Mar 16

Wings and Wheels

Please extend to all of your membership this invitation to spend Saturday, August 17, 2019 with us at the 3rd Annual Wings and Wheels at Richland Airport (KRLD), Richland, Washington, hosted once again by The Port of Benton.

We are spreading the word to over 100 organizations from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia and after an turnout of nearly 2,000 at our 2018 event, we expect this years’ event to be even bigger. Once again, admission to the public and participants is FREE and entry of aircraft and vehicles for judging is FREE.

With military vehicles and warbirds, vintage cars and trucks, antique aircraft, modern show machines, motorcycles, hot rods and experimental aircraft we expect there to be something for everyone to appreciate. EAA Chapter 391 will be hosting a pancake breakfast from 7:00 to 9:30, and multiple food trucks and vendors will be on location for the remainder of the event. Hope to see you there!

For more information, please contact Scott Urban at (509) 551-0432 or John Haakenson at (509) 375-3060

Feb 20

Jabiru Engine Maintenance Course

The Jabiru engine maintenance course is on for May 17-18 at Independence Oregon (7S5), sponsored by EAA 292. We can offer free housing and Pete Krotje will be teaching it. It does not get any better than this.

We still have 3 openings. Yours for $350.

Please distribute this message to all who might be interested

David G. Ullman
EAA 292, Trustee

Feb 20

EAA 292 Event at Independence (7S5)

EAA 292 is hosting their annual Fly-In and STOL Expo on August 17-19 2019 at the Independence Oregon Airport (7S5).

Saturday features Van’s Homecoming, aviation forums, mid-Willamette Valley wine tours and other aviation activities.

Sunday is our 3rd annual STOL Expo with a full STOL event.

Our sponsors for these events are Van’s, Lightspeed and CubCrafters. Attached is a poster. More details will be posted on our web site as they develop. Registration will begin April 15th. I will send you an update with more details before then.

David G. Ullman
EAA 292, Trustee
Fly-in Chairman

Dec 03

Pre-EAA 31 Christmas Party Work

At 1:00 PM Tuesday Dec 4th we will be having a “cleaning/decorating” get together at the EAA 31 Hangar/Clubhouse prior to the Christmas party on the 5th. We will be steam moping the floor and doing some decorating.  Anyone with a talent for either is welcome to join. If we have enough help we should be done in  90 minutes.

Pres John


Nov 24

EAA 31 Christmas Party 2018

EAA 31 Christmas Party 2018 FREE
Wednesday Dec 5th 6:00 PM Social hour, 6:30 PM Dinner. The price has been reduced to Zero – Nada – Zilch! $0.00 bucks, as long as you bring a side dish, salad, or dessert. EAA 31 Will provide prime roast beef and drinks.

DINNER: Bring a dish: A – H a Side dish, I – Q a salad and R -Z a dessert. If you have a favorite, feel free to choose any category. If you cannot bring a dish, put $10.00 per person in the meal kitty.

PARTY/WRAPPED GIFTS: (Aviation related if possible but not necessary) If you purchase something $15.00 or less – OR – If you have something useful (or a white elephant) around the house that you no longer need or want you can bring that (no $ limit). All who participate in the gift exchange will get a ticket. The fun will then commence! We may have some entertainment.

Please RSVP email by Dec 1st with how many in your party and what you are bringing. If you don’t RSVP – show up anyway, but we would prefer a head count.
Bring a friend – see you there.
Pres John

Jul 05


We had 11 planes from 3 EAA Chapters fly 41 flights and 79 Young Eagles.  Flights got started around noon. By 2:00 PM we had pretty stiff cross winds on the runway and some elected to discontinue for safety concerns. (always a good idea).  But by 3:30 or so we had very clean wind free air and the flights continued.  Here is the tally:   Chapter 31 (Creswell/Eugene) had 30 flights and 65 Young eagles.  Chapter 1525 (Albany) had 7 flights and 10 Young Eagles.  Chapter 1457 (Eugene) has 4 flights and 4 Young eagles.  Here are the individual stats:

Chapter 31; Randy Stout 10 flights for 10 Young Eagles. (If he had a 172 it would have been 30 kids!).  Ray Morse 7 flights for 18 Young eagles.  Bill Dewey 6 flights for 17 Young Eagles.  Jim Origliosso 5 flights for 15 young Eagles.  Gary Ludeke 2 flights for 2 Young Eagles.  David Cole 1 flight for 3 Young Eagles.

Chapter 1524:  Richard Key 5 flights for 5 Young Eagles.  Gary Burroughs 1 flight for 3 Young Eagles.  Greg Burrows 1 flight for 2 Young Eagles.

Chapter 1457: Alan Wieder 2 flights for 2 Young Eagles. Bruce Gustafson 2 flights for 2 Young Eagles.

Many thanks for all who flew and all the hard work on the ground.  There was a ton of prep and tear down both inside and out and everybody pitched in.  Many Many thanks to all.  We had a lot of smiles on a lot of kids, some of which are likely to become pilots.  A successful day.  Thanks again.

President John

Jul 03

GEARING UP FOR THE 4th OF JULY #7(last one)

We are off and running.  The canopies are already set up.  Almost all of the needed pilot information is gathered. We NEED more ground personnel.   People to guide Young Eagles to their pilot with log book, YE certificate, and Pilot registration.  All the pilot needs to do is sign these, pose for photos and pick up the next Young Eagle(s).  Everything should be printed out and carried to the plane by the ground guru directing YE to the aircraft.   Also need one or two volunteers to direct car parking  and somebody on the computer/printer.                           Remember to bring the following:

Wear your Young Eagle Tee Shirts.  If you do not already have same, pick one up from the storage closet and put $5 to $8 bucks in the kitty.

Bring unneeded Kit Planes and Sport Aviation magazines so we can add a label and give them away.

Bring any portable Nav/Com radios you are not using.  Flight operations (ground) will be 123.3

Big Bites (same vendor as last year) will be on hand for eats, treats and drinks.

Get some rest.  Bring a smile.  We will start setting up around 8:00 AM. (Gary just informed me the wind got to our canopy setup, so we have a do-over)  Flights in gear by around 11:00 AM

Pres  John

Jul 02


HooRay HooRah; EAA 31 got our water supply back at 3:30 PM today.  Final pressure adjustments and leak detection complete.   A definite relief.  Just in time for tomorrow’s (Tuesday July 3rd) preparations for Young Eagles on the 4th.

Tomorrow we need to do the following:

Set up the outside canopies

Clean the floor, tables, chairs etc.

Set up the computer station to print YE certificates and Pilot info for the consent forms.

Set up the temporary crowd control fencing.

Other stuff I haven’t yet thought of.  Please point out anything we’re missing.

We’ll start at 9:00 AM and work until we are done or until we reach all we can do before the 4th.  You could bring Kitplane and Sport Aviation copies for promotional give away.

See you there

Pres John

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