May 13

Tables and last minute prep

If you’ve borrowed a table from the club, please bring it back! We are short three and can use every one we can get for this weekend’s event.

Bob S. won’t make it to breakfast, so if you’re up to doing some egg duty, we can use your help!

If the weather is half as nice as today, we should have a fantastic day!

May 12

Breakfast + Young Eagle event reminder

Breakfast and  lunch will be held this Saturday (15th of May) and will be a YE event in conjunction with Chapter 1457.   All participating pilots are requested to be here (Creswell Airport) by 9:00 AM for a safety briefing.
It’s going to be great!

May 11

May 5th, 2010 meeting

Meeting Notes for May 5th, 2010

The meeting started at 6:00 with a special Cinco De Mayo Mexican food feast brought by Ben Hallert and served by Ben and Dave Petersen. Ole’!!!

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM by President Ben Hallert with V.P. Bill Dewey and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout also present. The 21 members and guests in attendance then introduced themselves and gave a brief “What exciting thing happened this last month”. Among the guests were Bill Barrett and his son Carson, Gary Anderson (flying a Jaibaru) and our newest member, Ray Morse (who is working to complete his Acro Duster 2 he started in 1978!). Welcome to everyone!

The next breakfast (and a lunch) will be held on Saturday, 15th of May, and it will be a YE event in conjunction with Chapter 1457. All pilots are requested to be here (Creswell Airport) by 9:00 AM for a safety briefing.  Dave Petersen has sent in the insurance info, and helped the other group send in theirs also.  See you there! Remember that our chapters YE flying event will be held on September 11th this year.  Mark your calendar for a much more pleasant event that the one that occurred in 2001.

A new Optima HD66 DLP video projector was purchased President Ben for much less than the amount in the budget. He will be purchasing cables and making a nice A/V control center at the side of the room. Several members volunteered to get a large white board screen put up, and make a projector mount that will come down from the ceiling when we use the unit. A nice demo was part of the entertainment at the end of the meeting, and it works great!!  Thanks Ben for all your efforts!

By the way, you can post news to the web site by emailing Ben at  and  request password to post. See if you can find an interesting picture or write up a fun event that everyone might enjoy. We also would like people to bring in pictures on DVD’s or CD’s or thumb drives, of their projects so that we can use our new projector and see the progress on our members airplane builds. This should help encourage anyone who is being stumped by a problem on their project, and remind them that they can do it!! Also, we are trying to find cheap internet access to allow us to use the system for other activities. Stay tuned!!

Daniel Cathy then spoke about the upcoming Oregon Air Tour that the OACAC puts on every other year. This year it will start in Cottage Grove on 7/17 and proceed for the next week around the state. Anyone who has been on one has had a great time, and this year it should be especially fun. He also mentioned that he has a friend who has for sale a Kolb Firestar (folding wing) with a Hirth engine for $9000 (floats are available for a bit more), and a Adventura Amphibian with a Rotax 582 for $15,500. Both planes have ballistic parachutes.

Our very hard working VP Bill Dewey mentioned that the patio cover was now complete and signed off by the county. He will lead a painting crew when the weather turns better. Thanks Bill!!

Longtime mechanic and friend to many Dave Payne has suffered a stroke and is recovering at a long term care facility in Eastern Oregon.  Get well soon Dave!!

Secretary Stout had asked if the 1457 Group has made a list yet of people who would be interested in a workshop with Rainbow Aviation to acquire a LSA Repairman’s Certificate. Since no one was available for a report, we are going to table this workshop until more interest is noted.

Our lovely airport manage Shelly Humble was in attendance and gave a report on the various grants that Creswell Airport has made and is expecting to receive in the near future.  The Memorial Area plans were discussed with her and she requested that we present a plan and an area where we would like this memorial to be established.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM and a very cool video of the life of Danny Grecko was shown. He was a one of a kind!!

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer

May 02

Meeting reminder

It’s almost time for our May meeting!  This Wednesday, we’ll be doing a Cinco de Mayo themed dinner.  On the menu: Chicken fajitas.  No Tequila this year, but I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

We’ll also be firing up our new projector and figuring out final mounting options for it.  If you have any interesting video or computer media to share with the group, bring it on down!