July 4 Parade Flyover

It seems that the last several years I have become the unofficial organizer of the subject flyover and I’m willing to do it again this year. We like to have, typically between five and eight airplanes. While any aircraft are welcome, we have generally preferred planes a little different from the standard Cessnas, Pipers,etc. I got a note from Joe May the other day saying he has completed and is flying his RV6 and would like to participate in the flyover. So far we have him and me with my RV6A. So, that two. Another three to six planes would be nice. We’ll meet on the ramp a little after 10 a.m. for a safety briefing, and plan to takeoff a little before 11:00 to make our first pass over the parade route right at 11:00. If you’re interested in participating, please call me at 541-914-8605 or send an email to RV6AN200GL@CHARTER.NET.

Gary Ludeke

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