Need Volunteers – Pilots & Ground Crew

VOLUNTEERS 4th of July Young Eagles
To volunteer for Ground Support or Young Eagle Pilots you need to:
Complete the EAA Youth Protection Training and background check.
PLEASE bring a copy of your completion of same to the Young Eagle event at Creswell Airport on the 4th of July.

Pilots need to verify:
Plane being flown is airworthy per FAA requirements
Pilot is current – medical, BFR, Flown recently to carry passengers, etc.

Last year we flew over 100 young eagles and had to turn some away, so we need as many planes and pilots as possible.

We will meet at 11:30 AM for orientation and assignments. (i.e. right after those involved in the Creswell Parade “Fly-By” get back on the ground. This is a separate group of volunteer pilots who may or may not fly Young Eagles)

Please RSVP the following information:
Pilot’s Name
Tail Number
Type of aircraft
passenger capacity
how late you are willing to fly.

Rod Johnson email Phone 541 344 8021
copy John Kuehl email

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