Feb 27

EAA31 March 2017 Meeting

The end of our shortest month is already upon us and the 1st Wednesday of the Month is Wednesday March 1st.  We’ll start off at 6:00 PM with Lasagna, Salad, French Bread, Drinks & Desserts courtesy of Bridget & Virgil Pratt.  Our theme for the meeting will be Hints & Tricks, How to do things and/or how to do things more simply or more easily.  Among the demo & videos, will be “Portable Vise”  “Never buy another file handle, as long as you both shall live” “Accurate masking tape of ANY width”  “Welding up a perfect aircraft motor mount”

If YOU have any hints or tips, this night is an opportunity to share same.

Video of a Korean War Aviator plus this month’s Chapter Video Magazine.

Dinner 6:00    Meeting 7:00   all for only $5.00 bucks.

Bring a guest! See you there.

John Kuehl EAA31


Jul 20

Arlington: Unexpected Passengers

I had some unexpected passengers on my flight up to Arlington, WA last week, I made a quick video in case anyone’s interested.

Mar 04


Per last night’s meeting, here’s the Mikro/Hexakopter Randy mentioned.  Pretty sweet!

As soon as we get the meeting minutes, I’ll send those out including the contact data we discussed for gathering data for our proposal.

Oct 19

Near CFIT in IMC – caught on video

Some people videoed a trip into inadvertent IMC while scud running in a Bonanza.  They HIT something…  and amazing lived to talk about it.

Available on YouTube directly as well.  Yikes!  Fly safe, folks!  This reiterates the importance of proper ADM for sure, as the PIC in this video did not appear to exercise his.