Jul 05

July 2006 Minutes

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July 5th, 2006 Meeting

The meeting started with our normal hamburger/hotdog Bar-B-Q party provided (man I miss that Figero’s Pizza)

The first order of business was a self-introduction where the mic was passed and the members and guests took turns introducing themselves. New members and guests included George Coulter (who has 16,000 hours flying in Alaska-tell me he doesn’t have a good story or two) and Marlin Taylor who has part of a Mooney. Welcome to you both! Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM by President Bruce Curtis with VP Dave Peterson absent due to surgery and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout present. 24 members and guests

Bob Severns asked to address the group about his encounter with Phil Groshong at the Eugene Airport recently. According to Bob, Phil made an appearance at Bob’s hangar and asked him if he was doing maintenance on an aircraft in his hangar. Apparently, Phil believes that in his capacity as General Aviation Manager at KEUG, his job is to halt any maintenance that is being done by anyone but the FBO. This appears to be in conflict with FAR’s, and Bob, Michale Narkin and others have taken exception to this action. Daniel Cathy suggested that the club write a letter to the City Manager requesting a clarification of their policy in this matter. Michael was asked to write it and forward it to Bruce for his approval.

Randy Stout asked just once more for those who haven’t paid dues for 2006 to do so now. A list was available for those who have forgotten if they have paid or not. If your name is on this list, bring it in or send it to EAA Chapter 31 at 1315 Inglewood Ave., Eugene, OR 97401 Thanks to all who have paid to date!

Ben Hallert gave a quick web cam report. Seems that the signal from the FBO is so weak that we can’t make our connection work. The motion to spend up to $300 per year for DSL appears to be untenable, as no service was available for this price. It was then recommended that Ben ask Dorthy Shick to put a booster on her hangar so that we could get the signal from the FBO. Ben will look into getting this done and report back at the next meeting.

President and newsletter editor Bruce Curtis thanked Phil Writer for helping get the newsletter out this month. Send him articles, items for sale etc. to eaa31@msn.com. Thanks Phil!

Past President Brent Burgess was again thanked for purchasing some additional chairs and tables recently. They were in the clubhouse this month if you got a chance to see them. Thanks Brent!

Daniel Cathey mentioned that the OACAC Oregon Air Tour and annual meeting will be at Cottage Grove this year on July 15th. Some of the stops on the tour will be Florence, Gold Beach, Hoopa Indian reservation, Yreka (Blue goose train).

Gary Ludeke noted that the McMinnville fly in this year will be June 25th

Ken Schmidt gave a report on the progress on the Ercoupe that the club is restoring. The wings are mostly done at this point. Work will progress as people step forward.

Entertainment for the evening consisted of everyone helping on the Ercoupe and much discussion regarding the A+P problem and hangar lease issues at KEUG.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:13PM

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Stout, Secretary/Treasurer