Jan 17

EAA 31 Breakfast reminder

EAA 31 BREAKFAST reminder.
Pancakes, Butter, Syrup, Bacon, Scrambled eggs, Sausage, Coffee, Orange juice, Hot chocolate, Milk, plus talk about Flying, fun, & fellowship. An EAA pancake breakfast is where you get this stuff. And only $8:00 bucks! This Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 19th 2019. Bring a friend.
Pres John

Jan 08

Meeting Minutes from the 1/2/2019 meeting

EAA Chapter 31 Meeting, January 2nd, 2019

The dinner portion of the meeting started at 6:00 PM with Lasagna and salad, rolls and Cream Puffs for desert courtesy of the always jovial John and Ruth Kuehl. Thanks for another tasty meal!!

The meeting started at 6:54PM with the pledge of allegiance lead by President John Kuehl .
Vice President Gary Ludeke and Secretary / Treasurer Randy Stout were also present. The business and entertainment portion of the meeting was then called to order. There were 18 members and guests in attendance. Our newest guest (and now member) to join was James Carver from Cottage Grove. He is going to re-build a 6-shooter powered parachute. Welcome James!!

Next Chapter breakfast is Saturday, January 19th. Come out to the clubhouse in the AM and pay $8 for an “all you can eat” breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, OJ, coffee and camaraderie!! Starts at 9:00 and runs to about 10:30 or so. Thanks in advance for all the guys who show up and cook the meal!

Secretary Stout noted that the check book balance is $3289.08 as of 1/01/2019. He also noted that 2019 dues are due- $25 hard earned, well spent bucks. Many folks paid at this meeting. Send it by mail if you would prefer- EAA Chapter 31, 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR 97478

President Kuehl then read a very thorough list of presentations and meetings that we held in 2018. If we do as well for 2019 we will have another great year!

V.P. Ludeke then rose to present to the group our most recent purchase, a new sound system that will allow us to hear our speakers better, and most importantly, the YE’s waiting for turns to fly will hear their name being called. It was purchased with YE funds (which EAA national gives us each year). Thanks Gary for doing the legwork!!

Bill Dewey then rose to speak about completing the memorial garden and flagpole that Chapter 31 has been constructing for the last few years. He finally has all the permits and will erect the flagpole and install more pavers when the weather clears a bit. He also hopes to plant a new Japanese Maple in the area.

President John then spoke about the Christmas party we held in December. He made a last minute decision to reduce the cost to zero, and hoped that it would bring out more members to join the fun. As it was, we had 15 folks show up for the potluck and gift exchange. Closer to next Christmas, we will revisit the party particulars and see if we can make it even better attended.

He also noted that many of the YE pilots in our group need to go online and renew their background check info with EAA national. Please do so if you haven’t already. It expires every 3 years.

V.P. Gary then noted that he has installed a new Garmin G-5 In the cockpit of his RV-6.

Rod Johnson spoke about the difference in numbered, lettered and fractional drill bits (with help from new member James Carver- a mechanical engineer).

Tom Cunningham noted that the OAHS museum in Cottage Grove will be having monthly pancake breakfasts starting in May until September on the 1st. Saturday of the month at 9:00

There being no other business, President John then began the EAA Chapter Video for the month. As always it was very interesting to watch.

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:38PM

respectfully submitted,
Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Jan 02

EAA 31 Meeting Reminder Jan 2019

Our 1st meeting in 2019. Bring your $25 for chapter membership dues.  We will have Lasagna,  review 2018,  Share collective tips and wisdom, and have a good meeting.  6:00 PM Dinner. 7:00PM Meeting.  $8.00                      Bring a friend.

Pres John