Jun 18

Breakfast reminder!

It’s time!  Breakfast tomorrow, the weather might not be perfect, but the company is always great!

Jun 08

Projects for sale

Wag Aero 2+2 Project, similar to Piper  PA 14
Fuselage on gear w/ Wheels, Brakes + Tires 8X6 and Tail surfaces, wood version of the wings near done.   $8000; w core lyc 0-320  $11,250 offers.  Possible trade for a LSA project or flyer.

Stits Flutterbug project.  It was a flying airplane before it met a hay bale on taxing, $1900 w
A 65 core $1400 w/o

541-912-2197 cell Oregon.

Jun 03

June 2010 meeting minutes

Meeting Notes for June 2nd, 2010

It works! It works! Bill & Rusty's hard work pays off in the form of a dry spot to grill burgers following a downpour

The meeting started at 6:00 with our normal BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs. No chili this time. So sad. Next month for sure!!

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM by President Ben Hallert with V.P. Bill Dewey and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout also present. The 23 members and guests in attendance then introduced themselves and gave a brief “What exciting thing happened this last month”. Among the guests was Mike Kitt, co-owner of Eugene Flight Center and guest of Bill Robinet. Mike wants to build a Bearhawk from plans and take his time.

The next breakfast will be held on Saturday, 19th of June, and it will be in conjunction with the Luscomb fly-in and the same weekend that the RV pilots meet in Scappoose. Bruce Curtis gave the Treasurer $290 proceeds from the last years breakfasts, dinners etc. Thanks to Bruce, Dave and Melinda Petersen, Bill Dewey and everyone who helped with these meals.

Member Tom Urban (541-741-4117) has a WagAero 2+2 (PA-14 clone) for sale. It has most parts, the fuselage is welded and ready. He reports that the parts would sell for $20,000 from WagAero, but he only wants $8000. He also has a run out 0-320 core for $3800.

Dave Eason reports that he has made a pre-oiler for his C-65 from various pumps etc. After he uses it on his L-3, he has offered the use of it to anyone in the club who needs one.

President Ben has purchased cables and is making a nice A/V control center at the side of the room. Several members volunteered to get a large white board screen put up, and make a projector mount that will come down from the ceiling when we use the unit. Thanks Ben for all your efforts!

Daniel Cathy then spoke about the upcoming Oregon Air Tour that the OACAC puts on every other year. This year it will start in Cottage Grove on 7/17 and proceed for the next week around the state. Anyone who has been on one has had a great time, and this year it should be especially fun.

Our very hard working VP Bill Dewey mentioned that the patio cover was now complete and ready for painting. Dave Eason volunteered to head up this project and purchase the paint or stain.

Daniel Cathy asked how the Memorial Area plans were progressing.  Several designs were discussed with Shelly and she requested that we present a plan and an area where we would like this memorial to be established. We still need someone to design this memorial and get it ready for presentation.

A Young Eagle flight report was then made. We flew 17 kids (but had a great day and enough airplanes for probably 50 more). We made $78 from the breakfast and lunch. Thanks to Ken Schmidt, Dave and Melinda Petersen (those names keep coming up!!), Daniel Cathy and everyone who flew or otherwise made this a safe and fun event.

Brent Burgess told of his adventures flying to Columbia, CA for the annual Luscomb gathering. He knew that cardboard works well for the homeless, and it seems to work well for the tent campers who forget their tents!

Charlie Walker asked if anyone has some room for him to store his fuselage cradle. It is approx. 10’ x 4 ‘and he needs a home for it for about a year.

Bill Robinet told an entertaining story of the first flight of John Kuehls Jodel. I would have loved to have seen this adventure!

Dave Heisley asked if anyone had a dead 17hp Craftsman riding mower. He is kind enough to mow our clubhouse grass and his has broken an axel. Tom Cunningham suggested he come over to his house and check out one that he was given. Hopefully we can get him up and running again.

Dave Petersen is working on installing his upgrade kit to his Zenith 601XL.

Dave Cole then gave a quick talk about his glider clubs auto towing event that they hold in the Alvord Desert in the summer. It will be on the weekend after Arlington and will be held SE of Burns and NW of McDermit. Call him for more info at 541-731-9139

Brent Burgess then asked the club if we can begin the process of establishing a scholarship fund for a kid or kids to go to aviation camps. He knows of a worthy family that would love to send their child to a aviation camp this summer. With that in mind, the officers are asking anyone who also knows of a worthy family to forward this info to Ben. We will review it and try to make a decision in time for this summers camps.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:01 PM . Next month bring a video that we can all enjoy with our new projector!

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer

Jun 01

Meeting reminder – Tomorrow!

Gaze upon the glorious sky and the green mountains round!  June is here and the flying days are coming more and more often.  Builders creep out of their workshops and look around at the unfamiliar outdoors.  “What is this thing?” they ask in bewilderment, then dart back indoors to rivet the rivets and debur all the burs.

Aviators, land your flying machines long enough to come to the clubhouse for our monthly meeting.  Builders, set those plans aside long enough to drive on down to the airport.  The rest of us, let’s turn off the computer and let all those people on the internet who are wrong have a respite so we can meet and eat burgers & hot dogs in the fashion to which we’ve become accustomed.

We’ll talk about our impromptu Young Eagle’s event this last month, check on the status of the projector install, and more!  If you have any pictures or video to share bring them along and we’ll show them to the group!

Tomorrow’s the meeting, 7PM (dinner starts at 6 as usual).

Gazed upon the glorious sky
And the green mountains round,