Sep 15

Meeting Minutes from the 9/1/2021 meeting

Meeting Minutes from the 9/1/2021 meeting.

President Pat Dodson, V.P. Rod Johnson and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout as officers were present when the Meeting started at 6:59 at the clubhouse in Creswell. There were 14 Members in attendance.

Dinner was brought in by Paul Buhler and consisted of BBQ Chicken, 2 Salads, and Ice Cream for dessert. Thanks Paul- a great meal!!  Rod Johnson has offered to host the October dinner.

Dave Eason then gave a quick homebuilders hints when he suggested that if you do not have different prescriptions for each lens, you can turn your eyeglasses upside down when you are working under something that requires you to look up all the time. Thanks Dave!

It was noted that the WAM fly-in will be on 9/11 and the Great Oregon Homebuilt fly-in will be held on 9/4. Also noted was that the B-17 “Sentimental Journey” is at SLE giving rides.

The only guest was Shelly Humble who gave the following report:

  1.   Airport Manager’s Updates
    1. Runway Reconstruction Design Update

Ms. Humble gave the Commissioners a brief update on the Runway Reconstruction Design.  Ms. Humble stated the second inspection for the Streaked Horn Lark Study has been completed and found none which is great news.  Currently, the airport manager is working on completing an IFE (Independent Fee Estimate) which is required by the FAA for this project.  The design is continuing during this process.

  1. COAR Grants Update – Generator for EOC

a.   2020 COAR Grant – Generators on Airport.  Airport Manager, Shelley Humble, informed the Commissioners that the Emergency Operation Generators project is progressing.  The generators are on order and the access road has been completed.

b.   2021 COAR Grant – EOC Equipment.  Airport Manager, Shelley Humble, informed the Commissioners that she is working on obtaining the required three bids to purchase the items listed in the grant.

  1. North End Development – Wastewater Design Update

Shelley Humble updated the Commissioners as to the status of the north end development/Wastewater Design.  Ms. Humble stated that the City and Airport are working with Aqua Resource Design and Consulting to complete the design for the Wastewater System on the airport to service all tenants.  The test holes have been dug and inspected by both Aqua Resources’ Brannon Lamp and the Lane County Inspector and we are waiting for a report from Lane County regarding the test holes. The City is continuing to work with the interested parties regarding the hangar build on the north end.

   B.  STEM Program Update by Creswell School District Rep.         

Commissioner Mike Anderson and Creswell School Board President stated that they are hoping to start the STEM program up again once the school district is back to normal operations.

Thanks Shelly as always!

The business portion of the meeting was then called to order.

  * Checkbook balance was $1754.53 as of the date of the meeting.

           If you haven’t paid dues yet, its not too late!

    Please mail the $25 check to: EAA Chapter31,

    86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR 97478 Thanks!!

There being no other business, The meeting was then turned over to Jim Orglioso who gave a presentation on Emergency Preparedness that EAA can partner with. He will give a more detailed report when he has all the information he had hoped to bring to the meeting.

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer