Larry Lowencron prepared the draft letter shown below to be sent to Senator Merkley and Congressman DeFazio. It is self explanatory. I think that Larry is right on track and I applaud him for taking the initiative to prepare this letter! I recommend that all in attendance at next Wednesday’s chapter meeting sign the formal letter. I certainly will. I hope to see you all there for Lauran Paine’s presentation as well as great food and great hangar flying!

President Gary

One more shot at the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 from the Willamette Valley
I am sure that all of you have been getting numerous emails from various aviation organizations for you to contact legislators and ask that they support the Pilots Bill of Rights 2. Many of us have written letters already, and got rather nebulous responses from Senator Merkley and or Congressman DeFazio. Rather than write another form letter, I am asking pilots in the Southern Willamette Valley to all sign this one, brief letter (copy below) to both of those two members of Congress requesting that they commit now to supporting the bill.. I will be bringing the actual letter to be signed to the next EAA Chapters 31, 1457 and 1524 meetings.

The intent of the letter is quite frankly to tell them to get off their duff and commit to supporting the bill. It is not a long letter explaining the benefits of the bill. They (or their staff) have already been bombarded with form letters from EAA or AOPA explaining it. Rather, this one letter is a not too polite letter that will be hand signed by the legislator’s constituents!

Dear Senator Merkley and Congressman DeFazio:

We are writing you to ask that you commit to supporting the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 (HR 1062/S 571). We are all your constituents. Many of us have previously written to you and asked your support. Your response to us has been, quite frankly, to reiterate the bill (so we know that you understand it) and to inform us that you will look in to it. The bill has languished in Congress long enough. It is time to move on it.

To date The House bill now has 126 bipartisan cosponsors and the Senate bill has 57. Senator Wyden has already signed on as a supporter. From what we understand, you have not yet committed to supporting it. As our elected representative, we are asking you to commit now to supporting that bill.

Respectfully your constituents,

Larry Lowenkron, Eugene, Oregon

Hopefully a couple of hundred more signatures!

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