Apr 15

Breakfast Time Again!

This coming Saturday, April 18 is the date for our next breakfast. All you cat eat for five bucks! This will also give you a chance to see the cleaned up RV3 project on display in the clubhouse. The weather forecast is good (of course we can always have morning fog!) so maybe we’ll get some fly-in visitors. Saturday is also the day for the Oregon Antique and Classic Club (OACAC) meeting at Independence, so some of us will be heading up there after the breakfast.

President Gary

Apr 08

Meeting Minutes from the 4/1/2015 Meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, April 1st, 2015

The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM hosted by the fantastic Virgil and Bridget Pratt. There were both hard and soft Taco’s, and salad along with 2 types of brownies and chips with a drink for only $5. We will just have to see how they top this next month!!

The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by President Gary Ludeke, with V.P. John Kuehl and Secretary / Treasurer Randy Stout also present.

There were 20 members in attendance. Guests this time included the late Dave Heisley’s brother in law, Chuck Lane.

President Gary then spoke about Dave Heisley, who passed away unexpectedly in February. Gary created a nice framed picture that will remain on the clubhouse wall. In addition, the club will buy a large brick for him and install it in the memory garden near the FBO. He also mentioned that the South Lane RC club will be buying a brick, and that Shelly Humble wants to get bricks for Jug Jungnich and Crash the airport Cat, so we should now have enough for another run.

Doug Kindred noted that the Oregon Aviation Historical Society will be inducting Jimmy Reinhardt into the Hall of Fame next Saturday.

Next Chapter breakfast is April 18th at the clubhouse. $5 for an all you can eat breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Virgil Pratt and Bridget will be gone, but Tom Cunningham, Rod Johnson and Bill Dewey agreed to put it on, and hope that Alan Weider will be there also. It was also noted that the OACAC will be having their meeting in Independence on this date, so come for breakfast and head up for the meeting.

President Gary spoke about the sign-up sheet we now have for people wanting rides and those willing to give them. It is by the North Door. He also noted that we will move the meeting in June at some time over to Ray Morse’s hangar for a look at his project, before we move back to the clubhouse.

He then spoke about the donated (by Phillip Mandel) RV-3 that is in need of much work and parts. He and Bill brought into the clubhouse all the parts we have for appraisal, and he received a nice letter from Van’s indicating their willingness to help with parts and possibly funds. This project is growing legs and should be a great way for people to get hands on experience with many facets of homebuilt aircraft procedures. He has a list of volunteers and would love to add more names to it. Some discussion followed about the cockpit detail needed, which depends on how it will be displayed.

It was noted that Bill Dewey and Gary Ludeke planted some shrubs in the Honor garden, and Dave Eason used his flame thrower and got rid of a bunch of weeds. Thanks guys!!

President Gary then noted that we need a Young Eagles Co-coordinator for the coming year. Ken Schmidt was nominated, but in as much as he wasn’t present, we cannot assume that he will take on this duty. He also suggested that Don Cole would be a good choice, but again, his absence made it impossible to confirm that we have this important job covered.

We continue to work on the list of items we are still considering selling or buying for the clubhouse. We will continue to look at this list and refine it as we discuss ideas at each upcoming meeting.

 Items to Dispose of:                                      Items to Acquire

2 Gas Grills  (Donated to City of Creswell)  4 Better Couches

Bookcase w/ old magazines                        Table for cooking from Tom C.

Big Work Table                                            Cabinet for cleaning supplies

Simulator (given to Albany FBO)                    Range Hood

2 Saw Horses                                                  2 New electrical circuits for new cook area

2 old couches                                                  Cabinet for Pop and other supplies

Coffee Maker w/o heat pad                        Re-Design floor plan of clubhouse

Magazines on floor in boxes

Extension cords in rafters

President Gary then presented a “Words of Wisdom” list on the screen (taken directly from a fishing list that was somewhat similar) and it was well received. We then showed the Monthly EAA Chapter Magazine which also was warmly received.

