Feb 12

Correction to Minutes of last meeting

Daniel Cathy noted an error in the last minutes just posted.

The Minutes should have indicated that the Short Wing Piper Club (verses the OACAC) has requested the use of the club house on the afternoon of the third Saturday of July; in addition have requested lunch be provided.  I talked to Dave (Petersen) about this and he said he could do it provided the goddess of his house consented.

Feb 12

Rex Hume passes away

Hello my family and friends,
This is just a note to let you know my husband, Rex Hume, made his last flight straight into the arms of Jesus on Feb 10, 2011 about 3:15 p.m..  He was diagnosed with cancer last June and spent several months seeking treatment, however nothing was successful.
There will be a memorial service at Calvary Chapel Grants Pass, 7th and G Sts at 2 p.m. on Saturday February 19, 2011.
In lieu of flowers please send donations to CCGP Teen Ministry, PO Box 2049, G.P.OR 97528, or OAHS, P.O. Box 553, Cottage Grove, OR 97424.
Jody Hume
Feb 12

Additional Info on RV-9 Project

have acquired an RV9A project that is almost complete with a brand new engine and C/S prop.  My goal is to complete the project as promised to the previous owner.  We have a great resource pool of knowledge, skills and parts to make this a fabulous EAA project. I’m interested having two partners join the team to help with the work and costs.  I would like the partners to be EAA members, or new members of either Chapter 31 or 1457.  If you know of anyone who might be interested please pass along my email or phone number.

Happy Landings!
Charlie Walker

Feb 08

Meeting Minutes for February 2nd, 2011

Meeting Notes for February 2nd, 2011

The meeting started at 6:00 with our normal BBQ hamburgers and hot
dogs, with  Melinda’s famous chili! Also salad and chips and cookies.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Bill Dewey and
Sec./Tres. Randy Stout also present. The 17 members and guests in
attendance then introduced themselves and gave a brief “What exciting
thing happened this last month”.  President Bill suggested we give a
quick “first solo” story to add to our introduction. To that end, he
brought in his clipped T shirt from his first solo, which turns out to
be 50 years ago this spring.

John Stahr from Chapter 1457 offered to make up signs that say “Don’t
drive on the grass”. It turns out that someone did just that this
month, so we hope to get them as soon as possible.

Several members had asked for “Come visit us at Chapter 31” stickers
for the Sport Aviation and Vintage Aircraft magazines that they want
to put in various doctors and dentists offices. Randy brought and gave
out a good number again at this meeting.

The next Chapter 31 breakfast will be held on Saturday, 19th of February.

The Memorial Area plans are still progressing.  At the last meeting is
was decided that Bill Dewey will contact his daughter who works at the
U of O architecture department, and his other daughter to help
engineer a bridge and see if we can get our concept sketch put
together to give to Shelly (and from there the City of Creswell). We
still hope to have the final site chosen and a rough idea as to what
the city of Creswell wants in the way of bridges (or hopefully just a
filled in culvert) by the next meeting. A 6×6 beam bridge was a
suggestion by Bills daughter. After submitting a plan, getting City
approval will be the next hurdle. Bill promises to keep the pressure
on to find an engineer/architecture student to help with this project.
He did mention that a stipend is customary.

Past President Ben is still working on getting a new computer to
dedicate to our projector project in order to watch TV and DVD’s
without someone having to bring a laptop. Randy and Walt have
purchased paint and spackle in order to make the “big screen” even
more viewable. Ben mentioned that he would love to have a donated
computer under 5 years old with 1/2 to 1 GB of memory. Past Pres. Dave
said he has a laptop that might work. Stay tuned!!

Secretary Stout will bring a list of paid members to the meeting next
month. If you don’t see your name, please see him with your $25 dues.

Daniel Cathy was then complimented on his article that was just
published on the EAA Chapter 31 website. He noted that Bruce and Glen
Grelle have a whole bunch of old Sport Aviation magazines and a nice
170 for sale. Call him if you want a library full or a new plane. He
also mentioned that the OACAC group may fly in for breakfast and
possibly lunch before the Lake Chelan fly-in. Also the Stearman fly-in
should have the Boeing 40 here again this year.

Secretary Stout mentioned that the CG airport fuel island only
dispenses fuel on pump #2. Save yourself some trouble and start with
that pump before trying to fuel up.

The passing of Past President Dave Kenyon and FAA guy Jim Wright was
then noted. May they both head into the sunset for a safe arrival.

Charlie Walker has a RV-6 tail and many RV-6 jigs for sale. He is
going to finish Jim Wrights RV-9 and asked if any club members would
like to help.

We are still attempting to fill the vacant VP slot, and vote for a
Secretary and Treasurer. Please have nominees names ready at the next
meeting. Also, please ask the so nominated person if they would
consent to serve if elected in order to avoid any embarrassment if
they have to decline in public.

That concluded the business portion of the meeting.
There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:22 PM .

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer