August 2nd 2017 EAA 31 Meeting

This month we will focus on “Practical Chemistry”. (We’ll still get to Carbon Fiber Construction and The New Airman Standards but that is delayed for now) Wednesday August 2nd 2017 will discuss the use various chemicals, How to: Remove broken steel taps from aluminum, distinguish pot metal from aluminum, distinguish magnesium from aluminum, make a strong acid out of a weak one. How you can make a better penetrating oil (far superior than WD40 or Liquid wrench and MUCH cheaper). Chemicals to use to bust things loose. Chemicals to use for emergency repairs and to stick things together and much more! Presentation will include handouts so you won’t have to remember all this stuff. Just one of these tips will be well worth the price of admission, which, by the way, is only $5.00 bucks and includes a meal. Burgers and dogs with all the trimmings. If anyone is back from 2017 OshKosh, please give the rest of us a report.

Wednesday August 2nd

6:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Meeting


Bring a friend.

President John

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