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:25 pm
respectfully submitted, Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Apr 06

RV-3 Project Update

I just got the message, copied below, from Van’s Aircraft. This is really great news as it can mean a BIG reduction in the amount of work we have to do! Someone spoke to me at last Wednesday’s meeting about power washing the fuselage and wings. I’m sorry I forgot who it was I talked to (old age strikes again!) so, whoever it was with the power washer, please call me at 541-914-8605 and maybe we can plan to do this sometime later this week. Thanks!

President Gary

Gary, I’ve got some pretty good news. We’ve located a bunch of RV-3
parts locally from a decommissioned airplane. Sounds like we can probably
get you most of the parts you need from it….the best news is that things like
the canopy and cowl will already be assembled! I’ll be contacting the owner
this week and we’ll hopefully be able to pick up the parts in the next two
weeks. I’ll keep you in the loop. Scott/Van’s

Mar 30


Just a brief reminder for Wednesday evenings taco feed and meeting. Those of you who were at last month’s meeting probably recall we informally voted to request a taco dinner from our gracious chefs, Bridget and Virgil Pratt. If all goes well in tomorrow (Tuesday) we’ll have the RV3 project in the clubhouse for all to see and touch. I made contact contact with Tony Haan at Infinite Air Center in Albany. He will be taking the flight simulator off our hands sometime during the month of April.  Food at 6, meeting at 7. C-U-There!

President Gary

Mar 27

Addendum to April 1, 2015 Meeting Notice

After sending out the proceeding post regarding our upcoming meeting I opened my personal email and found the message below from Bill Dewey. This is one more reason to not miss the meeting! Thanks, Bill, for all you’re doing for the airport and for bringing this to our attention!

President Gary


While I was mowing today I also did Dave’s lawn as well as the EAA lot and a bunch in front of the hangars and had a chance to talk with Dave’s brother who is visiting from California and is spending a bunch of time going through Dave’s belongings which as we know includes a lot of tools, aircraft manuals and some aircraft parts — They don’t know what to throw away , sell or keep — he would be interested in attending our meeting on April 1 and find out if any of us might be interested in some of Dave’s belongings . Maybe you could let the members know about this possibility & we may get the opportunity to look thru the stuff they have separated — they did find some absolute junk and are making a pile of absolute throw away, but are attempting to isolate things that look like airplane related. If you have a chance tomorrow we could use some help with plantings and will be planning to to get to 77S around noon.. Regards, Bill

Mar 27

Meeting Notice – Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Well, don’t be an April Fool and miss the upcoming dinner and meeting of Chapter 31! As always, food is served starting at 6 p.m. (sometimes a little before) with the meeting starting at 7 p.m. If all goes according to plan, we should have our RV-3 project in the clubhouse for everyone to see. I’m going to try to pick it up in Cottage Grove next Tuesday. Rusty Bartel has volunteered his time and the use of his trailer to move it. I may be asking one or two of you to help with the move. The two griddles were picked up by the Creswell Chamber of Commerce earlier this week. Tony Hann, owner of Infinity Air Center, the new FBO at Albany Airport, said he was interested in taking the flight simulator but I haven’t gotten a confirmation after I sent him pictures of the unit earlier this week.

I’d like to use our meeting time this month to try and organize a plan of attack for the RV-3 project and watch one or two EAA Chapter Videos to try and get caught up. I hope to see you all there!

President Gary

Mar 26


ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS! Bill Dewey and his wife, Dee, will be working at the airport starting about 12:00 noon to do some planting. They can use some help digging and planting. If you’re able to help, please show up at the FBO area about noon in work clothes. I’m scheduled to give a Flight Review starting around 11:00 but may be delayed due to morning fog. I’ll get over to help as soon as I’m free. If you can help, you might want to give Bill a call at 544-357-1459 (cell) or 541-345-0480 (home) and let him know you’re coming so he can plan accordingly.

I’ll get a separate post out tomorrow regarding this coming Wednesday’s BBQ and meeting on April 1 but be sure to put it on your calendar. Sometimes people forget about the meetings that occur when the first Wednesday is also the first day of the month.

President Gary

Mar 17


I just received a response to the letter I sent to Van’s Aircraft last week. It looks like the project is a GO! Below is a copy of the letter I sent and Van’s email response. I’d like to jump into this quickly to build momentum and enthusiasm for the project. I think the first order of business will be to get rid of, or temporarily relocate, the bigger items in the clubhouse (mainly the simulator, grills and couches) so we can bring in at least some of aircraft parts to begin work.) For those who will be at Saturday’s breakfast, we can discuss the specifics of how best to proceed on this. I hope that all of you who are interested in this project can make it to the breakfast. . . . . . . President Gary

March 12, 2015


Van’s Aircraft

14401 Keil Road NE

Aurora, Oregon 97002


The Creswell, Oregon Chapter (Chapter 31) of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has been approached by the Oregon Aviation Historical Society (OAHS) to restore, to display quality only, an RV3 that was donated to the OAHS back in the late 1980’s. The OAHS would like to create a display honoring Richard VanGrunsven and Van’s Aircraft. The RV3 airplane to be restored would become the centerpiece of this display. As you know, Mr. VanGrunsven was inducted into the Oregon Aviation Hall of Fame in 2006. He also was a founding member of EAA Chapter 31 in 1957.

The aircraft that is to be restored was built by an Oregon resident by the name of Henkes (first name unknown at this point) and first flew in 1976. In 1980 the aircraft experienced an engine out accident after takeoff from Canby, Oregon and was never repaired. The OAHS has the gutted fuselage with some damage to the tail cone. They also have the original wings with flaps and ailerons, and a vertical stabilizer and rudder that appear to not be from the original airplane.

In order to perform the restoration, our chapter is going to have to acquire and/or construct the following:

  • Either an engine mount, or a welded frame that will allow the main landing gear to be attached to the airframe. We don’t intend to install an engine since this will be for static display only, but we’ll have to fabricate something to hold a propeller on the aircraft.
  • Engine cowling
  • Main and tail wheel gear assemblies. Brakes won’t be necessary for a static display.
  • Since the interior of the aircraft is totally gutted, we probably would not attempt to install and interior and, therefore, we would “frost” the canopy glass unless the aircraft is hung from the ceiling and the interior is not viewable by the visiting public.
  • Horizontal stabilizer and elevators.
  • Primer and paint

Since the aircraft is to be a tribute to Mr. VanGrunsven and Van’s Aircraft our intent would be to paint the aircraft to look like the RV3 that appeared at the 1973 EAA Convention and won the award for Best New Design.

We are very much interested in whether or not Van’s Aircraft is interested and willing to help us either financially and/or through the donation of materials necessary to complete the restoration. We are planning to perform the restoration work primarily in the Chapter 31 clubhouse located on the Creswell Airport (Hobby Field). We have a number of members who have stepped forward to volunteer their time and tools to perform this work. Depending upon how quickly we can obtain the necessary materials to do the work, we anticipate having the aircraft ready for the museum by September or October of this year. The OAHS envisions a public event at the OAHS Museum located at the Cottage Grove Airport to introduce the exhibit. This event would include an RV fly-in at the Cottage Grove Airport. We would plan a date when Mr. VanGrunsven would be able to attend, hopefully with other past and present employees of Van’s Aircraft.

You may respond to me either by telephone at 541-914-8605 or email at rv6an200gl@charter.net.


Gary Ludeke, President


Gary, Van’s would be happy to help out with components for the restoration
of the RV-3. As we’re always working under a budget, we would appreciate
a reasonably accurate list of the parts you think you’ll need to make it
happen and estimated cost of the items that you feel will need to be sourced
outside of Van’s. We may be able to help out with those items also but for
now, can commit to at least the Van’s supplied components that you
mentioned in your letter. We’d like to have a decent idea of the overall cost
to Van’s before we commit any farther than that.

We appreciate your support and recognition of Richard and Van’s Aircraft!

Best, Scott Risan
Van’s Aircraft, Inc.

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