Nov 05

Minutes from the November 3rd Meeting

The meeting started at 6:00 with our normal BBQ hamburgers and hot
dogs, Dave (or really Melinda’s) famous chili, salad, chips and
cookies. Still a bargain at $4!! A DVD about the construction of all
electric panels was begun at 6:50 and stopped at 7:10, with the idea
that any member interested in viewing the whole 2 ½ hours could take
the DVD home and commence where we left off.

Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM by President Ben Hallert with
officers V.P. Bill Dewey and Sec./Tres. Randy Stout also present. The
17 members in attendance then introduced themselves and gave a brief
“What exciting thing happened this last month”.

Rusty Bartell noted that there will be a blood drive at the Creswell
Library on the 6th of November, and, on a different subject, he would
entertain offers on his 1997 Bounder Motorhome. It is a 32’ model with
a 454 and GMC chassis, a generator and queen in back. Make him an
offer!!  Tom Hastings said that he has a 1965 Cessna 182 for sale with
1100 hrs. TT on a 0-520. He wants in the $30,000’s for it. Randy Stout
talked about his Blackhawk helicopter visit by the Army at his strip
in Jasper, and his trips to the Dr.’s office to put out Sport Aviation
magazines. Several members asked for stickers for the magazines so
that they could do the same, which Randy will bring to the January

The next Chapter 31 breakfast will be held on Saturday, 20th of
November, after which will be a clubhouse cleaning session in
preparation for the Christmas party. There will be no regular
Wednesday meeting or breakfast in December.

The upcoming Christmas party was the next topic of discussion. A firm
date of December 11th was decided on due to conflicts with the U of
O/OSU game on the 4th.  Chapter 1452 will join the fun, and President
Ben will send John Starr an email with all the particulars. The much
enjoyed choice of Prime Rib or Salmon entrees are on tap, and a raffle
of various prizes. People with last names from A-M are suggested to
bring a side dish, N-Z a desert. The club will provide baked potatoes
and veggies, along with the entrée. Please email your choice of entrée
so that we can purchase the correct amount.

The Memorial Area plans are still progressing.  At the meeting is was
decided that Bill Dewey will contact his daughter who works at the U
of O architecture department, and 2 other members will also contact a
person they know, to see if we can get our concept sketch put together
to give to Shelly (and from there the City of Creswell). The hardest
part of this plan is the artists rendering, which we will have
accomplished by the first of the year hopefully. After that, getting
City approval will be the next hurdle. It makes the actual building of
the area a simple matter.

Dave Eason (with the help of Mat Northway) has completed the painting
on the new patio cover. Thanks Dave!!

The OACAC meeting that was held at the clubhouse on the 23rd of
October was a success, in part thanks to Dave Petersen and family for
providing the food for lunch. The only glitch was that the projector
decided to overheat (a problem that has since been corrected). They
also scheduled next years fly-out to Lake Chelan at the meeting.

The video projector project has been completed and works great (now
that the overheating problem has been fixed). Walt and Randy will be
painting the Screen and the ceiling panel in the next month or so to
put on the final touches. President Ben will be working on getting a
new computer to dedicate to this project in order to watch TV and
DVD’s without someone having to bring a laptop.

Dave Petersen also presented the club with $160 in cash from all of
his various meal activities that he, Melinda and other group members
have worked so hard on. Thanks again Dave and everybody who helped!!

Bob Severns has been added as an additional Tech Counselor. He and Ken
Schmidt will compliment each others interests, abilities and time
available. Bob has great motor repair and homebuilding skills, Ken is
a whiz at sheet metal and antique/classics. Thanks to both of them for
this help!

Dave Heisley mentioned that we may be contacted by another group of RC
enthusiasts about the use of the clubhouse for their 2nd Wednesday of
the Month meetings. The club would be happy to have them, with the
normal $250/Year contribution for the use of the facilities. He was
also asked if he could replace the bulb in the outdoor light, to which
he graciously said he would.

Dave Eason mentioned that his son is an Air Force representative, and
would love an opportunity to speak to the group for about 15 minutes
about the Air Force Academy. It was warmly decided to invite him to
the January or February meeting, his choice.

Ben Hallert noted that this would be his last meeting as President, as
he has fulfilled his 2 year commitment. We will have elections in
January to fill the then vacant VP slot, and vote for a Secretary and
Treasurer. Please have nominees names ready at that meeting. Also,
please ask the so nominated person if they would consent to serve if
elected in order to avoid any embarrassment if they have to decline in
public. A BIG thanks to Ben for his leadership during the past 2

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:28 PM .

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer