Feb 27

March 2016 Meeting

March 2016 Meeting notice.
Time for another great meeting. Wednesday March 2nd 6PM dinner
7pm meeting. We’re having polled pork thanks to Bridget & Virgil and we
are SO Thankful Bridget is back.
Among items on the agenda:


(2) EAA 31 “Closet”

(3) Report on RV3 Project

(4) Monthly Chapter Video

(1) Video – 100 drones flying at night in Germany. (2 minutes)

(5) Your’s truly will present “Making aluminum wings from scratch” for my
ProTech 2 project. Method is different from what is shown on EAA’s “Hints for Homebuliders”. Find out what I learned the hard way and what I came up with to improve the process.

Again Dinner at 6:00 PM Meeting at 7:00 PM Wed 3/2/2016
See you there.
John Kuehl Ch 31 president

Feb 06

Meeting Minutes from the 2-3-2016 Meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, February 3rd, 2016
The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM hosted by John and Ruth Kuehl. There was Lasagna, French bread, a huge salad, Pam Stouts’ homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies and a drink for only $5. Don’t miss the next great meal!!

The meeting as normal started with the pledge of allegiance, and an introduction of the guests in the audience. We hosted Alex Goodwin (mini-cub)

President John Kuehl started the chapter video magazine presentation at 6:55, and we were able to have a look at the new changes to the Child Protection program and how it affects the Young Eagle flights we give. Apparently, the EAA National is attempting to model their efforts after the Boy Scouts and CAP.

We stopped the video there and recognized Past President Gary Ludeke, who has reservations as to the clubs ability to staff our YE event as they are requesting. Alan Weider then mentioned that Jack Pelton has further clarified these rules to eliminate many of the problems that Gary was concerned about for the YE events, not the other activities that could be problematic. Since all the YE flyers are with a parent or guardian during the event, it eliminates many of the rules that require a certain number of vetted members per child (2 adults/10 kids 13 and under, 2 adults/40 kids over 13). After these discussions, we viewed the rest of the chapter video.

The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM by President  John Kuehl and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout also present. There were 24 members and guests in attendance. President John asked anyone in attendance who wanted an EAA calendar to come up to him after the meeting and buy one. He is out the $80 it costs for the calendars, and would like to recoup this cost.

Alan Weider then spoke about the RV-3 project. He had taken the wheel pants home and sanded off all the old paint and bondo. They were in bad shape, but are now ready for paint. He and Dave Eason will break the wings apart for storage and repair. The tail wheel still needs fabrication, and we need to align the cowling. It was suggested that we pop rivet these together, as this is a non-flying display aircraft.

Dave Eason then gave a quick “Shop Tricks” demonstration on how to sort out a box of mixed fasteners. His method is to take a flexible mat of plastic and lay that on the workbench first. He then dumps the entire contents of the box on the plastic, sorts for the fastener he needs, then picks up the plastic mat and curves it like a ½ funnel to pour the loose fasteners back into the box. Very slick! Thanks Dave!

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, February 20th. Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $5 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Bridget Pratt will not be there, so we need volunteers. Gary, Tom, Bill, Rod and Alan?  Will you coordinate getting the breakfast??

President John then spoke about his trip to Flabob, California to attend the EAA Chapter Leadership training. He noted the high points of this workshop focused on AEEE. Always-Entertaining-Educational-Enjoyable. Make it a “Can’t miss” function and expand to involve all the family and non-aviators. He said that successful chapters focus on: Name tags and welcoming new people, Business cards and banners (he ordered a $20 banner that is huge!!), Web Site an email, Facebook and E-Blasts of events.

He also noted that even though there are 190,000 EAA members, only 40,000 are members of a local chapter. He suggested that we all contact anyone who might be interested and let them know that they can have a 6 month free National EAA membership (with magazine!). He also suggested we think of other family activities that might interest the members and their families, such as a movie/popcorn night at the clubhouse. Thanks John for the time you spent learning how to make a successful chapter!!

He then suggested that we increase our efforts at fund raising. He suggested raising the price of breakfast, hold raffles, accept donation, sell hats and T shirts, have an airplane wash and even maybe a hangar dance. There was a brief discussion about the use of the funds, as the chapter has no big project that requires money at this time. Several people felt that the project (or dream) come first, along with the sponsor (or sparkplug) who will see it through, before we begin raising money in earnest. Walt Weischedel had a few ideas about a project that the club might want to start, and was willing to be that sparkplug, so we will discuss this at the next meeting in March.

John also wanted to open up the possibility that the club get 501-C-3 status with the IRS in order to accept donation that could be a tax write off. He will pursue this idea and report back. He also wanted anyone with speaker ideas, or meeting ideas to mention them to him. Gary Ludeke reported that the chapter had a Facebook page at one time, and will see about the details on reviving this activity.

There being no other business, we ran a short video on Spitfire 944’s crash and subsequent documentary film. It was great to see the old footage and to hear from the surviving pilot all about the aerial reconnaissance that was done from England during WW-II.

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:24 PM
respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Feb 03

Meeting tonight!! 6:00 Dinner

Don’t forget the EAA meeting tonight at Creswell Airport!!

Drive or swim down and have dinner with us at 6:00

I heard something about lasagna and french bread!!