Special Meeting Sat July 1st

This Saturday, July 1st, we will have an extra 9:00 AM breakfast meeting to do the following:

  1. Clean the hangar (it needs it). No major cleaning since we cleared out the sawdust from the Kitchen storage closet completion. We want it to look clean & spiffy for the Young Eagles on the 4th of July and also for our breakfast and special event on the 15th when we get to honor Bill Dewey.  He will receive the Wright Brothers Master Pilot award presented by the FAA right after our breakfast on the 15th. Congratulations Bill!  Not just anyone can receive this honor.  You have to have 50 years of flying without any blemish on your record.
  2. We will also have an organizational meeting with things that need to be done before Young Eagles on the 4th.  This will include erecting the 2 canopies (or getting ready to do so early on the 4th).  Providing pilot resources on the 4th.  Designating staging areas,  Parking, Food Vendor truck, and a whole lot more.  We have 3 pilots coming down from Albany,  3 (or more) from Eugene 1457,  Plus maybe some from Roseburg. 
  3. We will take a break from cleaning to do the Young Eagle items.  Please bring cleaning gear, shop vacs, glass cleaner stuff.  There’s a buildup of dust bunnies, cobwebs, and general crud that we need to get rid of.  If we all pitch in and provide collective wisdom and elbow grease it shouldn’t take long.
  4. SO – “free” breakfast for being on the cleaning detail – or – if you want to be magnanimous, put in your $5.00 bucks as usual.  – President John.
  5. NOTE:  No “regular” meeting on Wednesday the 5th. 

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