Jun 29

Chapter 31 4th of July Airport and Young Eagles Event Planning Meeting

Just a reminder of our organizational meeting for the 4th of July Events at the Creswell Airport.

We will be meeting at the Chapter 31 club house at 7:00pm on Wednesday, June 30th at south end of the Creswell Airport.

Thank you, Pat Dodson


Jun 23

Chapter 31 Young Eagles organizational meeting.

We are going to have a Young Eagles organizational meeting on Wednesday June 30th at 7:00pm at the club house. I will try to get a map of what Shelly has in mind of how and where we are going to set up, etc. so we know what the flow will be.

Please feel free to volunteer.

Thank you, Pat Dodson

Jun 22

2021 Young Eagles Volunteers

Chapter 31 will be doing the 4th of July Young Eagles this year. We will be needing as many volunteers as we can get. We will need people for escorting kids to the airplanes, helping with sign ups, parking, etc. Please contact myself, Pat Dodson (541-968-3253) or John Kuehl (541-729-1217) if you are able to participate in any way.

Thank you, Pat Dodson

Jun 15

Larry Davis

It is with sadness that I report that Larry Davis passed away today at the adult care home where he was living! He lived right up to the very end. He went to lunch on Sunday with his son David, and went to lunch with Milon Whittier and Dave Cole yesterday. Following yesterday’s lunch Milon brought Larry the the Creswell Airport for his last visit. Milon told me that Larry’s son is thinking about having some form of memorial gathering at Larry’s house. I’ll keep you posted when I learn more.

Gary Ludeke

Jun 09

Meeting Minutes from the 6/2/2021 meeting

Meeting Minutes from the 6/2/2021 meeting.

President Pat Dodson, V.P. Rod Johnson and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout as officers were present when the Meeting started at 7:00 (on the dot!) at the clubhouse in Creswell. There were 16 Members in attendance. The only guest was Shelly Humble who gave the following report:

Runway Rehab – After careful consideration the City will not be asking for the extension at this time but will look to have the justification completed during the Master Plan Update in 2024-2025.

2020 COAR grant – Emergency generator project construction will be staring in the next few weeks.

2021 COAR grant – Will purchase EOC equipment once the Generator project is underway.

Notified  of another  possible grant award to install taxi lanes for new hangars – more when I know.

North end development – City is working with Aqua Resource Design and Consulting to design and install a wastewater system for the airport.

July 4th – event will be held from 10:00 – 2:00.  Static displays, flyover by local aviators and hopefully the Military Jets. Kona shave Ice will be here from 10 – 12.  Will look for a food vendor to be there for those hours.  Will have presentation of flags by boy scouts and the national anthem sung.  And young eagles.  Will work with Pat to figure out logistics for the day but will need volunteers to set up, work the event, and tear down/clean up.  More to come

Budget will be presented to Council on June 14th and if no objections, it will pass.  In the budget this year is $100,000 to purchase hangars. EOR  

Thanks Shelly as always!

The business portion of the meeting was then called to order.

  * Checkbook balance was $1979.56 as of the date of the meeting.

    Please note that 2021 dues are due and have been received from

    only 28 members so far. Please mail the $25 check to: EAA Chapter

    31, 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR 97478 Thanks!!

Past member Tom Cunningham addressed the group to ask if they would like to cook burgers and dogs at the upcoming Wings and Wheels event to be held on June 26th at Cottage Grove in support of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society. There were no hands raised so Tom will be looking elsewhere.

Gary Ludeke then noted that past member Virgil Pratt is selling his Skycoupe. (The same type as past member Doug Kindred flew). This is like a mini Tri-Pacer with 600 SMOH on a O-235. It is in annual and has an asking price of $12,500.

Another member noted that he was quoted $4200 for homebuilt insurance on an LSA. He is 78 years old. Gives you a pause.

Past President John Kuehl would like to do YE’s on the 4th of July, but he needs about 12 ground volunteers and 6 or so pilots with planes. So far, we only have a few of each. He will be reaching out to everyone to see if he can get this event “off the ground”! Please call him if interested. Pat noted that he has already applied for EAA national insurance for the event.

John then discussed the issue of setting wash out on his wings after he turned them over. It becomes difficult to get your data points right when that happens. Any constructive ideas would be appreciated.

President Pat then talked about the work that he and Gary Ludeke did on his Tiny 2. They riveted the lower skin on the left wing and they need to get the trim in before doing the upper skin. Good work guys!

There being no other business, John Kuehl played the (short) Chapter Video from National

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:00PM (also sharp)

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

Jun 01

Finale Reminder, June Chapter 31 Meeting

We are having our June Chapter 31 meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 2nd at 7:00pm and will be having pizza for dinner starting at 6:00pm. Meeting and meal is at the Chapter 31 club house at the south end of the Creswell Airport. Cost for the meal is $8.00.

Doug Kindred has proposed an opportunity for our group to make some money (or at least have a good time) cooking and serving hamburgers at the Wings and Wheels event at the Cottage Grove Airport on Saturday, June 26. He will give the full details at the meeting.

Hopefully, Shelly Humble will be able to be present to give us an up-date on the latest goings on at the airport.

Be prepared to give the membership an update on your airplane projects.

I hope to see you all there, Pat Dodosn