Mar 31

Jim Showker – Sad News!

I just learned that Jim Showker passed away from liver cancer yesterday (3/30/18).

Some of you may remember Jim from the presentation he gave to our chapter in 2014 on his rebuild of an Aeroprakt A26. Jim bought a damaged twin-engine version of this aircraft and converted it to the single-engine model! He did a great job on a very difficult project. The airplane was and is still based at Daniels Field. I met Jim after he called me and asked if I would be willing to give him the required flight training for his Sport Pilot License in his Aeroprakt. Jim was already an experienced ultralight pilot and he very quickly picked up the necessary skills and knowledge to become a Sport Pilot. We began his training on May 2, 2014. I signed him off for the FAA Practical Test on July 1, 2014!

I heard that Jim made his last flight just one week ago. He was weak, but still a very capable pilot. He will be missed by all of us who had the pleasure of knowing him, and especially those of us who flew with him!

Gary Ludeke

Mar 29

EAA 31 April Meeting will be FUN April 4th

Our own Gary Ludeke has just finished his CFI refresher course and will present a Refresher/Review of FAA airspace rules, requirements, and restrictions.  IN ADDITION we will have a “Suprise Video” that even pilot’s wives and sweethearts would enjoy (as a reward for sitting through the subject of airspace). Laughs are guaranteed!  Time permitting we will also show the April EAA Video Magazine.

FOOD (glad you asked) will be:  Build your own, Do it yourself,  Tacos, Burritos, whatever you call it which will include:  Nacho Cheese, Soft & hard shells, Salsa, chips, onions, olives, peppers, tasty ground beef, drinks and other goodies.

WHAT:  EAA 31 April monthly meeting

WHEN:  April 4th.   Dinner 6:00 PM.   Meeting 7:00 PM

WHERE:  EAA  31  Clubhouse S end of Hobby Field, Creswell Airport

WHY:  Because we are Pilots and Airplane nuts

WHO: Anybody interested in Aviation.  Bring a friend.

HOW MUCH:  $8.00 for the dinner.  You get your money’s worth the first 30 minutes.  The rest is FREE.

President John


Mar 15

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday March 17th (St Patrick’s Day).  We could do green eggs and ham, but we’ll probably just go with our normal Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Butter, Coffee, Syrup, Pancakes, Hot Chocolate (if you mix your coffee with hot chocolate you have “moca”). Orange Juice –  all for the “NEW” low price of $8.00 bucks. (Still the best breakfast deal around).  Plus you get to rub elbows with other airplane nuts and talk planes and flying and landing and navigating and building and riveting and covering and communicating and all kinds of good stuff.  Bring a friend.

See you Saturday 9:00 AM till around 10:30 AM

President John

Mar 14

Meeting Minutes 3/7/2018 Meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, March 7th, 2018

The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM with our new host Walt Weischedel providing a great Lasagna with French Bread, Green Salad, Ice Cream and cookies, and drinks for only $5! See you at the next dinner/meeting!! Thanks Walt!!

The meeting started with the pledge of allegiance at 6:50 PM. President John Kuehl, V.P. Gary Ludeke and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout were present. The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was then called to order. There were 18 members and guests in attendance.

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, March 17th. Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $5 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Thanks in advance for all the guys who show up and cook the meal!

Shelly Humble, our “humble” airport manager spoke to the group about the 100th anniversary of the air mail. It seems that Ron England will be flying his Fleet 2 (the same Fleet that Clyde Blakely flew for the 50th anniversary) during the event on May 16th. She hopes to schedule a weekend event also. She also spoke about several of the grants that she has been working on, and how 2 of them look to be funded. She mentioned that we will be getting new taxiways in July-August in the south of the field, which will be funded with an AIP grant. Thanks as always Shelly!

Bill Dewey noted that the flying club airplane (C-150) is done and ready to go. He parked it outside the clubhouse before the meeting for inspection. Now the flying club needs to finish organizing and begin to sign up members. Contact him if you are interested. 541-345-0480

Treasurer Stout then gave a quick treasurers report. (We have $3161.03 in the checkbook as of 2/28/2018). Please see him for a list of members who have not paid and lay $25 on him if your name is on the list. It’s the best $25 you will spend all year!

President John then told the group that the breakfasts and dinners will now be an $8 affair. We have broken even and lost a bit on several meals, so it is time. Our price has been $5 since 1991!!

Secretary Stout then spoke to the group about name tags. Everyone in attendance should have their name tag on, just to make sure we get to know each other better. From now on, anyone without a name tag (except for those who have not gotten one yet) prominently displayed will be charged $1. At the end of the year, the $1 fine jar will be given away at the Christmas party. Sound like fun!

With no other new or old business, Pres. John the introduce our speaker for the evening, Reiner Decher. He spoke about his childhood as the son of Siegfrid Decher (1912-1980), one of the pioneers in jet engine development along side of Hans Von Ohain on the Jumo oo4. His father was responsible for the “onion”, which is a jet engine part that allows it to function at high speed. Altogether, his father had dozens of patents for jet engine technology. He had a slide show of the many accomplishments of his father, and told a harrowing story of escape from Germany during operation “paper clip” as the Russians were about to capture the camp he was in. Reiner went on to become an engineer himself and worked for Sikorski, then research labs on rocket engines and eventually Boeing. He ended up teaching at UW for 33 years and retired in 2001. He is now training to be a dosent at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. A Big thank you to Reiner for taking the time to come to Creswell with this very nice presentation!

President John then decided not to present the EAA Monthly Chapter Video, as the time was getting late.

There being no other business, President John then adjourned at 8:37

respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Mar 06

EAA 31 Meeting Reminder

March meeting Wednesday the 7th.  Reiner Decker’s title to his talk is

“Engineer, Refugee, Immigrant, American”

It’s the story of Reiner’s father and the development of the jet engine and Reiner is necessarily in it.  It’s a fasinating tale and you don’t want to miss it. 

Lasagna dinner 6:00 PM ($5.00).  Meeting 7:00 PM.  Bring a friend.

Pres John.

Mar 01

March 2018 Meeting Meal Correction/Revision

Cross out “Chili” and insert “Lasagna”.  My bad.  Lasagna already purchased.  I’ll bring the Ice Cream anyway.

President John.

Mar 01

March 2018 Monthly Meeting 3/7/2018

You DON’T want to miss this meeting! Professor Reiner Decker will do a presentation on the development of jet aircraft engines. His credentials include the following:
Rensselaer Poly Inst Troy NY Aero Engineering 1961. MS and PhD from MIT 1967
Research Engineer AVCO research Lab 1962- 1964
Professor Univ of Washington 1967 – 2001 Dept of Aeronautics & Astronautics: propulsion, energy conversion, aerodynamics.
work break: 1972- 1974; Boeing Commercial Airplanes: propulsion
Reiner has authored many tech papers and two books on energy conversion.
His hobby/interests are hiking and climbing and writing history for the aviation industry and currently writing a book on the history of aircraft as they affected airliner design and capability.
Do not let all of the above overwhelm your initial opinion. Reiner is also a friendly and down to earth guy and you will absolutely enjoy his presentation. (You will probably learn things things you never even thought about).
Dinner 6:00 PM 3/7/2018 $5.00 bucks each. Super Scrumdelious Chili, Scrumdelious Chili dogs, or just dogs. Ice cream dessert.
Meeting 7:00 Some new stuff; Reiner Decker; Chapter video time permitting.
At our wonderful EAA 31 Clubhouse. S end of Hobby Field, Creswell Airport.
Bring a friend, see you there, President John