Sep 03

September 2008 Minutes

September 3rd ,2008 Meeting

The meeting started with our great hamburger/hotdog/ Chili Bar-B-Q party at 6:00.

Meeting called to order at 7:07 PM by President Dave Petersen with V.P. Ben Hallert and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout present. 18 members and guests were in attendance and introduced themselves. Steve Hardt, a guest and F-35 Bonanza driver was welcomed by all.

Dave Petersen said that he is still going to contact the Independence (292) crowd to see if we can arrange for them to fly down to our monthly breakfast. It will be on September 6th, the same day as our Creswell YE event. ( Normally it is on the 2nd Saturday)

Ben Hallert reported on the FAA’s public hearing about “through the fence” access to airports, such as Creswell. They instructed the Creswell Airport to charge 115% of equitable on airport user fees, which seems to be about $35 per month for this access. They also do not want any more homeowners to have access to the airport. Also, they do not want this access to be transferable to any new owners of the property. They feel that it is an incompatible land use- i.e. a homeowner will eventually begin to complain about the airport. Not sure all in attendance agreed with this view.

September 6th, 2008 has been chosen for the next EAA Chapter 31 Creswell Air Fair. Keep this date on your calendars! We have applied and been granted insurance for this event, according to President Dave Petersen. The Creswell Chronicle had a nice article about this upcoming event.

All pilots who will be flying YE’s should attempt to be here by 8:30 for a safety meeting.

John Kuehl then rose to give a vivid description of his flight in his recently completed Falconer F-11. He was on his first real flight from Creswell and had a high oil temp problem. Rather than continue to Daniels for practice, he returned to Creswell to check it out. He did not set up correctly as he was distracted by an aircraft he allowed to land first. He had some difficulty on landing and ended up ground looping and significantly damaging the aircraft. No one was hurt, in part because of his 4-point harness system that he installed.

Tech Counselor Ken Schmidt then noted that he has several “Amateur Built Certification Kits” available to any interested parties. Cost is $19.99

Daniel Cathy noted that he is flying a Christavia (not an LSA) for a friend from Roseburg with the intent to show it for potential sale. He will have it at the YE fly-in this weekend. He also noted that (Roland Letsoms) northern most hangar is for sale at Walker field. He also noted that the WAAAM in Hood River was having a fly-in this weekend.

Dave Eason asked if anyone had any aluminum that he can use to make a jig for hole cutting.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:26PM and discussions ensued on final preparations for the YE fly in this weekend.

Respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer