May EAA Chapter 31 meeting

Reminder, we are having our Chapter 31 meeting Wednesday, May 4th at 7:00pm at the chapter club house at the south end of the Creswell airport.

Dinner will be at 6:00pm with a cost of $8.00.

We will be having another presentation by Brendan with Crazed Pilot out of Salem. He will be showing us some of the other products he offers such as LED lighting and others.

The June meeting will be a presentation by Alan Weider on his RV-9 build that he just completed (and is, by the way, for sale). This should be a very interesting presentation.


2 Responses to “May EAA Chapter 31 meeting”


  1. Christi Fields May 04 2022 / 8pm

    I am a fifth grade teacher at Creswell Christian Academy. I have a class of seven boys. I was thinking it would be wonderful if someone in your club would be interested in giving us a tour at the airport. I would like to do the curriculum as a class online and then possibly be able to visit the airport. It sounds like an exciting field trip! Please let me know if anyone would be interested in facilitating this.

  2. Randy May 07 2022 / 9am

    Hi Christi,
    Please email me at and we can discuss this further.