Apr 09

Meeting Minutes from 4/3/2013 Meeting

The meeting started at 6:00 (Happily with Melinda Petersen’s famous chili and a wonderful spice cake), BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, and a drink for $5!! Come next month and bring a friend!

Business meeting called to order at 7:07 PM by President Bill Dewey, with Sec./Tres. Randy  Stout also present.

The 16 members and guests in attendance then introduced themselves and gave a brief “What
exciting thing happened this last month”. Guests included past member Tom Pruess, still working on his ¾ scale mustang with the Geo 3 cylinder engine and he has a Fly Baby project started.

The group was donated (I didn’t get the name, but will by next meeting) a twin engine instrument flight simulator. Hopefully we will get it up and running by next meeting.

After intros, we adjourned to go see Gary Ludeke’s Kolb Firestar project, nearing completion. He has done some high speed taxi tests. He asked if anyone had a inspection scope to check out some rivets before he actually took off. (see the end of this newsletter for his answer)

Secretary Stout noted that yearly dues of $25 are due now. Please see him after the meeting or you can send them in by mail:  EAA Chapter 31, 86277   Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR   97478 Thanks to several
people for renewing at the meeting.

President Bill Dewey discussed the latest plan for the memorial area. He and Rusty Bartel have finished the retaining wall, and are prepping the walkway for the brick. Dave Eason brought in a Brick that is  available locally, and may be priced the same as the out of town vendor. He is still working on it. The next work session on the memorial area will be after the May breakfast meeting on May 20th.

It was noted that on May 16-20th, the Eugene EAA chapter 1457 will be hosting Aluminum Overcast in Eugene.

Gary Ludeke then reported on the results of his survey monkey outreach to the members. This survey attempted to find out how the group can improve its’ membership activities and add value to the programs that we put on. He presented an in-depth report that he received back from the 18 responses he got. We will discuss these results during the next few meetings.

Rusty Bartel reported that the new interim Creswell City Manager is a General Aviation/Airport Supporter.

There being no other business, we moved into our series of “Homebuilders Corner”.

Mat Northway then rose and showed the group a $100(?) bore scope that he purchased a while back. You hold it up to your eye and can see into an area about 18” quite clearly.

Dave Eason showed us a bore scope he received from his Dentist (gratis!) that looked like an anal probe, and probably works well for that also. It had a great picture and a 90 degree offset with very good detail but you could not go into the hole very deeply.

Walt Weischedel then showed the group his $120 Harbor Freight inspection camera, which was very easy to use and made movies or took pictures.

Randy Stout then showed his $150 Costco inspection camera, which the same features of Walts’ in addition to an extension wand and detachable screen for viewing. Each tool performed well, some were easier to use than others.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout
Secretary/ Treasurer