Nov 04

November 2008 minutes

November 4th, 2008 Meeting

The meeting started with our great hamburger/hotdog/ Chili Bar-B-Q party at 6:00.

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM by President Dave Peterson with V.P. Ben Hallert and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout present. 16 members and guests were in attendance and introduced themselves. Among the guests were Wayne and Del Ray Bowers, Jack Coberly and Shawn Kelly and his wife. Welcome to all!

Dave Petersen reported that our monthly breakfast will be on November 8th, and that the December breakfast will not be held. Instead, we will have a work party to get the hangar ready for the Christmas party to be held on December 6th. The December meeting will be held on December 3rd as usual. Dave has invited everyone to come over to his workshop after the breakfast in November. Ken Schmidt was volunteered for a field trip to his workshop after the January breakfast. Sounds like a good time!!
Daniel Cathy reported that the Oregon Aviation Historical Society was contacted by the Bohemia Mining Days group about participating in the festival. They would like airplanes and was us to put on a breakfast and lunch on July 18th. This was opened for discussion with no definitive answer forthcoming.

Scott Henderson has contacted the group about renting the clubhouse for weekend glider operation meeting area. If this activity is approved by the airport manager, the club might rent the clubhouse for various days, as long as we are a named insured on his policy.

Nominations for next years VP and Sec/Treasurer were opened. Bill Dewey was nominated for Vice President, along with Randy Stout for another sentence (oops, I mean term) as Secretary/Treasurer. There being no other nominations, a vote was held and by unanimous consent, each was elected to their positions. Welcome to the leadership Bill!!

Jack Coberly addressed the group about their help working on a Glastar with some at-risk kids. He is a teacher and has been given this Glastar to work on with the kids during the week in the afternoons. The owner will retain title, but all the work is to be done by his group and volunteers. Shawn Kelly has agreed to do the IA stuff.  If you are interested, please contact Jack at

Shawn Kelly from Kelly Experimental Air in Cottage Grove then came forward and gave a great demo on how to use expanding foam to build a plug for a engine cowl (among other items) He demonstrated how easy it is to use, and the advantage to using it vs. using foam blocks and cutting and sanding them. The product is a Vinyl Ester Styrene called X-30 and costs about $38/ Qt.

A suggestion was made by Walt Weischedel to replace the toilets in the clubhouse. They do tend to stick and when they do, it costs our very nice water supplier money to have his pump run.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout

Secretary/ Treasurer