Mar 22

RV-9 kit for sale in PDX

Randy Stout noticed the following on the Portland Craigslist:

Vans Aircraft RV 9A Kit for sale. Medical issues force sale.

Wing kit, complete, inventoried, and in perfect condition. Un-started, but ready to start.
List Price $6995, asking price $3500

Empannage: Completed under the watchful eye of an A&P.
List Price $1660, asking price $800

Very full tool kit, willing to discuss sale of it as well.

Quite the bargain for someone wanting to get started on a wonderful airplane.
Local here to Portland, will help move the kit to your place if needed.

Michael 503-956-3833

Mar 16

March 3rd, 2010 meeting

Bill checks for bats in our belfry, but finds only sparrows that have somehow gotten in.

Membership renewal time is here!! Many members have renewed already. Have you??

The meeting started at 6:00 with wonderful new EAA signature Pulled Pork Sandwich with potato salad, beans and cookies. Thanks again to Ben and everyone that helped make this wonderful meal. I think that our hamburger lunches may have some competition in the future!

Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM by President Ben Hallert with V.P. Bill Dewey and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout also present. The 21members and guests in attendance then introduced themselves. The guests at this meeting included Dean Hobenseifkin, the son of Creswell Hobby Fields namesake, and Dan Hardt, a past member who renewed at the meeting. Dan related his recent “broken crankshaft in his Lake Amphibian” incident, which was the stuff nightmares are made of. Thanks Dan and welcome to everyone!

The next breakfast will be held on Saturday, 20th of  March. See you there!

Dave Eason asked if anyone had the top to an older style gaskolater. Doug Kindred responded that he may only need a thicker cork gasket.

Richard Jeffreys noted that he finally got one of him many Aeronca Champs on the gear.

Ben Hallert mentioned that his car now has (8!?) air horns and 2 compressors to run them. That should keep bambi off the grill!

The YE flying event will be held on September 11th this year. Mark your calendar for a much more pleasant event that the one that occurred in 2001.

Bill Dewey received $70 worth of credits to the EAA YE camp. He asked that everyone who also received these credits bring them in so that we can have a nice amount to give to a worthy young person that will help defray the expenses of attendance.

Daniel Cathy was unable to attend the meeting, but wrote in a few reports now reprinted here” “- since I was unable to finalize the completion of the parking area access, I requested Rusty and Dave to do the final rolling.  Had a chance to look at the finished product last Saturday and they did an excellent job.  The access is now rolled and has enough grass to handle any aircraft traffic into the parking area.  Kudos and thanks deserved by Rusty and Dave from the whole club.

Also- the Short Wing Piper Club has been invited to attend our March 20th breakfast and then will stay for a SWPC lunch followed by their monthly meeting.  Dave Petersen and his wife are on board for the scheduled lunch. (This was verified at the meeting)

The new video projector purchase was discussed. Walt and Doug went to Fryes in PDX, which helped them realize that we need to step up and buy a HD projector, not LED. Ben will do some shopping for a projector that was recommended by an article that Walt brought in. Should be under $1000

Bill Dewey has suggested that we install a low voltage lighting system on the new covered deck area, in order to better see the grill when we BBQ. He will purchase a inexpensive unit that should work well this summer. He also will be removing the old wood from the cover and painting the new wood with (???). (BTW, his “Volunteer of the Year for 2009” plaque was installed just after the meeting.)

Secretary Stout suggested that everyone look at the Chapter 31 web site for the “Octocopter” link. This is a fascinating new flying machine that seems

You can post news to the web site by emailing Ben at and requesting a password to post. See if you can find an interesting picture or write up a fun event that everyone might enjoy.

Doug Kindred noted that local pilot Jimmy Dutton will be the next Space Shuttle pilot.

Secretary Stout again asked for a show of hands as to who would be interested in a workshop with Rainbow Aviation to acquire a LSA Repairman’s Certificate. 4 Hands were raised. He asked for Bob Severns to check out Chapter 1452’s interest for this workshop. He will keep everyone posted on the progress.

The final order of business was the new Memorial Area plans. After much discussion, the club has decided that the memorial near the clubhouse needs to be moved to a better memorial area that honors a larger group of people. President Ben asked for volunteers to 1) come up with a design that honors both past EAA members and other people who have a special connection to flying and Hobby field, and 2) a group who will research and recommend the best site for this memorial. Reports will be made at the next meeting, and Ben will talk with Shelly to inform her of the clubs desire to move this memorial and establish this new memorial area.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer

Mar 04


Per last night’s meeting, here’s the Mikro/Hexakopter Randy mentioned.  Pretty sweet!

As soon as we get the meeting minutes, I’ll send those out including the contact data we discussed for gathering data for our proposal.

Mar 01

Meeting reminder

Our March meeting is in two days!  This Wednesday at 7PM with dinner starting at 6.  We’ll be having barbecued pulled-pork sandwiches with cole slaw & potato salad, so bring your appetites!