Aug 13

August 5th, 2009 meeting

The meeting started with our normally great hamburger/hotdog/  Bar-B-Q at 6:00.

Meeting called to order at 7:08 PM by V.P. Bill Dewey. President Ben Hallert had a business obligation and was unable to attend. Sec./Tres. Randy Stout was also present. The 12 members and guests in attendance then introduced themselves. We hosted 2 guests, Rich and Rollie. Welcome!

V.P. Bill Dewey gave a report on the construction progress for the new 12×16 cover over the BBQ area on the clubhouse deck. Bill said that he will need to pull a permit (at a cost of $150) and that the cover has been engineered (his daughter provided help on this) to handle a snow load of 25 lbs/sqFt. He intends to use 2×12’s in addition to the 2×8’s already up. He also still baffled and pleased that someone has delivered a nice number of acrylic panels for the project. Thanks to whoever has been so generous. Bill made up a total budget of $550. A motion was made to approve this budget by Dave Peterson, 2nd ed by Bruce Curtis and unanimously approved. Bill will get the permit and start on the project next month. A suggestion to pressure wash the building and otherwise spruce it up at this time was also made.

Ben was unable to report on his further research into the new projection TV system that will use our existing pull down screen. He will have info at the next meeting.

Daniel Cathy then spoke about the breakfast and lunch we provided at the Oregon Aviation Museum at Cottage Grove. The volunteers were fantastic, and many people rose to the occasion. He especially thanked Dave and Melinda Peterson, and Bill Dewey, but also thanked everyone else involved. He received nothing but praise from the OACAC and the Luscombe group.  He suggested that the group purchase a 8’x1.5’ banner with “Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 31” spelled out for the next activity that the club gets involved with. Dave Petersen then presented the club $192, profit made at the breakfast. The next breakfast is on the 15th of  August.

The Challenger II. was the next topic of discussion. People still want to know if the chapter was liable if we built it and sold it. It was decided to have Randy ask EAA national’s legal department. He has yet to do so. Also, when can it get it LSA designation- now or only after it is airworthy. Most believe that the LSA is really an airworthiness certificate, so obviously it needs to be airworthy for this to happen. As of now, the club has decided that any work that is accomplished will be on non-essential parts of the plane until these liability matters are settled.

Ken Schmidt has purchase the Bruce Curtis donated 6061 sheet aluminum in the clubhouse. He is going to look it over carefully then come up with a fair price.

President Ben and V.P. Bill along with several other pilots will be flying Young Eagles on the 12th of September. Volunteers would be nice to help with the logistics.

Daniel Cathy then noted that our very nice neighbor and club member Dave Heisley has been ill. He has always been such a club supporter, mowing the grass and providing water, that several members asked if we can do anything at this time to help him. It was suggested that Rusty Bartel mow his grass at the same time that he mows the clubhouse grass. It was also suggested that Randy send Dave a nice card expressing our appreciation of all his work in the past, and asking if the club can do anything else for him at this time.

Rusty Bartel also suggested that we have a list of special tools that club members have available for loan or help. Next meeting, everyone be prepared to write down the tools that you are willing to share or bring with you to help. It should be a great resource.

Randy then spoke briefly about the Stearman Fly-In just held in Cottage Grove, and the Boeing 40 mailplane that was in attendance. A Wonderful time was had by everyone.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 and a brief workshop  was held to determine what project that the group will be working on with the Challenger II

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer

Aug 03

Meeting reminder & thanks from the OACAC!

Our August meeting will be this Wednesday at 7PM (with dinner at 6PM).  With the lovely weather, it should be a nice one!

We received the following thanks from the OACAC:

“On behalf of the Oregon Antique and Classic Aircraft Club, I would like to thank EAA Chapter 31 for bringing their grills down to Cottage Grove and serving breakfast and lunch at our Fly-In on July 17th.  It contributed greatly to the success of the Fly-In.  I want to especially thank the cooks and servers.  They did a terrific job.
Jon Husser
President of OACAC”
Well done, folks!  For everyone else, hope you had a chance to make it out.  It was a lovely venue and there were some beauties on display.