tim Talen, President of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society (OAHS) at Cottage Grove, if we would be willing to take on a project to restore (to static display condition) an RV3 that has been donated to the OAHS. Alan Wieder and I took a look at the air  frame in storage in the OAHS annex hangar and feel it is a doable project but would involve some serious work to get it into condition for display. The idea would be to do most of the work in the clubhouse. There are missing pieces of the air frame that we would try to acquire through donations from Van’s Aircraft or from other sources. The idea for the restoration is based on Tim’s desire to create a Van’s aircraft display at the OAHS museum to honor the man and the company that put Oregon “on the map as the most significant builders of kit aircraft in the world. It could be a very rewarding and satisfying project for us as members and as an EAA chapter. I’ll give a complete rundown of the proposed project at the meeting. We will also be getting a little Chapter 31 history lesson from Randy Stout about what’s happened in the chapter over its more than 50 year history. We’ll also continue our discussion about the disposition of miscellaneous items in the clubhouse and watch the latest EAA chapter video. This might be a meeting that you don’t want to miss!

President Gary

Feb 19


Our EAA Chapter 31 breakfast is this coming Saturday, February 21 beginning at 9:00 at the clubhouse. Virgil Pratt, who has graciously accepted the responsibility for this upcoming breakfast, is already on the job making sure things are in place to have another great meal! The weather should be great (yeah, maybe it’ll start with morning fog!) so we might get some fly-in customers. Please try to make it if you can to support the chapter and to show Virgil and the other volunteers how much we appreciate their willingness to take on this job!

When you come into the clubhouse, check the signup sheets on the wall next to the front door. I put these up to resurrect the “Give a Ride” program that has been dormant for at least a couple of years. You’ll see two sheets. One is for those who are willing to give rides in their airplanes and the other is for those seeking to get rides in member airplanes. The sheets are self explanatory so please sign up if your willing to give rides or if you want a ride in any certain type of aircraft.

On another note, there were at least 8 chapter 31 members present at Dave Heisley’s graveside funeral service this morning. It was a very moving service with several friends and relatives giving us insights into Dave’s life. He will surely be missed by all of us in Chapter 31 who counted on him for various tasks like grass mowing, providing our clubhouse water supply and being a friend to all of us when we asked him for help.


President Gary

Feb 14


A graveside funeral service for Dave Heisley will be held starting at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 19 at the Creswell Pioneer Cemetary. To get there, go west on Oregon Avenue from I-5. Oregon Avenue becomes Camas Swale Rd west of Creswell. Continue on Camas Swale Rd to Howe Lane and turn left. Go south past Deberry Rd (on right) and Florence Rd (on left). Turn right onto Creswell Cemetary Road. I believe these instructions will get you there. I have never been there but made these directions from a Google Earth map. Dave was a great long term supporter of our EAA chapter. I hope many of you will be able to attend his service.

President Gary

Feb 10


Dave Heisley, was found dead this morning in the bathroom of his home adjacent to our clubhouse! The emergency and law enforcement personnel are on site at this time. Dave had a son who lives locally and is also at the house. Dave was a very big contributor to the operation of Chapter 31 and he will be sorely missed!

I will post any new pertinent information as soon as I receive it.

President Gary

Feb 09

Meeting Minutes from the 2/4/2015 meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, February 4th, 2015

The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM hosted by the wonderful Virgil and Bridget Pratt. There was pulled pork and salad along with 2 types of brownies and cookies and  chips with a drink for only $5. Wow- and you just wait until next time. We will have a spaghetti feast!!

The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by President Gary Ludeke, (V.P. John Kuehl was out) and Secretary / Treasurer Randy Stout present.

There were 19 members in attendance. No guests this time, as all had joined as members!! Thanks to Bill Johnson for forgiving me on not remembering his name!!

Walt Weischedel spent time this last month sweeping and mopping the clubhouse (Thanks Walt!). He and the Secretary are suggesting that we get rid of a bunch on unused furniture and fixtures and buy a few items to make the clubhouse more accommodating. That list is as follows:

Items to Dispose of:                                       Items to Acquire

2 Gas Grills                                                          4 Better Couches

Bookcase w/ old magazines                        Table for cooking from Tom C.

Big Work Table                                                 Cabinet for cleaning supplies

Simulator                                                            Range Hood

2 Saw Horses                                                     2 New electrical circuits for new cook area

2 old couches                                                    Cabinet for Pop and other supplies

Coffee Maker w/o heat pad                        Re-Design floor plan of clubhouse

Magazines on floor in boxes

Extension cords in rafters

These items will be discussed and voted on at the next meeting.

Dave Heisley noted that the water will be turned off for a period of time in order to continue with his rights as water master to Chapter 31.

Pat Dotson has received a group of tools that were donated to Chapter 31 by Ron Rinaldi, and he has assessing their value at around $600. He then offered to purchase them for $300. Virgil Pratt questioned why we couldn’t make them available to the club on a loan basis. The Secretary spoke about the past attempt at this program, and the lack of success we had with it. As with most programs and projects, when we have a sparkplug individual who will run it, good things can and do often happen. Without this person, most ideas never get off the ground, or fail in the end.

The floor was opened up for other bids, and none being received, it was agreed to sell them to him at this price.

Next Chapter breakfast is February 21st  at the clubhouse. $5 for an all you can eat breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Virgil Pratt has offered to oversee this breakfast, but due to Bridget having to be gone, asked for volunteers to help cook. He got several volunteers, including Tom Cunningham, Allen Weider and Rod Johnson. Come and bring your appetite!!

The President then asked for a Treasurers report, which was as follows: The club now has a balance of $3354.80 in the checkbook, with no outstanding debts. 50 paid or life members as of 12/31/14

President Gary then gave his “State of the Chapter” address. He first He noted that we have accomplished many things last year and hopes we can do the same this year. Specifically he mentioned that we flew 93 Young Eagles on July 4th (with hopes that we will do this again this year),  purchased and installed a new entry gate, helped get the Mural on the FBO refurbished, got the “Buy a Brick” program off and running (by the way, we need a few more bricks to be bought in order for the next batch to be produced) and finished the memorial area for these bricks, helped mow the Creswell airport grass (thanks Tom!), promoted the chapter via Newspaper articles and responses to letters to the editor, Hosted the League of Cities group and the Coffee and Cars group at the clubhouse and had a joint Christmas party with chapter 1457. Also, we now have the Quiet Birdmen (QB’s) using the clubhouse monthly along with the South Lane Modelers who use it on the 3rd  Monday of the month.

In addition to all these activities, we had several very interesting speakers at the meetings, including Dick Hyman- a WWII and Korea pilot, Tony and Shawn from Specialty Aero, Harry Anderson- around the world flyer, Dr. Hansen, the DME, Ron Rinaldi and his WW1 replica airplane project, and Jim Showker with his exotic airplane. Wow! This has been a fun year!

For the coming year, Virgil Pratt suggested that we get several of the members to give a presentation on the fun and frustration of their current or just past project. (A “What went wrong and how I fixed it” kind of talk), Dave Eason liked the “Make a Tool” program and hopes that we will continue with that, and also invite an instructor to give the whole group an airspace refresher. President Gary thought a spot landing and flour bombing event would be fun (and he will look into the insurance requirement before proceeding)

All these ideas will be worked on and talked about during the next few weeks, and we should have a great list of ideas we can enjoy during this next year. Thanks to everyone for contributing!!

There being no other business, the President then played the EAA Monthly Magazine on the Video projector. This one featured Balloons and cylinder valve diagnosis. Very interesting and great photography!

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:22 pm
respectfully submitted, Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Feb 09

A new way to carry an old transport method

A pilot in New Zealand (there’s a NEW Zealand now?) has come up with a novel way to carry bicycles on his Cessna 185.  He’s fabricated bicycle racks that attach to the bottom of the wing and carries them like ecologically-sound munitions.

The most interesting part of this may be that he’s somehow gotten it approved by his Civil Aviation Authority.

More information is available here:

Feb 04


I have been able to download this month’s Chapter Video to show at tonight’s meeting. It has an interesting segment on ballooning and another on diagnosing the causes of low compression discovered on compression checks. I hope to see you all there for the pulled pork BBQ and the meeting!

President Gary

Feb 01

Regular Chapter Meeting – Wednesday, February 4

Well, I’m finally gotten myself back to, more or less, full power since being sick last month. From what I heard, the January meeting went very well! I’d like to use the February meeting to do what I hoped to do last month. That is, take stock of where we’ve been, chapter wise, over the past year and where we’d like to go from here. We need to discuss the longer-range plans for regular meeting BBQ and Saturday morning meals and talk about chapter projects, events, and programs for the rest of the year. If memory serves me right, I think Virgil and Bridget Pratt are planning on bringing pulled pork to this meeting. I, for one, love pulled pork!! I’ll also see if I can extract a the latest chapter video from the EAA website. As always, the BBQ is at 6 and the meeting starts at 7 p.m.

As a side note, for any that didn’t get my message through my personal email address book, I have discontinued the use of my “” and am now using “”. If you have my email address in your address book, please change it to reflect this new address. Thanks and hope to see you on Wednesday.

President Gary

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