Oct 30


First off, I’d like to thank Bill Dewey for coming forward to work the Young Eagles table at the Community Center on Halloween afternoon! The old adage “If you need something done ask a busy man” holds true again! It looks like I should have everything in order for my departure to New Zealand on Thursday so I’m planning to be at the meeting. We need to make plans for the Christmas party in December. For those who are members of both Chapter 31 and 1457, please confirm that we are inviting Chapter 1457 to join us at our clubhouse for a joint Christmas party. As in the past, the plan would be for the chapters to share equally in the cost for the dinner’s main course(s) and the remainder of the food to be brought pot luck style. We also need to discuss the next steps for the RV-3 project. Van’s Aircraft is going to help us with the cost of primer and paint but we need to determine how we’ll get the actual painting done. We still need someone to take on the minor repair work on the wings. I believe that the few dents can be filled with body putty and they’ll be ready for priming and painting. Since Bill Dewey is working the YE table, he may have a list of kids who want Young Eagles rides. If the number is not too great, my thought would be for those members who want to fly YE’s can take names from the list, contact those kids/parents, and set up the flights at the convenience of the pilot and YE. I’ll also bring the latest Chapter Video for us to watch at the end of the meeting. This meeting will also be a good chance to discuss nominations for Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer as well as any other issues that members want to bring up. I hope to see you all on Wednesday!

President Gary

Oct 29


I got a call from Shelley Humble today advising me that there will be a Halloween Girl Scout activity in the Creswell Community Center from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. this coming Saturday, October 31. She asked if EAA could send one or more volunteers to run a Young Eagles table at the event to explain the program to youngsters and parents, hand out Young Eagles brochures and create a sign-up list for kids wanting rides that we could give over the next couple of months. I would love to do it but I have a previously scheduled commitment that conflicts with this time. Would someone PLEASE come forward to take this on? It’s a great opportunity for the chapter to continue spreading the word about aviation and the Young Eagle program. If you can do it, PLEASE let Shelley know ASAP by calling her at 541-953-9197 (cell). If you would, please also call me just so I know that we’re going to be able to do it. If you don’t know how to get into the clubhouse and find the brochures let me know. My number is 541-914-8605.

President Gary

Oct 14


This Saturday, October 17, is the date for our next Chapter 31 clubhouse breakfast. Those who volunteered to help should show up around 8:00 to get things in gear. Food will be served from around 09:00 to around 10:30 depending on demand. There’s some light rain in the forecast so we might not have any fly-in attendees but, hopefully, we’ll get a bunch of drive in people. The local sports car club people are planning to attend in mass but that also is dependent upon the weather. Let’s hope for the best. However many show up, the food will be good and the hangar flying will be great!

President Gary

Oct 09

Meeting Minutes from 10/7/2015 meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, October 7th, 2015
The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM hosted by the wonderful Virgil and Bridget Pratt. There were hamburgers, Costco hot dogs, chips, Bridget’s wonderful chili, cookies and a drink for only $5. As always, I ate too much!!

The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary Ludeke, with V.P. John Kuehl and Secretary / Treasurer Randy Stout also present. There were 20 members and guests in attendance.

Before the pledge of allegiance, President Gary asked everyone for a moment of silence to remember Hal and Milo Skinner. After the Pledge, one guest in attendance raised his hand. We hosted Casey Baker, an old South Eugene Classmate of mine(actually one year ahead). He is building a Zenith 750 and has some machine shop connections (he works for Cascade Plating and Machine). Welcome Casey, hope to see you at all the meetings!

President Gary then read the NTSB preliminary report on the Skinner accident. Discussion followed on how this may have been prevented, but no one knew the exact reason for the accident, so no conclusions were made on this particular crash.

He then noted that the Aurora airport will have a tower for much of the day starting on October 15th. Frequencies are TWR-120.35, GND- 119.15, ATIS- 118.525. He also noted that the new Creswell AWOS will be on 119.275 when it begins operation, slated for the end of November.

The next topic was the very sudden and unexpected change in airspace around the Salem Airport. The expanded Class D airspace puts Independence and many other smaller fields in a bad position for airplane operations. AOPA stepped into this matter, and it appears that the FAA is now ready to modify it again, this time with input from the stakeholders on the ground.

Secretary Stout then mentioned that we have a new toilet in one of our restrooms (thanks to Alan Weiders handiness), and with membership approval, will order a 2nd one. The primary reason is saving on water, and reliability (in the past, the valve has stuck and the water was running all night). He noted that past member Dave Heisley’s house is for sale, and the club has benefited from Dave’s generosity with the water from his well. We would like to be a good neighbor to the new owners and make sure that our water using appliances are up to date and reliable.

