Feb 05

Feb 7th 2018 Monthly Meeting

The super bowl is over; now we can focus on flying and airplanes!  You all should have received Gary’s announcement about our “Special” meeting about the RV3 Project, and it should, indeed, be a very special meeting.  Please ALL who participated, come for this meeting. Time permitting we may follow with at least part of the EAA Monthly Video Magazine.

Dinner 6:00 PM. Meeting 7:00 PM  $5.00  Bring a friend.

President John


Nov 29

EAA31 Clubhouse ‘Nother Help call Sat Dec 2nd 9:00 AM

Well – the floor is all painted.  The timer switches on the heaters are back in place.  What we have left to do is move stuff to there new locations.  Need at least 4 guys to re-install the stove, refrigerators, work bench, shelves etc.  A little more dusting and vaccing and tweaking and we should be good to go for our January 2018 meeting.

There will be no regular December meeting.  Christmas Party with 1457 at John Stahr’s Sat evening Dec 2nd instead.

We will have our regular 3rd Saturday Breakfast Dec 16th 9:00 AM

President John

Nov 09

EAA 31 & 1457 2017 Joint Christmas Party

South Valley Oregon Joint Forces Event!!
EAA Christmas potluck party for Chapters 31 and 1457
Why: to have fun with other EAA aviators and airplane nerds , and celebrate the Christmas season as grateful Americans who know how lucky we are to be aviators
When: Dec 2, Saturday evening let’s hope it is not pouring rain or icy, that is why we are doing it early in the month
Where: At the John Stahr Artistic Aviation art studio    85194 Appletree Drive   Eugene….( but really closer to Crow)
How Much?: $10/ person for the catered BBQ , probably pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, maybe some chicken or wings…..we are checking on prices now….
Time: starts around 5…goes till about 9-ish or until people want to go home
Bring: everyone please bring a pot luck side dish, appetizer, dessert, or salad
Bonus: if you want to receive a fun artistic aviation collectors item…..bring one to exchange….likely it will be a white elephant,
 maybe a Christmas story exchange….so, don’t be a Grinch!
we must have everyones RSVP to commit to be here….all people who RSVP and show up will get a free raffle ticket to win something nice for their home or hangar….so be sure to email either John Stahr or John Kuehl with your number of people in your carload….please bring the wives and kids if you want, it will be fun! 
Thats all for now…..lets rock these wings!
Feb 14


BREAKFAST: This Saturday the 18th of Feb 2017.  All you can eat Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Coffee, Milk, OJ, Butter, Syrup all for $5 bucks!

WORK PARTY:  We can get the RV3 project done quicker if we pitch in and HELP after Saturday’s breakfast. Bring your elbow grease.

B 17:  EAA’s “Aluminum Overcast” will be at the EUG airport MAY 5th, 6th, & 7th (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday).  Last time this happened (2013) they did 89 rides, (@ $500) 446 ground tours (@$10) plus $4000 in merchandise sales.  Chapter 1457 netted $3000.  It was a LOT of fun!  The good news is 1457 will be sharing in the net revenue based on percentage of participation for Chapters 31, 1457 and the Lebanon Chapter.   We will need 10 (or more) people for each “shift” and we will have 2 shifts per day (6 shifts total).  Details on “sign up” will follow.

FLYING CLUB:  Some people (myself included) are waiting for the new 3rd class medical rules to go into effect, before jumping on the new flying club bandwagon.

BRING A GUEST.  Let them see how much fun we can have.

John Kuehl EAA 31

Oct 26

Nov 2nd Meeting Dynon Avionics The Magic Behind Glass Panels

This month we have the PRESIDENT of Dynon Avionics speaking at our Chapter 31.

Title:  The Magic Behind Your Glass Panel
Presentation Summary:Learn about the technology that makes electronic flight information systems affordable and practical for small general aviation aircraft. A better understanding of the internal workings of these instruments will illustrate how they offer reliability, affordable redundancy, and greater situational awareness than venerable analog flight instruments. Pilots of even 2-seat VFR aircraft will learn how they can improve safety and situational awareness by making use of the latest in Glass Panel avionics. Pilots of IFR aircraft will learn how to achieve more capability and greater redundancy at lower cost. Learn not only the benefits of this technology, but also some of the safety and training issues relevant in making the transition from traditional analog instruments to glass panel.
Robert Hamilton – President   Robert’s first hundred hours as PIC was in a beautifully restored J-3 cub. This was in 1973, even before the plane was an antique! After earning Electrical Engineering and MBA degrees he spent most of his career as a senior manager at Fluke Electronics making test equipment, and was too busy to do much flying.  In 2002 he decided to get back into aviation and started an aviation software company.  Joining Dynon Avionics in 2008 as the Director of Sales and Marketing, in 2012 he became President. He now flies a Glasair Sportsman he helped build at Glasair’s “Two-Week-To-Taxi” program.
Dinner Burgers, Dogs, Salad, Dessert, Drinks   6:00 PM  $5.00 What a deal
Robert Hamilton President Dynon Avionics      7:00 PM  No Extra Charge
S End of Creswell Airport (Hobby Field).  See You There.
John Kuehl EAA31 President
Jul 13

Roseburg Wings & Wheels Event

For your info:
 Roseburg Wings and Wheels Assn will be holding a fly-in/ drive-in breakfast at the airport on Saturday, July 16. Event runs from 8-10:30, and will be in the hangar next to Western Oregon Aviation. Menu is french toast, sausage, breakfast potatoes, juice and coffee. Cost for adults is $8. Children $5, and a family of 4 is $20. The event is a fundraiser for the 501(c)(3) organization to support the Wings and Wheels event, to be held in July 2017. Information will be available for persons interested in volunteering to be a part of the organization.
Paul Schafer, President
Roseburg Wings and wheels Assn.


Jun 08

Need Volunteers – Pilots & Ground Crew

VOLUNTEERS 4th of July Young Eagles
To volunteer for Ground Support or Young Eagle Pilots you need to:
Complete the EAA Youth Protection Training and background check.
PLEASE bring a copy of your completion of same to the Young Eagle event at Creswell Airport on the 4th of July.

Pilots need to verify:
Plane being flown is airworthy per FAA requirements
Pilot is current – medical, BFR, Flown recently to carry passengers, etc.

Last year we flew over 100 young eagles and had to turn some away, so we need as many planes and pilots as possible.

We will meet at 11:30 AM for orientation and assignments. (i.e. right after those involved in the Creswell Parade “Fly-By” get back on the ground. This is a separate group of volunteer pilots who may or may not fly Young Eagles)

Please RSVP the following information:
Pilot’s Name
Tail Number
Type of aircraft
passenger capacity
how late you are willing to fly.

Rod Johnson email mortonjohnson@hotmail.com Phone 541 344 8021
copy John Kuehl email johnkuehl@comcast.net

Jun 08

Need a Tow (revised)

4th of July Creswell Parade. NEED A TOW
Tom Cunningham’s “Firestar” will be in the 4th of July parade promoting EAA 31 and Young Eagles flights later that day.
We NEED a tow vehicle. The plane and trailer together total around 800 pounds. A riding lawn mower or small pickup could do the job.
If you can supply this need please contact:
Tom Cunningham email goswaldo@netscape.net copy John Kuehl email johnkuehl@comcast.net

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