EAA31 September 2017 Meeting

EAA 31 Monthly Meeting Wednesday Sept 6th. We have a number of things. The 1st is our great clubhouse/hangar/gathering place. Possible items: (1) refinishing the floor. (2) Stuff around the clubhouse, what to get rid of, what to keep. (3) Some want to move major things. All up for discussion.

That may take some time. Next is a review of OSHKOSH 2017. There is some really neat stuff. It certainly made me wish I had been there and you may feel the same after you see it.

Dinner $5.00, 6:00 PM (menu not yet finalized) Meeting 7:00 PM at EAA Hangar, South end of Hobby Field 77S Creswell Oregon. Bring a friend, doesn’t have to be an airplane nut. See you there.

President John

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