The Honor Garden was the next item of discussion. Dave Eason put in 7 new engraved bricks, and took it upon himself to clean up and landscape a lot of the area, and put in brick circles. Thanks Dave from everyone!! Bill Dewey wants the club to purchase a flag pole, and install it with lights to fly all day and night. He was asked to come up with a budget and we will review and probably approve this addition. Thanks Bill!

Speaking of membership activity outside of the meetings and meals, a fine group of volunteers consisting of Bill Dewey, Jim Beale, Gary Ludeke, Tom Cunningham and Charlie Walker helped Shelly Humble with painting of the runway stripes. This is a huge job, not yet complete, but many thousands of square feet have been painted. Thanks from all the pilots who use Creswell Airport!!

It was noted that member Ray Morse finally got his Acroduster into the air after an astonishing 42 years work (interrupted many time as you might expect) First flight took place on 10/3 with Shaun Van Hatten at the controls. It flew well with only a few minor squawks. Congratulations Ray!!

President Gary then spoke about the RV-3 project. Alan Weider has been working on the Horizontal Stabilizer. Virgil Pratt is now working on the Canopy. Dave Eason is getting the welding done on the engine mount (what else does Dave do except club projects??!!) The project is moving along well, and Gary will contact Van’s for some help on the upcoming paint job.

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, October 17th. Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $5 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Bridget Pratt said that she would not be there, so she asked again for volunteers. Gary, Tom, Bill and Alan will coordinate getting the breakfast going. Thanks to everyone who makes this special time a priority.

President Gary then noted that he has printed out an article he found on the Cessna Birddog and its work in Vietnam.

Secretary Stout then noted that we need to open the nominations for Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. He suggested that any who would be willing to serve in this capacity (and as President in 2 years as is our custom), please make this known to him or another officer of the club. If you are going to nominate someone else, please ask them first if they would accept, and if so, feel free to bring their name forward at the next meeting. We will discuss the nominations in November, and a vote will be taken then. The first duty of the incoming President (John Kuehl) and new VP will be to co-ordinate the Christmas party with Chapter 1457.

There being no other business, President Gary asked Ray Morse to show some videos of his airplanes first flight and landing. After a few technical glitches, we got a nice show. Thanks again Ray!!

There being no other business, Gary presented the EAA National chapter video magazine.

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:56 pm
respectfully submitted, Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Oct 07


Tonight’s the night for the Chapter 31 October meeting! Dinner at 6 and meeting at 7. I was just putting the agenda together and listed 16 items to discuss (most quite small but some more significant), plus a good chapter video presentation. I hope you can make it!

President Gary

Oct 03


After approximately 42 years since Ray Morse started work on his beautiful AcroDuster Too, the aircraft flew for the first time today! Ray chose to use an experienced test pilot to make the first flight. The aircraft flew, basically, without a hitch other than the normal “nits” that are expected on a first flight. Alan Wieder and I just happened to be hanging out at the airport when the flight was made, so we joined Ray in the grass adjacent to the runway to watch the grand event. On behalf of EAA Chapter 31, we wish you a lot of enjoyment and safe flights as you make the change from Builder to Pilot (and Aircraft Repairman). Well done, Ray!!

President Gary

Oct 02


I heard from Shelley Humble this morning asking if we could help out with repainting the Creswell Airport runway on Monday, October 5. The runway will be closed that day for the continuation of AWOS work. So far I have Bill Dewey (if he’s back from California), Virgil Pratt (if he’s over his cold) and me. Shelley would like 4 or 5 people total. Please call me if you can help (541-914-8605). Thanks!

President Gary

Oct 02


Our October meeting is this coming Wednesday! As usual, BBQ at 6 p.m. and the meeting following at 7 p.m. We don’t have a formal speaker for this meeting but we have a couple of very interesting chapter videos to watch. One features Burt Rutan and all the aircraft he has designed and built, and the other one covers John Moody and the world of ultralights. Both are very interesting.  We also have a number of things to discuss, among them is planning an appropriate celebration of life for Hal and Milo Skinner. We also need to decide how we’ll handle this year’s holiday festivities. I believe it’s our turn to host a joint Chapter 31/1457 Christmas party should we choose to go that route. It’s also not to early to begin thinking of the upcoming chapter officer elections. This may be (sadly for me) my last meeting as your president. I leave on Thursday morning, the day after our November meeting, for a month in New Zealand and Australia. Quite possibly, I will still be doing last minute things the night of the November meeting and will be unable to attend. We usually don’t have a December chapter meeting but, instead, have the Christmas party. January is when our new president, John Kuehl, will take office.

Discussions at the meeting will include the status of the RV3 restoration project (coming along well!), the Honor Plaza brick program (7 new bricks installed this week!) and the Creswell AWOS currently being installed. I’ll give you an update on recent Airport Commission happenings and the confusion and anger over the recent changes to the Salem Class D airspace. Hopefully, Ray Morse will be in attendance to give us the latest on the successful completion and sign-off of his beautiful AcroDuster Too biplane which happened last month.

President Gary