Jan 14

January 2007 Minutes

January 3rd, 2006 Meeting
The meeting started with our great hamburger/hotdog/Chili Bar-B-Q party at 6:00.
Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by President Dave Petersen with V.P. Ben Hallert and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout present. 22 members and guests were in attendance.
Member and clubhouse manager Dave Heisley reminded the club that the water will be turned off following the meeting, to be turned back on before the next meeting in February. This method keeps Dave’s water rights solid. Thanks for the water each year!!
Ex-President Bruce Curtis reminded everyone about the regular breakfast that Chapter 31 holds monthly, and the date this month will be 1/13/07.
The Secretary/Treasurer then reminded the group that dues for 2007 are now due. Please send your checks to 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR 97478 payable to EAA Chapter 31, or just see Randy at the meeting.
New member Bill Dewey, a retired A+P and Instructor is considering getting a project (RV-12?) and allowing the group to work on it as a club. If this occurs, it will be a real attention getter for people who may want to learn to build or fly, and a real help to the club. We will report as this exciting project develops.
It was noted with sadness that Clyde Blakely passed away last week. Clyde was a fixture at Walker Field and had a Fleet Model 2 that he flew until a few years back. A wonderful, humble man who always had a smile and a good word when you flew in for a visit. Thanks for the great memories Clyde!
Phil Writer then gave a quick Aircoupe report. He has the plane in his garage now. Bill Robinet has purchased it and with the help of those interested in forming a flying club, will get it back in the air. It is a 415C model, so it is LSA capable. Cost will be $1000 for each member, with a target of $40/hr wet to fly the bird. 6 People have expressed and interest in joining the club. Further details as they firm up.
Dave Petersen then rose to present a vision for 2007 club activities. As this is Chapter 31’s 50th anniversary, he suggested we have a well organized fly-in in September. He would like to see us fly 50 YE’s this year. He also wants to see name tags for all members, and suggested that we have a group printed without names so that we can add them as new members arrive with a Brother printer unit. John Kuehl then suggested we have some printed with a dark area for the names, and he would use his pantograph to etch the names on.
Dave also wants to see the Web site updated weekly with an event calendar, and will be working with Ben during the upcoming Breakfast to make this a reality. He asked Phil Writer, our newsletter editor to send all the info he receives in newsletter form to EAA31@msn.com to be posted by our webmaster. This will save Phil time and not duplicate efforts. Also, we will be assured that some form of newsletter will be sent out each month.
Dave suggested we set the date next month for the Christmas dinner and Fly-In, and asked for volunteers to form comities for each. Doug Kindred volunteered to bring in the Christmas tree with lights for the next dinner.
A guest then rose to address the club. Steve Berube (485-1535) flynsteve@comcast.net spoke about starting a flying club in our area. He comes from another very successful flying club and would like to duplicate that model here. The basic premise is to purchase a 172 or 182 and charge $500 and $800 respectively for membership, then $63 and $83 per hour respectively for air time. Dues are $85 per month, with your first hour flying free. If you want to see an active club that is using this model, go to t-craft.org and check it out. Give Steve a call if you are interested.
Dave Petersen was then unanimously voted our “Volunteer of the Year” for all his hard work in 2006. His name will be put on a badge and kept on the wall with all the other winners from years past. Thanks for all your time and effort Dave!
There being no other business, the group watched a DVD on the alternative 912 engine installations, including a Zenair 601XL with a Subaru conversion, and a KR with a VW based engine installation. Very well made and part of the “Homebuilt Help” series of DVD’s
There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM
Respectfully submitted,
Randy Stout, Secretary/Treasurer