May 2016 Meeting Notice MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Next Meeting Wed May 4th

We are having very special guests.
“ROSIE THE RIVERTER” group will be sharing their stories.
All these great Gals are in their 90’s now, but during WWII they built airplanes and did all sorts of jobs. They were riveters, welders, drivers, defense department workers, farm workers, plane spotters — and every other job that needed doing while the men were away fighting. Maybe your Grandmother or Great-Grandmother was a Rosie! This would be a good meeting to bring your Wife or Girl Friend (but please not both).
Learn some History and find out what it was like on the home front during WWII. This should be very interesting.

At the South End of Creswell Airport at the EAA31 clubhouse. Invite some people that don’t usually attend our meetings.

Burgers, dogs, salad & drinks 6:00 PM $5.00
Meeting and “ROSIES” 7:00 PM $0.00

John Kuehl Ch 31 president

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