May 07

May 2008 Minutes

May 7th, 2008 Meeting
The meeting started with our great hamburger/hotdog/(alas-no Chili) Bar-B-Q party at 6:00.

Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM by President Dave Peterson with V.P. Ben Hallert gone on a trip to India (?) and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout present. 24 members and guests were in attendance. Guests included Eric Sampero (finishing up at LCC, was a Jet engineer in the AF), Jack McCoy (who hasn’t flown since 1986 and want to get back into it) and Sarah Woods (who would love a ride). Welcome to all!!

Ex-President Bruce Curtis reminded everyone about the regular breakfast that Chapter 31 holds monthly, and the date this month will be 5/10/08.

Walt Weischedel mentioned that his hangar in Creswell is for rent ($150/Mo) Call him if you are interested at 747-4808.

Member Mat Northway now has 2 Fairchild 24’s, with the acquisition of a parts plane. Anyone need a few extra parts? Hopefully he won’t for a while.

The Secretary/Treasurer then reminded the group that dues for 2008 are now due. Please send your checks to 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR 97478 payable to EAA Chapter 31, or just see Randy at the meeting. He noted that he has a list of paid members up front, and anyone who isn’t sure should check the list for their name. Thanks to everyone who has already renewed their membership!

The Secretary has looked into the possibility of the chapter becoming a 501-c-3 charitable organization. The biggest problem is with the club’s charter not being in line with required IRS guidelines. He has been advised that it would require a complete dissolution of the existing club and then a restructured start to meet these requirements. He will report again at a later meeting.

Nametags for all who don’t have one are now available. Please see Dave, Randy or Brent at the next meeting if you still haven’t received yours. Several people received their new nametags at the meeting.

John Kuelh noted that the Oregon Air and Space Museum in Eugene will be having a big band dance on May 18th from 2-4:00PM. Sounds like fun for the old (and some new) timers.

It was noted that the EAA’s B-17, Aluminum Overcast, flys to Oregon this summer. They will be at Medford on the13th and 14th of May and Hillsboro on the 16th-18th. Catch it if you can!

Daniel Cathy advised everyone about the Oregon Air Tour, which is put on every 2 years by the Oregon Antique and Classic Aircraft Club. They will start on July 19th by flying from Cottage Grove to Klamath Falls, then the 21st to Homedale ID and Nampa, the 22nd to Joseph, OR, the 23rd to Hermiston, the 24th to Hood River and the 25th to McMinnville. Sound like a great tour with many activities at each stop.

Dave Easley mentioned that during the McMinnville stop you should visit the Spruce Goose. He was told (while he was a docent at the Museum) that the tail nearly came off during the first (and only) flight. Make you wonder!!??

Rusty Bartel mentioned that you can still get alcohol free auto gas at the Jerry Brown Co in Eugene, the Jasper Store in beautiful  downtown Jasper and Matthews Market in Cedar Flats. Be careful otherwise if you have an STC for car gas!

If you go online, check our EAA.ORG for their new electronic calendar of events. Also, Bruce Curtis has been paid for our domain for our website. Thanks Bruce.

Rusty Bartell and Bill Dewey have completed the replacement of the broken windows and sliding door in the clubhouse. The total cost was only $730, due to their hard work in finding a great deal and doing the work themselves (The EAA Way!!) Look around and see for yourself. It is a wonderful change. Thanks guys!

September 6th, 2008 has been chosen for the next EAA Chapter 31 Creswell Air Fair. Keep this date on your calendars!

President Dave was disappointed that Precision Airmotive was unable to speak about fuel injections systems at our April meeting. Hopefully they will re-schedule for later this summer.

The Rogue Valley Air Fair is slated for June 7th and 8th. Check the calendar when you get a chance.

The President opened the floor to see who was going to OSH. After a show of hands, he asked everyone to share their personal best stories from past trips. It was very entertaining! We then watched a nice DVD from EAA national about Oshkosh. Makes you want to be there this

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM

Respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer