Oct 01

October 2008 Minutes

October 1st, 2008 Meeting
The meeting started with our great hamburger/hotdog/ Chili Bar-B-Q party at 6:00.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Dave Peterson with V.P. Ben Hallert and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout present. 18 members and guests were in attendance and introduced themselves.

Dave Petersen reported on our recent Fly-In and YE flying event. He said that we had 33 kids take YE rides, 7 planes (and presumably 7 pilots), sold 150 breakfasts and netted the club $100 in profit. We need to work on balancing the number of kids and number of planes for the future, but everyone had a great time. He said that he is still going to contact the Independence (292) crowd to see if we can arrange for them to fly down to our monthly breakfast. It will be on October 11th this month.

A big “Thank You” was expressed by Dave, Ben and Randy to Shelly Humble, our airport manager, and Exxon for their help and with gas for this event.

Tech Counselor Ken Schmidt said he had no report.

Daniel Cathy noted that the Christavia (not an LSA) he is flying and showing for a friend from Roseburg is still available for sale. He also noted that (Roland Letsoms) northern most hangar is now not for sale at Walker field. He did mention that several hangars at Walker are for rent.

Nominations for next years VP and Sec/Treasurer were opened. There being none, a search committee consisting of the past and present officers will contact members to see if anyone is willing to give their time to the club in this manner.

Long time member Stan Auferoth passed away recently and his son, Steve, has asked us to note that his hangar at Creswell and tools are for sale. You can contact Steve at 682-5610 or 554-9499 Tom Preuss also noted that founding member Glen Commons has had triple by-pass surgery, but appears to be making a good recovery. Best wishes from all of us, Glen!!

Richard Jeffryes sent in this note:” I can’t make the meeting, but for those who have not heard, I’m selling my flying Champ so that I can focus on my project. Email me for details if interested. It is a LSA, and it will just be coming out of annual. $28k obo.” richard.jeffryes@centurytel.net

Daniel Cathy rose to mention that he is using the Stewart System (formerly AFI?) of recovering fabric on his Volmer. He really likes its usability and smell. He also has spoken with IVO for a new prop. He was surprised that they do not make props for Lycomings.

Bob Severn mentioned that he has been working on a C-85-12 and has found a good source of parts.

President Dave then spoke about his project, a CH-601 that he is finally getting back too after his “annulus horribilus”. He has invited everyone to come over to his workshop after the breakfast in

November. Ken Schmidt was volunteered for a field trip to his workshop after the January breakfast. Sounds like a good time!!

Secretary Stout discussed an article in the recent Sport Aviation regarding engine out actions on takeoff. He was impressed that they suggested in the strongest language that you violently shove the stick forward to the point of zero or negative g’s when an engine out occurs on takeoff. This is quite important on some strips, as you have little room for landing, especially at too slow an airspeed.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:36PM

Respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer