Jan 30

February chapter 31 meeting

We are having our February meeting this Wednesday the 1st at 7:00pm at the chapter 31 clubhouse at the south end of Creswell airport.

Please come early for dinner as we will be serving Lasagna with fixings at 6:00 with a cost of $8.00.

A reminder that our annual membership fee of $25 is due. See Randy Stout for payment.

 For members who intend to fly Young Eagles on the 4th of July, please make sure you are up to date on your background check with the EAA national. We must have at least two members on the ground crew also who have also had the background check.

We will be having a presentation this month put on by Kyle Bushman and Jeff Whiteley that will be on STOL drag racing. This is a relatively new sport that Kyle and Jeff are currently involved in and are helping to develop and promote.

Jan 26

February Meeting, Wednesday 02/01/2023

We will be having our February meeting next Wednesday at 7:00pm at the EAA chapter 31 club house at the south end of Creswell airport.

We will be serving dinner at 6:00pm and the cost will be $8.00. Please come join us for good food and good company.

Our presentation this month will Kyle Bushman and Jeff Whitely about the relatively new STOL drags that is a new sport that Kyle and Jeff have been heavily involved in with participation and development of rules governing the sport.

Jan 19

January 21st Saturday Breakfast

Reminder, we are having our January breakfast this Saturday the 21st at the EAA chapter 31 club house at the south end of the Creswell airport. Price is $8 and includes pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, juice and coffee. Come and enjoy good food and good company.

Jan 17

Saturday Breakfast Reminder

We will be having our monthly Saturday Breakfast, this weekend, January 21 at 9:00am.

We will be serving pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, juice and coffee. All this for $8.

We are meeting at the EAA chapter 31 club house at the south end of the Creswell airport.

Please come early and enjoy good company and good food.

Jan 11

Meeting Minutes from the 1/4/2023 meeting

Meeting Minutes from the 1/4/2023 meeting.

President Rod Johnson, V.P. Eric Farry and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout as officers were present when the Meeting started at 7:02 PM at the clubhouse in Creswell. There were 15 Members in attendance.

Dinner was prepared by President Rod Johnson, Past President, Pat Dodson, and Bill Dewey and consisted of Lasagna, French bread, 2 leaf salads, Chips, Cookies, and a drink- for $8.00!! Next month we may be having another Costco Casserole, so watch your emails for notice.

President Rod Johnson called the meeting to order. He asked for any old business: It as noted that Rod spent a large amount of time taking down the Christmas decorations, and before this meeting, several people helped store them away until next year. Good work to all who helped!!

Secretary Stout noted that the club cleared a profit of $200 for 2022. That was immediately used to purchase the YE RC kit, so no real money gain. He then passed around the reconciled bank statement, Yearly EAA national application and YE report.

Gary Ludeke then rose to talk about the new YE RC model airplane that the club has purchased. It is his hope that we can advertise the project and interest some younger (or older?) folks into joining the group. It is his intention to join the AMA group and fly it when finished from Jasper Ridge or another landing strip nearby.

Remember our monthly breakfast on the 3rd Saturday of the month. We need members to help make the fixings. Walt Weischedel is out of eggs so Bill Dewey will buy these and check on the rest of the supplies. The next breakfast will be on January 21st at the clubhouse starting at 9:00. Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes and Juice or Coffee for $8- a bargain!! See you there!!

The checkbook balance is now $1075.35, and dues are now due for 2023! Please bring them to the breakfast or next meeting ($25) or send them to:  EAA Chapter 31, 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR  97478

President Rod then asked the group for suggestions for the entertainment/instructional guests for the upcoming year. Several suggestions were made. Kyle Bushman, Stu Bar’s PBY, and Dan Greiner were put forward.  

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned by President Johnson at 8:02PM  

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Jan 02

January 2023 meeting

We will be having our first meeting of 2023 this Wednesday, January 4th at 7:00pm. The meeting is at the EAA chapter 31 clubhouse at the south end of the Creswell airport.

We will be serving dinner at 6:00pm and the cost is $8.00. On the menu is Lasagna, salad, etc.

We also will be needing to tear down the Christmas decorations and can use all the help we can get.

Hope to see everyone there.

Dec 28

January 2023 Meeting

We will be having our first meeting of 2023 next Wednesday, January 4th at 7:00pm. We will also be serving dinner at 6:00pm with a cost of $8.00.

Also on the agenda will be tearing down the Christmas decorations left from the party.

EAA National also asked that we pass on there schedule for the upcoming building seminars that they are putting on foe home builders week.

Homebuilders Week – Online Event Starts January 23
An online opportunity to learn about all aspects of building your own aircraft
By Charlie Becker, EAA Homebuilt Community Manager
EAA will be hosting our third annual Homebuilders Week online learning event for aircraft builders:
(www.EAA.org/HomebuildersWeek). It will be five straight days of educational forums covering a broad
spectrum of aircraft building topics. It will start on Monday, January 23, 2023, and run until Friday,
January 27, 2023. The live online presentations will be open to everyone interested in building their own
aircraft. Sessions will start at 11:30 a.m. CST and run until 8:30 p.m. CST daily.
This event is an opportunity for a new person to jump in with both feet and learn a lot about the
wonderful world of homebuilding. We will cover areas like getting started successfully and techniques
when building with sheet metal, composites, steel, and wood. But it won’t be just for the newbie; we
are offering in-depth talks on panel planning, engine selection, FAA certification, flight testing, and
selling a homebuilt aircraft. There will be something for every builder, whether you are just starting out,
knee deep in a project, or just received your airworthiness certificate — it is going to be a great learning
EAA is working with industry experts, kit manufacturers, and other subject matter experts to provide
top-notch material for builders. The sessions will be live and allow time for attendee
questions. Recordings will be archived and available to EAA members for review.
EAA Homebuilders Week coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Experimental
Aircraft Association in 1953. Those founding members of EAA lit the fuse on the homebuilt movement
that provides affordable access to aircraft ownership and today has spread worldwide.
EAA Homebuilders Week is possible through the generous sponsorships of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty
Co., Dynon, Scheme Designers, Inc., and Van’s Aircraft, Inc.
Visit EAA.org/HomebuildersWeek to review the schedule and sign up for a session.

Homebuilders Week Schedule
January 23 – 27, 2023
All Time Central

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
CST 1/23/2023 1/24/2023 1/25/2023 1/26/2023 1/27/2023

Building an Aircraft: What
You Need to Know- Charlie

Composite Construction
Basics- Mark Forss

Top Five Project Killers-
Lisa Turner

EAA’s Homebuilt
Movement: Past
Accomplishments and
Future Opportunities -Jack
Pelton & Charlie Becker

Amatuer Built Aircraft
Certification Process-Joe

Wiring Basics – Dick

Buying a Used Homebuilt-
Vic Syracuse

Flight Testing Basics-Gary

Lycoming Engine
Installation – Dave Prizio

Working with Wood 101-
John Egan

TIG Welding-Charlie
Becker & Earl Luce

The REAL Culprit in HB
Accidents- Ron Wanttaja

Zenith Aircraft Kits & Plans-
Sebastien Heintz Panel Planning-Stein Bruch

Advocacy Update:
MOSAIC, Fuels & More –
Tom Charpentier & Rob

Sonex Aircraft &

AeroConversions Products-
Mark Schaible

Fabric Covering Basics –
Mark Forss

Advanced Flight Systems-
Rob Hickman

Garmin Experimental
Avionics Solutions- Brad

Plans Built Aircraft: The
Affordable Option-Tim

Sheet Metal Basics – Mark

Dynon Avionics-Michael

Gas Welding -Budd

Choosing Wheels & Brakes-
George Happ

Van’s New High-Wing RV-
15-Greg Hughes

Kit Selection – Paul Dye Van’s RV Aircraft Kits-Greg


Finding an Engine for Your
Homebuilt-Mike Busch

Painting Your Plane: DIY
or Use an Expert?-Craig
Barnett & Ken Reese

Maintenance Horror
Stories – Vic Syracuse

To sign up, visit: www.EAA.org/HomebuildersWeek

12/22/2022 4:40 PM

It would probably be best to check out the EAA National web site to get a better idea of what is going on as their way of showing what is offered is much more clear.

Dec 15

Saturday Breakfast CANCELED

The Saturday breakfast originally scheduled for this Saturday, the 17th is being canceled due to lack of people able to attend for various reasons.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Our next scheduled meeting is for January 4th, 2023 at 7:00pm at the EAA chapter 31 club house. We will need to take down our Christmas decorations at that time.

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