Jun 08

Meeting Minutes for June 4th meeting

The meeting was called to order by Pres Gary with 39 members and guests in attendance .   The guests were largely friends and family of Tim Talen who made a presentation later in the meeting regarding the OACAC Oregon Air Tour scheduled for July 19 thru 24,2014.  Also in Cottage Grove there will be a June 28, 2014 Cars and Planes display by the history center with (hopefully) many old cars with like year models of aircraft parked next to them.  It was noted that lots of pilots are also car enthusiasts  and visa verse.

Gary made chapter announcements and discussed the July 4th Creswell parade and our Young Eagles event .  The Parade will be a 4 mile long route on Creswell city streets with a EAA 31 trailer containing Tom Cunningham’s Kolb Firestar. EAA members will also conduct a fly by which will be single file with two “fly bys ” per plane one at a slower speed and one faster – Gary will conduct a pre fly by pilots briefing at about 10:00  on the morning of July 4.   We will be available to start flying Young Eagles at 11:00 and Dave Peterson will conduct the pilot safety briefing prior to that time.  Dave also mentioned that they will need more volunteers to help with the passenger handling and also with the food prep and serving.

Other items of interest were that Louie Lyons has sold his Lancair and he had an engine hoist which he has donated to the chapter – it is currently in the chapter building and available for any member needing to use it.      A request from the Florence airport for a possible volunteer to assist with building ( wood and fabric ) a replica of a P47 non flying simulator  – it has been started as a kids toy simulator for their military style museum at the Florence airport .   They need help with Fabric and wood crafting and already have an artist to do the paint work.

Tom Preuss has indicated to Gary that he has a homebuilt project  that he will probably not be finishing and wondered if someone in the club or the club as a group would be interested – not sure if it would be a gift or what price – It is a P-26  knock off and I guess is pretty far along.

Dave Peterson noted that we will not be serving breakfast on July 4 and that with all of the parade attendance we will be expecting to have a large number of Young Eagles to fly – Gary has a plan to offer a 2nd YE day if we exceed our capacity to accommodate all of the and wanted to assure that we have as many pilots & planes available as possible.

Urban Moore of Eugene Skydivers was the featured presenter for the meeting. Urban delivered an informative discussion detailing the parachutes used by both solo and tandem jumpers, altitudes for jumping, costs to buy jump equipment , different ratings , how chutes are packed, safety concerns , automatic activation of emergency chutes,prices for their tandem and solo jumps.  Accident statistics for the US, as well as their jumping to the area to the immediate north east of our runway and how they are conforming to the required announcements for parachutes in the air to runway crossing.   It was a well presented and informative discussion with numerous questions from the attendees.

The meeting was closed by Pres. Gary and we were reminded that the 3rd Saturday breakfast fly in will be on June 21st and our next meeting will be July 2 with special attention on the July meeting to final planning for the July 4 planning.

Minutes recorded by Bill Dewey