Nov 08

Meeting Minutes from the 11/7/2012 gathering

11/7/2012 Meeting

The dinner meeting started at 6:00 with Melinda Petersen’s famous chili and Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Salad! She also provided a wonderful cake, and Bill Dewey came with a large container of homemade cookies. Thanks to the both of them! Come next month and bring a friend!

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM by President Bill Dewey with Sec./Tres. Randy  Stout also present.

The 15 members and guests in attendance then introduced themselves and gave a brief “What exciting thing happened this last month” talk. Guests included:  Pat Dodson  Welcome to all!!

The next breakfast is on November 17th.

Gary Ludeke rose to suggest that we have a survey of all the chapter members, and for that matter, all the local pilots (through Survey Monkey perhaps) in our area. He would ask questions like: Do you own your own aircraft, would you participate in fly-out activities, how can Chapter meetings be of most interest to you, would you be interested in forming a flying club (outside of EAA of course). He is going to pursue the steps necessary to make this happen and report back on the results.

Tom Cunningham reported that, with Walt’s help, they have fixed the brakes and his airplane is now being taxi tested in preparation for a flight. Wish him luck!

Walt Weischedel reported that all work has stopped on his RV-12 due to a gear re-design hold up. He hopes that Van’s will have revised plans soon.

It was reported that the PD-2 Road able Glasair Sportsman GS-2 that was being taxi tested on the airport was seen on the freeway this last week.

Bill Dewey is going to have his daughter AutoCAD his drawing for the plans for the memorial
garden. He will bring this AutoCAD file back from his trip to his daughters home in Colorado later this month and present them to the board. We should be able to begin construction soon after.

The passing of Rick Friberg was remembered by a few of the folks that were at the memorial. Rick was a very seasoned TWA pilot with perhaps 40,000 hours. His Soneri was reportedly the first propeller driven aircraft he ever flew. A great guy and a hell of a pilot.

Bill Dewey reported that the Chapter 31 Christmas Party is tentatively set for December 15th this year. If not enough folks can participate, it is suggested that we contact the Eugene Chapter, who will be having their Christmas Party on December 8th at John Starr’s shop. They can handle a few more couples, just not a lot. We will be putting a questionnaire on line and email this to all the members for their input before the final decision is made.


Tom Cunningham asked if there would be a pumpkin drop in Creswell or perhaps Walker field. It was suggested that he contact Daniel Cathey regarding Walker field and Shelly at Creswell. He also wondered if we can contact the Young Eagles that flew these past few summers and ask if they would be interested in a ground school. We could also offer it to any other person (regardless of age) that might have an interest. He is going to contact EAA National to see if a database is available for these Young Eagles and see if we can contact them.

That being all the old and new business,

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm
respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout Secretary/ Treasurer