Aug 11

Meeting Minutes from the 8/2/2017 Meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, August 2nd, 2017

The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM with our wonderful hosts Virgil and Bridget Pratt. We had Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Potato and Mac Salad, Baked Beans and Cookies for only $5!! Thanks again to Bridget and Virgil Pratt for being our cooks and hosts. See you at the next dinner/meeting!!

The meeting started with the pledge of allegiance at 6:59 PM. 102 Degrees in the clubhouse!!
President John Kuehl and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout were present.

The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was then called to order. There were 16 members and guests in attendance.

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, August 19th. Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $5 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Thanks in advance for all the guys who show up and cook the meal!

Gary Ludeke gave an RV-3 update. Painting has begun with Alen Weider being chief painter. They have a deadline of September 23rd. to deliver it to the OAHS Museum in CG. It will be all white with some decals and displayed in the rafters of the museum.

Treasurer Stout gave a Financial Report noting that the club now has a balance of $3857 in part due to a nice contribution from the recent B-17 flight/tours that many of the members volunteered at.

Bill Dewey noted that the flying club (not affiliated with EAA Chapter 31) is now looking to major the C-150 engine of Rusty Bartel’s before proceeding with the purchase. It has a broken cam lifter. John Kuehl noted that he may have an engine they should look at before proceeding.

Tom Cunningham mentioned that the Stearman fly-in will be held at Cottage Grove on August 5th.

President John then began a presentation about “Practical Chemistry” and how to use it for aircraft work. A very informative handout was also passed around. Thanks John!!

The club then watched last months’ Chapter Video, as this months’ had not downloaded yet, and we did not show last month’s anyway.
There being no other business, President John then adjourned at 8:08 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasure

Aug 01

August 2017 Meeting Reminder

The good news is  – it is not expected to freeze tomorrow Wednesday Aug 2nd.  Rumor has it it will be quite the opposite, but don’t let that deter you from attending.  Burgers & dogs etc.  Practical Chemistry plus Monthly Chapter Video (if EAA headquarters gets it posted by tomorrow).  We’ll add some cooling fans to assist air flow across all our lifting surfaces.   Tomorrow Aug 2nd 2017.  Dinner 6:00 PM.  Meeting 7:00 PM at EAA 31 clubhouse at the South end of Hobby Field.  77S Creswell OR. 

See you there,  President John.

Jul 27

August 2nd 2017 EAA 31 Meeting

This month we will focus on “Practical Chemistry”. (We’ll still get to Carbon Fiber Construction and The New Airman Standards but that is delayed for now) Wednesday August 2nd 2017 will discuss the use various chemicals, How to: Remove broken steel taps from aluminum, distinguish pot metal from aluminum, distinguish magnesium from aluminum, make a strong acid out of a weak one. How you can make a better penetrating oil (far superior than WD40 or Liquid wrench and MUCH cheaper). Chemicals to use to bust things loose. Chemicals to use for emergency repairs and to stick things together and much more! Presentation will include handouts so you won’t have to remember all this stuff. Just one of these tips will be well worth the price of admission, which, by the way, is only $5.00 bucks and includes a meal. Burgers and dogs with all the trimmings. If anyone is back from 2017 OshKosh, please give the rest of us a report.

Wednesday August 2nd

6:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Meeting


Bring a friend.

President John

Jul 14

Reminder Breakfast & Bill Dewey Award

Tomorrow  7/15/2017 Chapter 31 breakfast 9:00 AM followed by Master Pilot Award for Bill Dewey by the FAA.

See you there.  Bring a guest.

President John.

Jul 11

Saturday Breakfast & Bill Dewey Master pilot award 7/15/17

THIS Saturday, not only our regular scrumpdelicious pancake breakfast with Eggs, OJ, Coffee, bacon, links, syrup, milk, butter & airplane talk for only $5 bucks, but we also will honor Bill Dewey (actually Curt Cowley and FAA will honor him) with the Wright Brothers Master Pilot award.  Bill normally volunteers to cook the pancakes, but we will need somebody to step in and give Bill a day off for this one.  See you this Saturday.  We expect more guests.

President John

Jul 04

No EAA31 meeting Wednesday July 5th

Buried in a recent post about Young Eagles & the 4th of July was a mention that we would NOT have our regular 1st Wednesday Chapter 31 meeting.  Doing Young Eagles WAS our monthly activity for July – just in case you missed it.  Our next event will be Saturday July 15th when we and the FAA will honor Bill Dewey for 50 years of flight without a mishap.  Breakfast at 9:00 AM followed by that event.  More to follow on the post before that Saturday.

Pres John.

Jul 04


I have only gotten three responses to a post that was sent Saturday afternoon. I think part of the problem is that I asked you to respond DIRECTLY to me but did not include my email address! Sorry! You CANNOT just hit reply! Our system will not accept messages that way! The three of you that emailed me directly (Bridget, Alan and Bill Dewey) need not respond again. However, if the rest of you would send me an email at RV6AN200GL@CHARTER.NET (Note: the email is not case sensitive but I put it in all caps for emphasis), it would be greatly appreciated. We depend on email to get timely messages to our members. Not only will this test confirm who is in the database, but who actually reads their emails from Chapter 31.

Well, I’m off to the airport to fly the parade and then Young Eagles. I hope my back holds out so I can get in at least a half a dozen flights! . . . . Gary

Jul 01


The email database may be corrupted and have numerous member emails missing! If so, many may not be getting the emails that tell you there is a new post on the Chapter 31 website. This is a test message to see who is getting the email posts. PLEASE take a minute and respond DIRECTLY  to me at <> so I can see who is getting the Post Notifications. Thank you and happy flying!

Gary Ludeke

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