Sep 16


The weather is looking good for our breakfast this coming Saturday, September 19! I think we may also get some of the British sports car people again. They’ve been lots of fun to have as visitors! Virgil and Bridget won’t be around so those of you who volunteered to help (and any others that are available) please come out around 8:00 to help with preparation. Thanks!

President Gary

Sep 10

Hal and Milo Skinner Memorial Services

President Gary Ludeke asked me to post a brief notice on the upcoming memorial services for EAA Chapter 31 member Hal Skinner and his grandson Milo.
As you probably know, they were both killed in the crash of Hal’s Luscomb 8A on Labor day at the north end of the Creswell Airport.

There will be a memorial service at Eugene Faith Center, 13th and Polk, at 3:00PM on this coming Sunday, 9/13/2015

Our thoughts and prayers are with Carol (Hal’s wife), Carrie (Milo’s wife) and Gene and Pam, and all their extended family. This is a huge loss to the aviation community and the larger community also.

Sep 07

Hal Skinner Crash Update

I just saw on the news that the second person in the plane was Hal’s grandson, Milo, who apparently was also a pilot.

President Gary

Sep 07


For those of you who haven’t heard, there was a fatal airplane crash at Creswell Airport this morning. Killed in the crash were Hal Skinner and his son (or possibly his grandson). Hal was flying his Luscombe and had just taken off when witnesses heard a “pop” and saw the airplane enter a left turn, stall and crash just west of the run-up pad for runway 15. A fire consumed the airplane. I’ll post more if I hear more but you’ll probably get as much from local news coverage.

President Gary

Sep 05

Corrections to September 2, 2015 Meeting Minutes

There are two minor corrections to the subject minutes. Steve Digman is not Gary’s student but a new friend met through EAA. Steve is a long-time pilot who first soloed at age 16 but got away from aviation for many years while life got in the way. Ray Morse is working on the main landing gear strut fairings for the RV-3.

Thanks, Randy, for your diligence and dedication to the chapter and for getting the minutes out in a timely manner each month!

President Gary

Sep 04

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, September 2nd, 2015
The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM hosted by the wonderful Virgil and Bridget Pratt. There was “all you can eat” Corn on the Cob, hamburgers, Costco hot dogs, chips, Bridget’s wonderful brownies and a drink for only $5. Thanks again for making this wonderful meal!!

The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary Ludeke, with V.P. John Kuehl and Secretary / Treasurer Randy Stout also present. There were 26 members and guests in attendance.

After the pledge of allegiance, President Gary asked the guests in attendance to raise their hands. John “Frenchie” Marcel showed his new EAA National card, and is going to join the local at the first of the year, and Steve Didman, a student of Gary Ludeke’ s was in attendance again along with Larry Lowencron, Creswell Airport Commission member (here for Lauran Paine’s talk). Welcome to all and we hope you come again!

Secretary Stout then spoke about the bricks for the Honor Garden that he has ordered for Shelly Humble, the South Lane Modelers and the Chapter. He noted that Polar Engraving has a $20 up charge for less than 5 of one size, so he called around and Doug Kindred stepped up and got 2 small bricks, which saved us the $20 charge. They are on order (and paid for) so they should be here in about 2 weeks.

President Gary then spoke about the RV-3 project. It was in his hangar for easier access and tools, but has returned to the clubhouse, as much of the work is now done. It now has a cowling from Van’s installed and Jim Beale is still working on the tail wheel. Ray Morse is working on the bigger parts. Alan Weider has been working on the Horizontal Stabilizer. Virgil Pratt is now working on the Fuselage and Canopy. Gary still needs someone to start on the Windshield. Thanks to you all for keeping this project moving along.

A quick discussion ensued about the club buying new toilets in order to keep from having any problems with the old ones malfunctioning and creating a water supply problem. It was agreed to look into getting one to two new toilets, with one being a somewhat taller unit to accommodate our less nimble members. Highly enjoyable material to debate!!

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, September 19th. Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $5 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Bridget Pratt said that she would not be there, so she asked again for volunteers. It was decided that a breakfast committee made up of Gary, Rod, Tom and Dave will coordinate getting the breakfast going, and that Bridget and Virgil will make a list of supplies that they will check against stock and replenished as needed. Thanks to everyone who makes this special time a priority.

Larry Lowencron then rose and spoke about the upcoming “Pilots Bill of Rights” legislation in the works. He has made a petition and asked to pass it around for signatures. He did so and he will send it on with our comments and concerns.

There being no other business, President Gary introduced our speaker of the night, Lauran Paine Jr., monthly column contributor to EAA’s National magazine, Sport Aviation (see:Plane Talk).

Lauran gave a very fun talk about some of the stories he has heard, and been part of, during his long aviation career. He flew Airline, Military and Sport aviation, and had stories from each phase of his flying. He offered to the group his book of pithy aviation sayings and words of advice, and I believe he sold out after his talk. Thanks, Lauran, for a great time!! If you missed him, you really missed a class act!!

There being no other business, Gary decided to put off the chapter Video until a later time so that people could talk with Lauren.

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:16 pm
respectfully submitted, Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Lauran Paine Jr. telling it like it was at the meeting!!

Lauran Paine Jr. telling it like it was at the meeting!!

Sep 01

Meeting Reminder!

Just a quick reminder regarding tomorrow’s Chapter 31 meeting. BBQ at 6 p.m. Meeting starts at 7 p.m. Our featured speaker is Lauran Paine, EAA Sport Aviaition Magazine columnist (Plane Talk). Hope to see you there!

President Gary