Nov 01

November 2006 Minutes

November 1st, 2006 Meeting

The meeting started with our great hamburger/hotdog/Chili Bar-B-Q party at 6:00.

The first order of business was a President-introduction where the Pres went around the room and tried to remember the names and projects of each member.

Well done Bruce!!

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by President Bruce Curtis with VP Dave

Petersen and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout present. 18 members and guests

Bruce Curtis thanked Daniel Cathy for his efforts to save the large picture of the group taken in 1997 during a meeting on the 40

th anniversary of the club. This nice picture will now hang proudly in the clubhouse along with the (Hopefully!) 50th anniversary picture to be taken this coming summer.

President Bruce reminded everyone about the regular breakfast that Chapter 31 holds monthly, and the date this month will be 11/11.

It was then noted (I forgot by whom) that the FAA will be holding a GA meeting at LCC at the airport (the old United office) to discuss the Master Plan for GA at the airport. It will happen on Tuesday the 7

th of November.

Steve Aveldson then reminded the group that he has a set of Hummel Bird plans and CD to be sold for $120. He also brought some Echelon headsets, which he is willing to part with very cheaply!

Being in a Buy/Sell spot, Richard Jeffreys mentioned that he has a set of PK1500 floats for sale (shaped somewhat like a Banana due to overrunning the water when landing) for $2000 and a C-85-F complete with Stromberg carburetor for $1500. He also has a 150HP Franklin without 3 cylinders for sale for $1000 OBO. He also mentioned that a small rattlesnake was found in Shelly’s office. No mention of why it stopped by, but presumably looking for a Sectional as it was certainly lost.

Doug Kindred then rose to give a Copperstate Fly-In report. Weather was very windy, and several fires to the south probably stopped many who might have otherwise attended, but overall it was well attended anyway. Many LSA manufactures present with the average price being about $80,000 for a fully glass cockpit equipped airplane. Most were powered with Rotax and Jaibaru engines and were considered by most in attendance to be a great value. It was held this year at Casa Grande, which is problematic due to the normal windy conditions.

A quick report on George Oswald’s off airport landing in his Challenger in a grass field near W. 11

th Ave. He apparently lost power on the first flight while heading to Creswell. Significant damage to the bird, but the old bird is fine and back at it that same day. Never a cop when you need one, but there were 3 within minutes during this fender-bender.

The subject of election of officers was the next order of business. The floor was opened for other nominations. There being only one (see the note below), it was moved by Daniel Cathy and seconded by Mat Northway to close nominations.

Passed unanimously. Since Ben Hallert was not in attendance, it gave everyone ample opportunity to roast him in his absence. When well done, he was unanimously chosen as our new VP. Phil Writer had asked to have his name added to the slate for Treasurer, but by not being in attendance and being unable to run a dirty campaign (as his opponent most certainly did), the current Treasurer was re-elected unanimously.

Bruce Curtis then spoke about the upcoming Christmas party scheduled for December 9

th at 6:00PM at the clubhouse. He noted that we will be using the same format as the very successful party last year. (Pot Luck-with the main course furnished by EAA-which will be your choice of either prime rib or salmon and cost $7 if you bring a dish and $10 if you don’t) He also is looking into a local school club we can pay to help with the serving and set-up/clean-up. ($100-$200?) He will look into finding these servers as none has yet been identified. It was also suggested that we have an auction again, and most in attendance thought that was a good idea.

Remember! Last name from A-M- Bring a Side Dish , N-Z- Bring a Dessert. (or vice versa if you insist!!) Either way, come and have a great time! John Kuehl, Dave Petersen and Steve Aveldson have volunteered to man a phone tree to call each member to confirm attendance so we can get the right about of each entrée. We will also be serving potatoes and rolls and beverages, so you only need bring your side dish or dessert and an appetite. SEE YOU THERE!!

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:26PM

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Stout, Secretary/Treasurer