Dec 15

EAA 31 Breakfast Tomorrow Sat Dec 16th 9:00 AM

Come see our new digs.  New layout – more room.  Have some Pancakes, Syrup, Butter, Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled eggs, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Milk, Orange Juice,  still only $5 bucks!  If you need an excuse try  “Going out for Christmas preparation stuff before it’s all gone” (She’ll think you are shopping for her).  Also, need somebody to arrive with a pickup truck to load up with what is still outside to take to Goodwill/St Vinnies/ or the dump/recycle. Bring a friend – buy them Breakfast.  See you there.  We’ll have the place (S End of Hobby Field – Creswell Airport) all warmed up.

Pres John

Dec 03

Just in Time for Christmas!

I have a new, never worn, MA-1 style EAA flight jacket that I bought for a heck of a deal on clearance from EAA this past summer.  However, given my somewhat small stature, it doesn’t fit me as I would like.  It’s a black medium winter weight jacket with an international orange liner. It has the original traditional EAA logo on the front. I’m asking $50.00 for it which is what I paid, plus shipping. I’ll eat the shipping cost so someone can have it for 50 bucks. If you’re interested, call me at 541-914-8605. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL! It will not get back to me but just get lost on the web server.

Gary Ludeke


Dec 01

Call to action tomorrow Sat Dec 2nd 2017

We are looking for men, robust in character, with impeccable verisimilitude, with strong backs and weak minds to move the furniture back to new locations at the meeting place tomorrow 9:00 AM Saturday Dec 2nd 2017.  If you qualify, will see you there.

President John

Nov 30

EAA Christmas Party

hello EAA  Chapters 1457 and 31
The Christmas Party at 
John and Patti’s Artistic Aviation Studio / Party Pad is almost here. We will begin 5ish on the 2nd, Saturday.
Our BBQ caterer that served us at the B-17 event will be providing the BBQ Pork, Ribs and Chicken, so there will be something great for every taste…..the always terrific pot luck contributions , which will be amped up with all the “ladies touch” we are anticipating with all the great couples in attendance will make the event delicious.  Since John and Patti will not be cooking all night, we are looking forward to spending more time at the tasting bar, and around the Christmas tree.
At the door, It will be $10 per adult, $5 for kids that covers all the BBQ and drinks. 
Gift exchange…..everyone who brings a gift for the exchange will take one home….this can be a fun part of the whole night, so lets have lots of participation. 
The Chapters will supply soft drinks and all the plates , flatware,  wine glasses, cups and napkins 
BYOB…if you are game to imbibe in any adult beverages, you are welcome to bring your own wine or beer. 
We will have glasses and coolers to keep them on ice. But please leave hard liquor
and any other forms of Oregon legalized party substances at home.  
Here is a list of all the RSVPs so far…..
some have come to me verbally, so I may have missed some on the list… if you will be here,
 and if I have missed getting you on the list, please let me know. 
All of these EAAers will get a chance ticket to win some artwork to take home to their hangar or living room. 
probably 3 or four winners who knows?  
Legal disclaimer: Must be present to win, all taxes and framing are the responsibility of the winner,
satisfaction is not guaranteed. 
   If you still need directions on how to get to John’s, email him at  There will be 45 to 50 attending. I can hear the aviation stories already.  Happy holidays!! Ron 
Nov 29

EAA31 Clubhouse ‘Nother Help call Sat Dec 2nd 9:00 AM

Well – the floor is all painted.  The timer switches on the heaters are back in place.  What we have left to do is move stuff to there new locations.  Need at least 4 guys to re-install the stove, refrigerators, work bench, shelves etc.  A little more dusting and vaccing and tweaking and we should be good to go for our January 2018 meeting.

There will be no regular December meeting.  Christmas Party with 1457 at John Stahr’s Sat evening Dec 2nd instead.

We will have our regular 3rd Saturday Breakfast Dec 16th 9:00 AM

President John

Nov 24

EAA31 Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears (no breakfast) is all we can offer Saturday Nov 25th.  We need to move ALL the stuff to the N end of the Hangar (the done, painted part) so we can work on the S end floor.  Includes 3 refrigerators and a stove.  Then lots of cleaning and sanding in preparation for Painting on Sunday afternoon the 26th plus 2nd coat Monday the 27th.  The more of us that show up  –  the less work for all.  See you tomorrow 9:00 AM

President John

Nov 23

RV-12 Fuselage for Sale

I have a new vans RV 12 fuselage kit that I’m selling for $2,995 (I paid $5,595). I’m selling it because I decided to build the new fuselage that will accommodate the 912is engine. The kit is in the original crate in my garage, ready to go. Let me know if you’re interested or if you have questions. My phone number is

Patrick Salisbury

Nov 22

EAA 31 Clubhouse/hangar floor update.

Many thanks to all who participated in moving furniture, cleaning and sanding floor, masking etc Saturday the 18th.  First coat was applied Sunday the 19th and 2nd coat Monday the 20th.


CALL TO ACTION/SERVICE THIS SATURDAY NOV 22nd 9:00 AM. We will move everything to the North end.  Need help, especially since this time we need to move a stove and 3 refrigerators.  If not enough show up – we will postpone til Dec 2nd (yes the same day as the Christmas Party).  Come see our progress and pitch in.  Thanks

President John

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